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Holiday Places in Istanbul, Turkey



Istanbul, visited by millions of local and foreign tourists every year, is one of the most important cities of the world for centuries. The historical peninsula, which is the first choice of the tourists coming to our country with Antalya Turkey, is also included in the Unesco World Cultural Heritage list, such as Letoon Ancient City, Nemrut Montain, Troy Ancient City, Cumalikizik Village, Hattusas Ancient City, Pamukkale(Turkey), Pergamon Antique City and Cappadocia. The historical Istanbul city, which connects the continents of Asia and Europe, is the stopover point of 65 million people with the average transit transitions per year as well as the population of Istanbul, which is close to 15 million. Sabiha Gokcen Airport, outside the Ataturk Airport, 3 is the end of the airport work will end more and more visitors will be a route in Istanbul, except for the points to be visited, Istanbul's resorts will also gain importance. Especially in recent years, we have compiled the holiday destinations of Istanbul which are preferred by the people of Istanbul and the holiday regions close to Istanbul for you:



Resorts in Istanbul, Turkey




Istanbul Sile: For years, the first place that comes to mind in Istanbul's holiday places is undoubtedly Şile. For the short getaways of Istanbul Population, Sile is the ideal place to spend a quiet and peaceful day with its natural beauty and clean sea. You can enjoy raki-fish in the delicious fish restaurants outside of the Sile Hotels. It is approximately 75 km between Sile and İstanbul, which you can choose for your holiday at any time of the year.


Istanbul Buyukada: It is the largest of the islands known as the Prince Islands by foreigners. In ancient times, Buyukada was named da Prinkipo, and Ido also had regular flights. Being an important region for centuries among Istanbul's holiday destinations, Büyükada hosts thousands of local and foreign visitors every year. In addition to the magnificent Buyukada Hotels, it will be a nice choice for holiday with its clean nature, historical buildings and quality restaurants. Apart from Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazadasi, Kınalı Island, Tavsan Island, Yassı Ada, Sedef Island, Kasik Island, Sivri Island can be among your preferences. You can also see the nature and natural beauties of the islands in the Prince Islands.


Istanbul Agva: Located approximately 95km from Istanbul, Agva is among the first choice of Istanbul Population among Istanbul's holiday destinations. This charming area between Göksu and Yeşilçay is a beautiful location where you can spend great time with its sandy beaches, natural beauties and Bays. We strongly recommend that you include Kilim Bay, Hidden Lake, Bridal Rock among the places you should see in the region. If the Izmir - Cesme Alacati people for how much importance you're offering, also for the people of Istanbul Agva it is very important. In addition to the modern Agva Hotels, Agva Pensions offers high quality services.


Kilyos (Kumkoy): Located on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul, Kilyos is also a neighbor of Sarıyer, one of the districts of Istanbul. Kilyos, which has been highly demanded for the last few years, is also very close to the Center of Istanbul. In Kilyos, which is the first choice of Istanbul Population on weekends, you can visit the Sycamore Tree planted in memory of the conquest of Istanbul except the sea, and the Kilyos Castle, which is one of the historical places of Istanbul. Kilyos, one of Istanbul's holiday destinations, is approximately 36 km from Istanbul.


Istanbul Polonezkoy: Polonezköy is one of the regions preferred by the people of Istanbul for summer and winter holidays. Polonezköy, located approximately 25 km away from Istanbul, was founded by the Polish people who were exiled in the 1800s. One of the points you can visit in Polonezkoy, which is one of the districts of Istanbul, Beykoz, is the Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa. Polonezköy, which you can choose among the holiday destinations of Istanbul, is also a very high quality boutique hotels and guest houses.


Istanbul Riva: Riva, also known as Cayagazi Village, which is connected to Beykoz, is preferred by the majority of Istanbul Population due to its proximity to the Center of Istanbul. In addition to the tempting idea of watching narrow streets and sunsets from Riva Castle, it is a holiday region where you will not regret your choice with its wonderful atmosphere.



Holiday Destinations Near to Istanbul, Turkey



Yalova Cinarcik: Especially preferred during the summer months with its excellent coast, Çınarcık is the most populous district after Yalova Center. Cinarcik, one of the holiday destinations near Istanbul, is a nice getaway for Istanbul Population on weekends. In the summer months, Çınarcık, which has been flooded by guests from the Middle East, can also be reached by the sea. If you use your holiday preference in Cinarcik, you can evaluate daily rental apartment or daily villa rental alternatives besides the Cinarcik hotels.


Yalova Armutlu: It is one of the most preferred Yalova Holiday Destinations within the borders of Yalova and after Cinarcik. Armutlu, surrounded by sea from north to south, is a place you can place between holiday destinations near Istanbul. It is possible to reach Armutlu with its clean beaches and flawless nature from Istanbul, both by sea and by road.


Sapanca - Masukiye: The Sapanca-Maşukiye region, which is close to Istanbul, is located between the borders of Sakarya Province. The region that meets its guests with all the magnificence of Lake Sapanca is one of the most preferred holiday resorts of the summer months. Cigdem Plateau, Sogucak Plateau, Sultanpınar Plateau, Dikmen Plateau and Inonu Plateau, which are located in Sapanca region, are preferred as Ayder Plateau, Anzer Plateau and Trabzon's Laptepe Plateau. Apart from the Sapanca Hotels, you will have the chance to find daily rental villas and apartments in the area.


Izmit Kartepe: located in the Marmara Region and in the province of Kocaeli, Turkey, one of the dominos for the winter holidays Kartepe, it has become the first choice of the people of Istanbul in winter tourism in recent years. Kartepe Ski Center, which is an alternative to the Uludağ Ski Center located in Bursa, has started to host thousands of people every year in the winter months. It is approximately 118 km away from Kartepe - Istanbul, which is close to Istanbul. Kartepe, which has become a rival of Uludağ, also satisfies its visitors with Kartepe Hotels outside of its natural beauties.


Kocaeli Kandira: Kandıra is located in the borders of Kocaeli, close to Istanbul and is still a virgin city. You can taste the famous Kandira Yogurt and get rid of the noise of Istanbul with Cebeci, Bağırganlı, Kefken, Kumcagiz or Karpathos which are among the natural beauties of Kocaeli.


Kiyikoy: located in the Marmara Region and close to Istanbul from the resort, wonderful beauty located in the borders of Kirklareli Kiyikoy. For Istanbul Population, it is only 2 hours away from Kiyikoy - Istanbul, which is the sought after location of spring and summer months. Kıyıköy is a very important location for the natural beauties of Kirklareli, a very nice alternative for the weekend getaway.


Igneada: One of the most important holiday destinations of Kırklareli, Igneada is considered as the pearl of Thrace. Kirklareli One of the most important addresses of natural beauty, Igneada, Langoz Forests, lakes, sea and streams is a wonderful natural wonder. Although it is 220 km from Igneada - Istanbul, we recommend that you include it in your holiday route.


Gokcetepe: Gökçetepe is located in a different location where we can include Saklı Cennet (Paradise) Beach and camping areas and holiday destinations near Istanbul. It is approximately 240 km between Gokcetepe and Istanbul(Turkey), located in the borders of Keşan district of Edirne. Gökçetepe, which can be an alternative to our holidaymakers who cannot find much time for holiday, is also one of the important examples of the natural beauties of Edirne.