Bölge Ara

Saklikent Canyon, Turkey



Saklikent canyon is located on the outskirts of the mountain Akdag. When you turn right and forward 21km through of Fethiye(Turkey) - Antalya(Turkey) motorway, you can reach the heaven of Saklikent Canyon. The most important feature of the Saklikent geological occurred with cracking thousands of years ago estimated is the presence here of the Canyon.  The geological cracked devide the mountain two pieces and took present shape.An average of 200 meters height of this Valley varies from 20 to 30 meters in width, Base is craggy rocks and large stones and they make very difficult to walk in the Canyon easily.Fabulous  entering of Saklikent flowing stream by your ear loudly.The rocks laid upon wooden railing iron scaffolding anchored on the gushing from under the rocks on foot source of clean water. Visitors may cross into the depths of the Canyon. There are some narrow entering without sun lights which is goes on 18 km forward. You may need rubber or cloth shoes to walk in order to slippery and sandy ground.You  can eat your fresh trout in restaurants located here by pouring water view. When you over the bridge you reach the Hidden Paradise. May feed the ducks, having seat in traditional seats by carpets and drink fantastic Turkish tea or Turkish coffee.You can eat your grill meat and trouts by cooling down with your feet in the water as cold as ice. Departing to  Saklikent by  your private car, minibus from the central of Fethiye or tours organized by travel agents. There are some stands which selling natural fruits pomegranate syrup, olive oil and making pancakes and Turkish traditional Ayran.