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Vacation in Mugla, Turkey



Mugla, which is around 930 thousand people, is the second province that attracts the most tourists after the Tourism Capital Antalya with its population. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Datca and Gocek, located within the borders of the province of Muğla, are in high demand with their natural beauties, historical structures and geographical location. Dalaman, Ortaca, Yatagan, Milas, Ula, Kavaklidere, Koycegiz, Seydikemer and other districts of Menteşe. The city of Mugla, which hosts millions of tourists a year from almost every country in the world, offers its visitors a visual show in almost every square meter. Located in the Aegean region and located in the foothills of Asar Mountain, the history of Mugla, BC. It dates back to the 3000s. Since the ancient times, the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Kingdom of Rhodes, the Seljuk Empire and the Ottoman Empire under the auspices of all the great empires have the traces. Muğla is one of the leading cities of our country with its historical buildings, magnificent natural beauties and world famous beaches. There are many historical artifacts and natural beauties that must be seen in the center of the Mugla province which is one of the places to be seen before the death. Saburhane Square, Andon bath, Muğla Ulu Mosque, Kurşunlu Mosque, Ozbekler House, Yagcıilar Han, Municipality Culture House, Saatli Tower, Hacıkadı House, Arasta, Konakaltı Han, Muftular House and World-famous Mugla Houses, Mugla You can list the places to visit in the city are some of them. We have compiled some locations from Mugla which is a tourism paradise. Kas - Kalkan and Pamukkale(Turkey) are within close proximity to the borders of Muğla. You can put in your list of places to visit in Mugla, Mugla in the historical and natural beauties we have chosen for you.



 Holiday Destinations of Mugla, Turkey



Turkey Bodrum: Turkey on holiday, known first as one of the centers from Vacation Bodrum, natural beauty, historical buildings, nightlife and hotels with a particular holiday destination favored Mugla Turkish holidaymakers. This magnificent town, also called Halikarnassos, which will not fall to the ground in summer, welcomes thousands of visitors every year. We recommend you to add Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Cennet Bay, Fener Beach, Venetian Castle, Madnasa Antique City, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, Apostol Church and Pedasa Antique City. Homeros referred this place as '' the land of eternal blue ''. How about you living a "Bodrum Tale"?


Turkey Marmaris: One of the holiday destinations of Muğla, which we will put in second place, is one of the other paradise corners of our country. Our town, which hosts hundreds of thousands of guests every year, makes a difference with the historical structures of Marmaris, Marmaris nightlife and the magnificent natural wonders. Apart from these, we should not ignore the world-famous Marmaris Hotels. Some of our recommendations for your Marmaris tour list are Marmaris Castle, Paradise Island, Marmaris Museum, Phosphorus Cave and Gunnucek. Turning your route to Marmaris will be the right choice for your holiday.


Turkey Fethiye: One of the popular holiday resorts of Muğla is Fethiye. Located within the borders of Oludeniz, Caliş, together with Kayaköy, is located on the route of thousands of people every year. perhaps in terms of amusement resort town of Fethiye is one of Turkey with the most options. The best beach in the world Oludeniz Blue Lagoon within the borders of Fethiye to find places to see a lot more like Kayaköy, Yakapark, Saklıkent, Tlos, Letoon, Xantos, Gemile Island, Fethiye Rock Tombs. Fethiye is famous for its historical sites and coves, and it has wonderful natural beauties such as Kabak Bay, Butterfly Valley, Cleopatra Bath, St.Nicholas Island, Red Island and Rabbit Island. You can visit Kaş-Kalkan and visit Patara Beach daily. We strongly recommend you to skip Babadag and make Paragliding in Fethiye. If Fethiye Hotels and Fethiye Nightlife are added to this list, Fethiye Holiday will be perfect.


Turkey Göcek: One of the most preferred points of the world yacht tourism Göcek; Apart from its harbor, it is home to a magnificent sea and excellent Gocek Bays. Günlüklü koyu, Hamam Bay, Yassıca Islands, Göcek Island and Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu area, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Göcek must be at the top of the list of places to visit. Gulet Charter and Sailing Located in the capital city of Turkey, as well as the natural beauty of Dalyan Gocek and Fethiye is also very close, it may be a good choice for holiday. If you turn your holiday route to Göcek, you can also consider the hotels for the accommodation and the Villa Rental sector, which is the favorite accommodation option of the last years.


Turkey Dalyan: Dalyan is a holiday city located in the province of Mugla and offers a complete visual show. The world famous Caretta Caretta turtles in the hometown of the Dalyan Historical monuments are coming to the fore. One of the best beaches in the world and one of the blue flag beaches in our country, Iztuzu beach and swimming in Turtle Beach will be a privilege. We recommend that you take the list of places to visit in Dalyan, the ancient city of Kaunos, the Sülüngür Lake, the Nur's Art Gallery, the mud baths and the healing waters. Many Dalyan Hotels and pensions you will enjoy the holiday you can turn your holiday route to Dalyan.


Turkey Datca: It is another holiday city with natural beauties, not as much as the other districts of Muğla. Datça natural beauty, magnificent bays, Datça stands out with its historical structures. Our recommendations for places to visit in Datca are Knidos Antique City, Hayitbuku Beach, Can Yucel House, Kizlan Mills and Datca Vineyard & Winery. It is a tremendous region where you can swim, dive and unwind in unworn, clean waters and surf and sail. You can enjoy the peace of silence, you can take all the fatigue of the year Datca Hotels will give you pleasure in your holiday.



Places to Visit in Mugla, Turkey



Bodrum Antique Theater: Bodrum Antique Theater, which is located in the history of Bodrum for centuries, is the first theater in Anatolia. We recommend that you place this important work in Muğla history in your list of places to visit in Mugla.


Bodrum Castle: This historical place, built on a peninsula surrounded by seas on three sides, has been witnessing the history of Bodrum for many years. Bodrum Castle, which is one of the important historical places of Muğla, should take you to the top of the places to visit in Mugla.


Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the most important works of Greek Architecture, is also considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This magnificent historical structure in Muğla's Bodrum district is definitely one of the places to see in Mugla.


Kizkumu Beach: Another example of Mugla's natural beauties, Kızkumu Beach, attracts attention with its interesting structure. One of the most important examples of the natural beauty of Marmaris. Another one of the places to see in Mugla is the Kizkumu beach.


Kayakoy Fethiye: Muğla's Fethiye district boundaries in place Kayakoy aka Ghost Town, during the year has been hosting tens of thousands of guests from all over the world and Cumalıkızık village, as Azdavay and Nevsehir Mustafapasa village in Cappadocia is one of Turkey's most beautiful villages . Kayaköy, one of the most important historical places of Muğla, is one of the places to see before you die.


Koycegiz Lake: The Koycegiz Lake, which has all the beauty of the Mediterranean Region, should be located in the natural beauties of Mugla. Köyceğiz Lake, which is only 35 kilometers from Dalaman Airport, is the nesting area of the Caretta Caretta turtles and is amongst the 7 footed lakes in the world.


Saklıkent Canyon: Saklıkent Canyon, located at the foot of the Akdağ Mountains, is a wonder of nature, although it is located within the borders of Antalya. You can visit Saklıkent Tours on your holiday in Fethiye and visit the world famous Patara Beach in addition to Tlos Ancient City, Yakapark and Saklıkent Tours.


Gunluklu Cove: Another Mugla natural beauty is one of the places to be a place in the daily. Muğla Fethiye is a beautiful alternative to Fethiye holiday located on Göcek Highway.


Kaunos Ancient City: Kaunos Ancient City, which has been the subject of many mythological stories for centuries, has taken place in the history of Mugla since Hellenistic times. Kaunos Antique City, one of the most important sightseeing places of Dalyan, is one of the historical works of Muğla which you must place on your Muğla trip route.


Marmaris Beads Dark: Highly acclaimed for ease of transport and awe in seeing another paradise corner of Turkey in Marmasis  is Boncuk Bay. Marmaris Boncuk Bay, where you can take your list of places to visit in Mugla, will definitely add color to your holiday in Marmaris.


Saburhane Square: Saburhane Square, which has been inhabited by Muslim-Christian communities in the history of Mugla for 500 years, is located in Asar, a Greek neighborhood. There are around 400 registered historical houses in Saburhane Square which is one of the places to visit in Muğla Center. It will be useful to have the Saburhane Square, which is one of the historical places of Mugla, on the trip notes.


Mugla Grand Mosque: One of the places to visit in Muğla center, Muğla Grand Mosque was built by the Anatolian Seljuks in the 14th century. Mugla Grand Mosque, which has been in the historical process of Muğla for a long time, is one of the works that you should see in Mugla.


Andon Bath: Another historical building that we can recommend to you in Muğla Center is Andon's Bath. Andon's Bath, which has witnessed Mugla's history for a long time, should be included in the trip notes of Muğla Central.


Ozbek House: One of the historical houses of Mugla, the House of Uzbeks is in the history of Muğla for nearly 230 years. You can place the House of Uzbek House, which has an important place among the historical buildings of Muğla, in your list of places to visit in Muğla Center.


Marmaris Turunc Bay: Turunc Bay, which is the stopover point of the blue tour boats, is the most popular place of Marmaris after İçmeler. Turunc Bay, one of the most important natural beauty of Muğla, is one of the places to visit in Marmaris.


Letoon: One of the most important historical monuments of Muğla, Letoon has also found its place in the list of World Cultural Heritage of Unesco as Nemrut Dağı, Pamukkale Travertines, Ephesus Antique City, Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys and Troy Ancient City. Letoon, which is one of the historical buildings of Muğla which must be seen, is a good alternative for history lovers.


Sakartepe: Sakartepe, located in Akyaka Gökova, one of the most preferred holiday areas of recent years, will give you an unforgettable Mugla holiday with its magnificent view of Gökova. Muğla's natural beauty is another beautiful example of Sakartepe in Muğla is definitely one of the places to visit.


Blue Lagoon Beach: Oludeniz Blue Lagoon Beach, which is one of the best beaches of the world with Blue Flag, is perhaps the most important natural beauty of Mugla. Before you die, you should definitely see the Blue Lagoon.


Iztuzu Beach: Iztuzu Beach, which has a length of 4.5 km, is located close to Dalyan. This beach is one of Turkey's famous Blue Flag Beach is an area that also left Caretta Caretta eggs. Iztuzu Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, will enter the top 5 in the list of natural beauties of Muğla. Places to visit in Muğla must be on your list.


Sultaniye Thermal Baths: Every year tens of thousands of tourists welcomes Sultaniye Thermal Springs, especially with the healing water that is good for skin diseases attract attention. Sultaniye Hot Springs also draws attention to Turkey's highest radioactivity transport feature is available in Muğla's Köyceğiz. We recommend you to include Sultaniye Hot Springs in your list of places to visit in Mugla.


Marmaris Castle: Marmaris Castle, which is one of the most important historical places of Mugla, also houses the Marmaris Museum. A visit to Marmaris Castle, which is one of the most important places of Muğla, will add color to your Marmaris Holiday.


Yediler Monastery: This historical building, located in the Besparmak Mountains, on the borders of the Milas district of Mugla, attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year with the view of Bafa Lake. One of the most important historical places of Mugla, Yediler Monastery is a touristic point where you can stop by without being completely ruined.


Marmaris Hidden Lake: One of the best examples of Muğla's natural beauties with its magnificent atmosphere is Marmaris Saklı Göl. Sakli Lake, which welcomes so many visitors, is a natural wonder of Marmaris.


Paradise Island: Paradise Island is located in the town of Marmaris, Muğla, which fascinates its visitors with its magnificent sea and forests. We will guarantee you an unforgettable Mugla holiday.


Butterfly Valley: Valley of the Butterflies is located in the border town of Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey fully one of the Garden of Eden. The Valley of Butterflies, which hosts hundreds of thousands of people every year, is definitely worth seeing in your holiday in Mugla.


Mugla Night Life: Even if we leave aside the historical and natural beauties of Mugla, Bodrum Barlar Street, Marmaris Nights and Fethiye Places can be an important option for you to have a holiday in Muğla. Being the second holiday capital of our country, the nightlife of Mugla, which is as active as Antalya nights, hosts millions of local and foreign visitors every year. You can find all kinds of live music, bars and clubs in Muğla where people from almost all parts of the world turn their route for holiday. The world's most famous DJ and singers in every period of the year performance in the international arena is very popular in Mugla. Mugla's climatic conditions due to the favor of visitors in the summer months are not flocked to visitors, but also a lot of visitors during the winter months in Mugla province, Mugla, which will add color to your nights in the most part of the 12-year service in Muğla.



Transportation to Mugla, Turkey



Highway Transportation: You can reach to Muğla via (Turkey)Antalya, Aydin, Denizli(Turkey) and Burdur(Turkey). In addition, Istanbul, (Turkey)Ankara, Izmir(Turkey), (Turkey)Bursa, Antalya, such as the metropolitan, Mugla province is bus service.

Air Transportation: In Muğla, there are Dalaman Airport and Milas - Bodrum Airport, which are one of the biggest airways in the world. You can get information from the airport, Dalaman Airport Transfer and Bodrum Milas Airport transfer requests from Arsis Vip Transfer.

Sea Transportation: The alternative sea transportation in Mugla province, which is one of the centers of the world yacht tourism, will be a good alternative option. We can cater for your private yacht charter or Gulets rental needs in the Mugla and its districts.



Accommodation in Mugla, Turkey



Muğla city has many options as accommodation alternatives. Bodrum Hotels, Marmaris Hotels, Fethiye Hotels, Gocek Hotels, Datca Hotels, Dalyan Hotels and Mugla Hotels you can choose between the budget and holiday destination. Villa Rental and Leasing sector as Dream of Holiday, one of the leading companies in Turkey, in Mugla, Vacation Rentals in DatcaDalyan Vacation Rentals, Gokova Vacation RentalsFethiye Vocation Rentals, Vacation Rentals in Marmaris we have been operating. In addition, Bodrum Vacation Rentals, Gocek Vacation Rentals, Koycegiz Apart Rental and Milas Houses Rental activities will be able to respond very soon.