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Holiday Places in Izmir Turkey



Pearl of the Aegean region of Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara(Turkey), (Turkey)Izmir, which is the largest industrial and port city. Within the boundaries of Turkey's most beautiful village Sirince village, which is one of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage of the ancient city of Ephesus, the ancient city of Pergamon, Mary, a lot of natural beauty outside the historical places like the main house it is also hosting. Izmir(Turkey), which dates back to ancient times, blends historical and natural beauties with the historical location of Izmir. İzmir, which adds above its current values every year, will also gain importance in the near future. Especially in recent years, we have listed the holiday destinations of Izmir which are preferred by the majority of the population and the holiday regions close to Izmir for you;


Holiday Destinations in Izmir, Turkey


Izmir Cesme

Last years in Bodrum(Turkey), Turkbuku gradually losing its popularity, the socialites and famous flocked to Turkey where X is marked by the almost summer. Alacatı Region is preferred especially with its nature, lavender-smelling streets and high quality venues. Together with Gokceada, Alacati is one of the best windsurfing areas of the world and meets its guests with Sand Beach, Mocca Beach and Cark Beach. You can also find Alaçatı Hotels in the region which has the best quality bars and restaurants of Izmir Night Life. Cesme, which is 95 km away from Izmir, is the most important thing for the people of Izmir. Cesme, one of the most important holiday destinations of Izmir, is a nice holiday region where you can evaluate the summer holiday alternatives.

Izmir Ozdere

 One of the most amazing holiday destinations of Izmir, Ozdere, Kusadasi, Cesme, Selcuk, is one of the preferred places of recent years due to its proximity to Adnan Menderes Airport. Özdere, which is connected to the Menderes district of Izmir, dates back to the 5th millennium BC. In addition to its magnificent natural beauty, long sandy beach, the world's best Satsuma Mandarin is grown in this region. Kalemik National Park, Çukuraltı Beach, Maydanoz Bay, Ahmetbeyli Bay and Beach are the most important places of Ozdere. Approximately 65 km from Izmir - Ozdere and minibuses from Izmir Bus Station.

Izmir Seferihisar

 With a history of 3000 years, Seferihisar, which is in the historical process of Izmir, has remained untouched due to the large number of natural protected areas. The coastal town, which has become increasingly popular with the “Aegean Anchovy” series, especially welcomes visitors at weekends. Teos and Akkum Beaches are among the most important attractions of Seferihisar. Seferihisar, which will be one of the holiday destinations of Izmir, will be a nice alternative for Izmir Holiday. Seferihisar - Izmir is approximately 45 km.

Izmir Urla

 Urla is the closest resort of Izmir, about 35 km from the center of Izmir. Together with its various bays, 12 peninsula and perfect nature, the Port Hill, which is the oldest port of the Aegean Sea, is located between its borders. This region, which is adjacent to the other popular districts of Izmir, Cesme, Seferihisar and Guzelbahce, welcomes many visitors every year of the year thanks to its mild climate.

Izmir Foca

 Foca, which is one of the beautiful holiday destinations of İzmir, is one of the remarkable holiday destinations of the last years with its green nature, large and small bays and clean air. Foça, one of the habitats of endangered Mediterranean monk seals, is a region sought after in Blue tours. Located on the Izmir - Canakkale highway, Foça is about 65 km from the center of Izmir.

Izmir Dikili

 Standing with one of Turkey's managed to remain untouched vacation place, but also with neighboring Balıkesir Ayvalık. In recent years, many visitors flocked to Dikili, beaches, wonderful bays and historical places. Pitane Antique City, Candarli Castle, also known as the Waterfall Nebiler Waterfall, Deliklitas Village, are some of the sights of Dikili. Izmir and Dikili roughly 120 km and Izmir Bus Terminal and Aydın Bus Station are organized continuously.

Izmir Gumuldur

Gümüldür, which is one of the beautiful holiday destinations of Izmir, which is the pearl of the Aegean, is also a neighbor with Özdere. The blue flag beaches are the shining star of recent years with historical sites and magnificent nature that have survived for centuries, such as the Ancient City of Klaros. You can have a quiet and comfortable holiday experience in Gumuldur, where you will not find İzmir’s live nights. The distance between Izmir and Gumuldur is approximately 70 km.



Holiday Places Near to Izmir, Turkey



Aydin Kusadasi

One of Turkey's most important resort town of Kusadasi and Izmir is 100 km away from. Kusadasi, which is the most important holiday region of Aydın together with Didim, has become a preference for its people with its fantastic atmosphere, Blue Flag Beaches and Kusadası nightlife. Kusadasi, which you can evaluate in the holiday of Izmir, a nice alternative with historical and cultural values. Apart from the Kusadasi Hotels, you can also villa holidays and vacation rentals. We can guarantee that Kusadası will be a very colorful holiday with its historical places and traveling places.

Aydin Didim

Didim, located within the boundaries of the province of Aydin and as an important holiday city as much as Kusadası, is one of the holiday destinations near Izmir. The distance between Izmir and Didim(Turkey) is approximately 165 km. Didim, as well as the history, natural beauty, with spectacular bay and has always been one of the most desirable resort cities of Turkey. The nightlife of Didim, which is widely preferred by İzmir Population, can also be evaluated for Izmir holidays.

Balikesir Ayvalik

One of the most important holiday destinations of Marmara, Ayvalık is located within the boundaries of the province of Balikesir. Ayvalık, which has important holiday destinations such as Sarımsaklı and Cunda Island within its borders, is approximately 3 hours away from Izmir and 2 hours from Cunda Island. Ayvalik, which can be included among the holiday destinations close to Izmir, is the region of choice for Canakkale, Manisa(Turkey) and Bursa people in the weekend, except for the people of Balıkesir with its natural beauties and magnificent beaches.