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Holiday Destinations in Bursa



Bursa, which is a city that smells history every square meter, is the most important industrial and strategic city of Marmara Region after Istanbul. Apart from the historical places of Bursa, there are many natural beauties. Bursa, which is preferred by hundreds of thousands of people for holidays every year, also offers high quality services. Uludağ Ski Center, which comes to mind primarily when it is called Winter Holidays, is the beginning of Bursa's stay with its quality Uludağ Hotels. Bursa, which is an important city in thermal, historical and cultural tourism except for Uludag, offers its guests in the City Center with Bursa Hotels and Bursa Thermal Hotels. The reasons for visiting the city of Bursa are not limited to these. Automotive, textile and furniture sector, the most important center of Bursa in Turkey is not only for the purpose of vacation each year tens of thousands of domestic and foreign business people  and administrator s are also present on the route. In our city that has so many alternatives; Apart from the places to visit in Bursa, Bursa's resorts also gain importance. Especially in recent years, the population of 2.90 million and Bursa holiday destinations preferred by tourists visiting Bursa and we have compiled for you. You can watch Bursa Promotion Movie from here ..!



Holiday Zones in Bursa's Borders



Uludag (Turkey): In the Marmara Region is the largest and most important mountain Uludag, Turkey's winter tourism vacation Center is the first to come to mind. Uludag, " (Turkey)Bolu Kartalkaya, Kocaeli Kartepe, Palandöken in Erzurum, (Turkey)Kayseri Erciyes" as the Ski Slopes Ski Resorts and Hotels in the ranking of important Turkey is for years the top spot. Apart from the Uludağ Ski Center, it also welcomes a lot of guests in summer. Uludağ National Park is the most important example of the natural beauty of Bursa. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people prefer to visit Bursa for the Bursa holiday or the list of places to visit. Uludag - Bursa approximately 40 km away from Bursa Hotels or Daily Mountain Houses, and you have the opportunity to make the tour of Uludag daily. Uludag guide Tours or transfer to our other company, Arsis Vip Transfers, you can get a reasonable price.


Mudanya(Turkey): Especially at weekends Mudanya is the meeting point of most of Bursa Population with Marmara Sea and it is also the sea transportation route of İdo and Budo ferries and İstanbul - Bursa provinces. Mudanya beaches, historical texture and natural beauty combined with the quality of the Mudanya Hotels is a preferred holiday destination.  The majority of the population of Bursa is preferring quality fish restaurants and seaside tea gardens outside the accommodation in Mudanya on weekends. Mudanya, which is the indispensable stop of summer and winter months, is a beautiful location where you can make your holiday in Bursa. Since it is about 25 km away from Mudanya - Bursa, you can stay in Bursa Hotels or Bursa Daily Apartments and have the opportunity to do a daily tour of Mudanya. You can find out the appropriate price from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfers, for Mudanya Day Tours or Mudanya Transfers.


Trilye - Zeytinbagi(Turkey): Located in the Mudanya district of Bursa, Trilye stands out with its historical texture, beautiful beaches and natural beauty. Trilye, which has existed for many years in history, has also been produced in the world's most delicious olives. Since it is 35 km away from Bursa, you can stay in Bursa Thermal Hotels or Bursa Mudanya Daily Rental Apartments and have the opportunity to do a daily tour of Trilye. You can get a reasonable price from Arsis Vip Transfer which is our other company for Trilye Day Tours or Trilye Transfers.


Inegol Oylat (Turkey): Oylat Thermal Springs in Inegol is one of the most important centers of thermal tourism in Bursa. In addition to the rehabilitation of neurological and orthopedic sequels besides the healing of neurological and orthopedic sequels, Oylat's waters can be used in a number of conditions, such as rheumatic pains, arthritis, kidney diseases, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, polio, nerve pains, nerve inflammation, nervous numbness, neuralgia, brain fatigue, joint and surrounding inflammation. is good for the disease. Oylat, which also hosts magnificent natural beauties and historical texture as well as healing waters, should definitely be included among the holiday destinations of Bursa with Oylat Hotels offering quality service. Bursa - Oylat between 60 km away from Bursa City Hotels or Bursa Inegol Daily Apartments and daily trips to Inegol-Oylat tour is available. You can get reasonable price from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for Oylat Daily Tours or Inegol - Oylat Transfers.


Gemlik(Turkey): Gemlik is one of the most important centers of maritime trade in Bursa. Gemlik, one of the first settlements in Bursa's historical process, was divided into two by Karsak Stream coming from İznik Lake. Turkey's capital of Gemlik olives, which contain leaded includes the borders, Kucuk Kumla, Buyuk Kumla, with villages and towns such as Karacaali is moving towards becoming a resort area of ​​Bursa. In summer, Gemlik, which provides accommodation for its guests with its daily rented apartment and summer rental alternatives, can be included in Bursa's resorts as an alternative to Mudanya. Bursa - Gemlik 25 km, Yalova - Gemlik 40 km and Sabiha Gokcen Airport 175 km away from the Bursa Central Hotels or Bursa Gemlik Rental Apartments are available and you have the opportunity to do a daily tour of Gemlik. You can get an appropriate price from our other company Arsis Vip Transfer for Gemlik Day Tours or Gemlik Transfers .


İznik(Turkey): Iznik, which is the first settlement of Bursa, has been included in Bursa holiday destinations especially by Middle Eastern tourists. Iznik, which has existed since the very beginning of the historical process of Bursa, has many natural beauties outside of its history. Especially in Iznik, which is preferred by the people of Bursa on weekends, you can find a chance to find a daily rental home, apart from many Iznik hotels where you can make your stay. Since it is approximately 85 km distance from Bursa - Iznik, you can stay in the inner city hotels or daily apartments and have the opportunity to make the tour of Iznik. Iznik Day Tours or Transfer to other organizations of our company Arsis Vip Transfer can get a reasonable price.


Bursa City Center:  Bursa city is intertwined and there are many places to visit in Bursa. You can also include the Center among the holiday destinations of Bursa. We recommend you to consider the City Center as an alternative since you can reach to the sightseeing points and the historical places and natural beauties of Bursa in your stay.



Holiday Resorts Near Bursa



Cinarcik Yalova: Located in the province of Yalova, Çınarcık attracts attention with its excellent beaches and natural beauties. It is located in the vicinity of Bursa, which is about 80 km from Cinarcik – Bursa. Cinarcik Hotels or Daily Rental House where you can find a good experience for a weekend Cinarcik can be a nice experience.


Armutlu Yalova: One of the most preferred Yalova districts after Cinarcik is Armutlu. With its beautiful beaches and impeccable nature, it is about 75 km from Armutlu - Bursa which is one of the resorts near Bursa. Very high quality Armutlu Hotels and Conservative villas in Armutlu is one of the favorite places in the last years.


Erdek Balikesir: Erdek, who has long ago relieved the sea wonders of the people of the Marmara region, is located between the borders of Balıkesir. Erdek, is the first choice among the holiday destinations near Bursa and has been in existence since the 7th century BC in the history of Balıkesir. Erdek Ocaklar and Erdek Avsa Island are among the first choices of holidaymakers. Daily Erdek Tours are organized in Bursa in summer. It is approximately 135 km away from Erdek - Bursa. In Erdek you can find a great range of quality Erdek hotels, daily apartments and rental apartments.


Ayvalik Balikesir: Historical, archaeological values, with gorgeous beaches and natural beauty, which is one of Turkey Ayvalık corner of paradise is located in Balikesir borders. Altinoluk Ayvalik - Bursa is 290 km away, you can include in the holiday regions near Bursa. You can find a lot of hotels in Ayvalık district which is famous for its natural beauties. The world - famous Cunda Island and Sarimsakli are located within the borders of Ayvalik, so you will have a lot of alternatives for your Balikesir holiday.


Altınoluk Balikesir: Another great region to recommend for holiday destinations near Bursa is Altınoluk, one of the holiday destinations of Balıkesir. Altınoluk is located in Edremit district of Balıkesir. Edremit - is located on the road to Canakkale.  Altinoluk-Bursa between 165 km, although a lot of natural beauty, hosting high - quality hotels Altinoluk; it is a worth seeing holiday resort.


Sapanca(Turkey) B.C. Sapanca History, which dates back to 1200s, is the most favorite holiday region of Sakarya. Besides the enormous beauty of Lake Sapanca, it also hosts many natural beauties, especially among the tourists of the Middle East. The plateau tours, which are indispensable for the Black Sea tours, are wonderful with the Cigdem Plateau, Sogucak Plateau, Sultanpinar Plateau, Dikmen Plateau and Inönü Plateau within the boundaries of Sapanca. The distance between Sapanca and Bursa is 160 km. Especially Kırkpınar is one of the places to visit in Sapanca. Apart from the hotels in Sapanca you can also find the chance to rent a daily rental villa and daily house in Sapanca. Especially Kırkpınar is one of the places to visit in Sapanca. Apart from the hotels in Sapanca you can also find the chance to rent a daily rental villa and daily house in Sapanca.  If you want to visit Sapanca which is another one of the holiday destinations near Bursa, you can get an appropriate price from our other establishment Arsis Vip Transfer for your daily tour and transfer requests.


Kartepe(Turkey): Although it is not as much as a Uludag, the Kartepe Ski Resort and Hotels will be a good alternative for the winter break, providing quality services such as Palandöken Ski Center, Erciyes Ski Center and Kartalkaya Ski Resort. Kartepe which is one of the holiday regions near Bursa; Apart from winter months, it welcomes too many visitors in the summer with its spectacular natural beauty. Kartepe, which is located in the province of Kocaeli province, has a refreshing atmosphere.



Transportation to Bursa



Bursa has a central position in terms of transportation. It is also possible to reach by sea and airway except for road transportation. There are regular bus services to Bursa from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya(Turkey). For the sea transportation, the Budo Ferries and Ido Ferries from Yenikapı Pier are regularly organized from Istanbul to Mudanya and Burgaz. You can get information from Arsis Vip Transfer from Mudanya-Bursa.  You can use Atatürk Airport or Sabiha Gökcen Airport for your transportation from İstanbul to Bursa. You can get detailed information from our transfer company to transfer to Atatürk Airport or transfer to Sabiha Gökcen Airport and transfer to Bursa Yenisehir Airport by our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer. Also as Arsis Group in Bursa and surrounding districts; We offer activities for your daily tour activities in Bursa and car rental requests in Bursa. Bursa historical places, inns, madrasas, historical, geographical location and nature with many poets as a source of inspiration in Bursa is definitely a magnificent city.



Accommodation in Bursa



Advanced industry, Bursa's historical sites, especially with the geographic location of domestic and foreign visitors, the city of Bursa, which is heavily frequented point of business people, Turkey is among the cities that attracts the most tourists. You can find different alternatives for accommodation opportunities in Bursa. In Bursa you can find Bursa Hotels and different accommodation in suitable conditions for your budget. Dream Of Holiday, which offers comfortable and economical accommodation with Istanbul Holiday Apartments, Ankara Daily Houses, Izmir Holiday Apartments, Holiday Villa located on Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts. Bursa Thermal Hotels, Uludag Hotels and lodgings in Holiday Homes and Daily Apartments for rent in Bursa will not leave you alone. Dream Of Holiday Headquarters in Osmangazi / Fomara. Bursa Daily Rental Apartments and Rental Homes with Yıldırım, Osmangazi, Mudanya, Nilufer, Orhangazi districts, especially in all districts offer services. Bursa Houses and Villas are designed according to the finest details of every detail and serve in the concept of hotel as it addresses almost every budget. As long as you do not regret that you have chosen us for a long time, we can already guarantee that you will have peace and comfort with us in Bursa. Hope to meet you in Bursa ..!