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Vacation in Cesme Turkey



Cesme is one of the most popular tourist areas of Izmir(Turkey) with its therapeutic thermal waters, historical monuments and excellent beaches.Cesme's history dates back to the 7th century before Jesus.Cesme, which is one of the most preferred holiday regions of Turkey such as Bodrum(Turkey), Marmaris(Turkey), Fethiye(Turkey), Alanya(Turkey), is especially preferred by Turkish visitor.Especially the Alacati region of Cesme is preferred.Tens of thousands of people visit Alacati every year, which is suitable for windsurfing.There wil be a lot of alternatives of traveling and seeing places in Cesme. when we say Cesme there are regions which are;




Traveling Places and Activitys in Cesme, Turkey




Alacati: Cesme's most preferred holiday region is Alacati,Its location close to the sea, with its Alacati Stone Houses and streets, increases its popularity every year. Cesme's nightlife is most active in Alacati.In Alacati you can find the best quality restaurants, bars and cafes.


Erytrai Antique City: It is 20 km north east of Cesme.It is the historical name of Ildirli village.Erytrai Antique City's history dates back to the 3th century before Jesus.There are remnants of the Athena temple.We recommend you to put to Erytrai Antique City of traveling places in Cesme Turkey.


Cesme Castle: This work, which is important for the history of the Cesme, was made during the Ottoman Empire.Cesme Castle, is one of the most important sightseeing spots of Cesme.We recommend you to put to Cesme Castle of favorite places in Cesme, Turkey.


Sifne Thermal and Mud: Reisdere Spa, which is 5 km away from Cesme, is healing for rheumatism, eczema, stomach and gynecological diseases.We definitely recommend for your list of Cesme's visit places.


Germiyan Village: Germiyan Village, which carries samples of Ottoman architecture, has a perfect nature.It is a magnificent sightseeing spot with white colored village houses.You can see traditional Cesme Houses on Germiyan Village.


Windsurfing: Alacati, the best windsurfing region in Europe, is the region of choice for the world's surfing enthusiasts.Alacati, which is the preferred surf center with a V shaped bay, will make your Cesme holiday perfect with its variable wind conditions and perfect sea.


Cesme's Beachs: Cesme has magnificent beaches and a bays.Cesme Diamond Beach, Cark Beach, Pasalimanı Beach and Ilica Beach are the major beaches in Cesme.Boyalik Bay, Sakizli Bay, Aya Yorgi Bay and Dalyanköy are the important bays in Cesme.



Accommodation in Cesme Turkey 


You will be able to find many alternatives for accommodation in Cesme province which is the famous about nature beauty and geographical location in all over the world.You can also find Cesme HotelsCesme hostels and alternative accommodation places with an appropriate budget when you visit to Cesme Province. As Dreamofholiday we will be serving you with Cesme Villa RentalCesme Holiday House Rental and Cesme Rental Apartments very soon.



Transportation in Cesme, Turkey 




Cesme is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by sea and by air, except road traffic.Buses are always available from IstanbulAnkara(Turkey), Adana(Turkey)Antalya(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) and all Citys.You can use Izmir Adnan Menderes airport for your Cesme airport transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!