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Best Villages in Turkey



Cumalikizik Village: It is one of the famous touristic areas of Bursa dating from the Ottoman Empire period. Cumalikizik Village, located at the foot of Uludag, is approximately 12 km away from Bursa Turkey. The Cumalikizik Village, which has witnessed the history of Bursa, is also on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage list. Cumalikizik Village, which we have seen in many series and cinema film sets in recent years, is the first place that comes to mind after visitors to Uludag. Cumalikizik is a beautiful village where colorful and historical houses, cobblestone paths, local handicraft food and souvenirs are on sale. You can consume hand-made pancakes and home-made meals, where the fresh air turns its narrow streets into a restaurant where local residents turn their homes into restaurants. Historical Cumalikizik Houses, the natural beauty of Bursa and the importance of the history of Bursa Cumalikizik Village, Bursa must be on your list of places to visit.


Sirince Village: dating back to the 5th century AD and the name announced to the world by the year 2012 Mayan calendar doomsday scenario in is one of Turkey's most beautiful villages. Sirince Village, located in Seljuk district, is in the same area with the Ancient City of Ephesus, the Virgin Mary and the Temple of Artemis, which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Kusadasi is also close by, so every year of the year welcomes many visitors. Sirince, an ancient Greek village, is famous for its natural beauties, famous Sirince Houses, as well as soap, olive oil and famous fruit wines. Şirince is a must-see region, its people and artisans are very friendly and hospitable.


Hamsikoy: Located on the historic Silk Road route in the town of Macka, 5 villages in Farsi, meaning a beautiful region famous for its natural beauty. It was possible for the caravans to move from Erzincan and Erzurum to Istanbul. Hamsiköy, the sought-after location of the Eastern Black Sea Tours, has found its place in the lists of places to visit in Trabzon, such as the world - famous Uzungol, Sumela Monastery and Lapazan Plateau.


Kayakoy: It is located in the town of Fethiye(Turkey) with a history of 5 thousand years. Kayakoy, which is one of the first settlement areas of Fethiye, is also named as aynı Ghost Village. Kayakoy, an old Greek village, was named Karmylessos in history. The real name of Levissi is Kayakoy which makes it interesting. Kayakoy is declared as “Friendship and Peace Village ” by the Turks and Greeks. Apart from Fethiye, Olu deniz is the closest point to world tourism. With the rapid expansion of the Villa rental sector in recent years, it has been included in Kayaköy. Since many of the conservative villas in Fethiye are located in this region, they have become a popular accommodation center except Kayakoy Hotels. The Blue Lagoon, Belcekiz Beach and Gemiler Beach on Gemile Island are also about 4 km away. Fethiye is 2 km away from Hisaronu Bars Street, where most of the night life and shopping centers are located. The world-famous St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) Kayakoy where also the home must be visited to be seen is one of Turkey's most beautiful villages.


Kalekoy: This historic Greek village, formerly known as Kastro, is located in Canakkale Gökceada. Kaleköy, who had witnessed the history of Canakkale, was repaired and used by the French in the WW1. Today, Kaleköy, which is under protection, is a post-biological site. Kaleköy, the religious traditions of the Greeks. On January 6, the anniversary of Jesus' birth and baptism, it is the place where the rite of the crucifixion was made. Aya Maria Church is the most important historical work of the village. You can also find the opportunity to taste a lot of seafood in the restaurants of Kaleköy as it is located by the sea. In terms of location, although not as much as Bodrum(Turkey) - Marmaris(Turkey), the entertainment centers of Gökçeada are located in Kaleköy. Kaleköy, where you can find many hotels, pensions and rented apartments within its borders, will be the address of a peaceful and calm holiday.


Mustafapasa Village: It is an ancient Greek village with its name Sinasos. Mustafapasa Village is 6 km from Urgup and 25 km from Nevsehir(Turkey). Sinasos architects, who succeeded in transforming stone workmanship into an artistic architecture, are said to come from Syria and Mardin(Turkey). Cappadocia, the best you will observe the village of Mustafapasa, Cappadocia - Nevsehir so rich in terms of places to see, such as Goreme - Urgup - Avanos you need to allocate as much time as you can. St. Nicholas Monastery, Church of St. Helena, St. Vasilyos Church, Screet Valley  are among the places you should visit in Muratpaşa. We recommend that you have a tour route to add color to your Nevsehir - Cappadocia cruise.


Golyazi Village: The history of Golyazı (Apolyont), which is as important as the Cumalikizik Village of Bursa, dates back to the Romans. Golyazi Village, which is one of the places to be seen in Bursa, is located on the shores of Uluabat Lake in Nilufer district. Weeping Sycamore, which takes its name from its trunk and is as curious as the Golyazi, is a natural monument that has to be seen in the legends. Golyazi, which creates a natural ecosystem together with Manyas Bird Paradise where you can see hundreds of bird species, is a historical and natural site. In recent years, it has hosted many visitors in the borders of Golyazı (Apolyont), Weeping Sycamore, Saint Panteleimon Church, Temple of Apollo and St.Constantinus Monastery. You can take beautiful sunset pictures, take fish and even participate in the activities of the day tour companies in Bursa and even go hunting ducks.


Macahel: With spectacular atmosphere not only in Turkey, is a natural wonder that can be entered into the list of world's best resorts. It is located in Borcka district and consists of 18 villages in total. 12 of these villages are located within the borders of Georgia. Macahel, which is the indispensable address of Eastern Black Sea Tours, is the region that best fits the word '' There is a village away ''. Macahel, who has been experiencing a visitor boom in recent years, has been especially invaded by Middle Eastern visitors, nature enthusiasts and photographers. We strongly recommend you to see this magnificent part of the Eastern Black Sea.


Hazindak Village: With its highlands, natural beauties, history, glacial lakes and waterfalls, Rize is the region with the highest tourism potential. Camlihemsin Region, which is one of the most important of the Eastern Black Sea tours, is an enormous region where nature shows its generosity. Rize Castle, Kale-i Bala, Ayder Plateau and Fırtına Creek, the unchanging address of rafting enthusiasts, are the most important places to visit. Hazındak, which is a completely oxygen store, is a region to be seen before death. Hazindak Plateau, which will open the doors of heaven to you, certainly deserves to be in the first place for the Eastern Black Sea Tour.


Guzelcehisar Village: You can have a great time in Oludeniz taste in this charming region, which is located within the borders of Bartin Province in the Black Sea region. Guzelcehisar, the region where Bartın people spend most time, is one of the biggest beaches of the Black Sea. The region, which has been declared as a natural site, is one of the places to be seen without losing its virginity. You can observe the Mediterranean air with its nature adorned with Tangerine and Lemon trees. The most important feature that goes back millions of years and is only available to host the lava rock in the United States and Turkey. We strongly recommend Dream Of Holiday to see this magnificent area, which is 45 minutes from Amasra(Turkey).


Camlibel Village: The Byzantine era and the history of the Kaz Mountains, overlooking a green valley of Edremit Bay is one of Turkey's most beautiful villages. Camlibel Village, which is a perfect location where you will forget the busy work with its pure nature, is also home to the grave of our great cinema artist Tuncel Kurtiz. There is also the hotel run by the great master Tuncel Kurtiz and his family. Çamlıbel Village located in Edremit district of Balıkesir will be a good option to get away from busy work tempo and store energy.


Yoruk Village: Yörük Village, which is a small example of Safranbolu, which is declared as the site of tourism by the Ministry of Tourism, is especially crowded at weekends. Yoruk Village, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, resembles the open air museum. We highly recommend you to see the Yoruk Village which is a beautiful example of Safranbolu Architecture.


Azdavay Village: Located in the Kastamonu province of the Western Black Sea Region, Azdavay has a long history. It has a beautiful natural beauty since it is within the Kure Mountains National Park. Trekking can be done with the nature, Catak Canyon, Horma Canyon, Play Canyon, Medil Cave, Asar Rock, Memorial Tree, Akcasu Mesiresi, Sugla Plateau, Azdavay Saray Waterfall, Lentil Rock, Girl Rock, Tabaklı Rock, Asar Castle is one of the places to visit.


Birgi Village: It is a lovely place in Odemiş, which is hidden among walnut and centuries old plane trees on the cool slopes of Bozdaglar. With history dating back to pre-AD, which even today has preserved its pristine character Birgi, undoubtedly it deserves more than to have one of the best resorts in Turkey. Birgi, which has been the capital of the Aydınoğulları State, embraces its visitors with its historical houses and the perfect nature.