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Fethiye Nightlife




Fethiye, which is a xanadu and one of the corners of eden of Turkey such as Alanya (Turkey), Bodrum (Turkey), Kusadasi, Didyma and Kalkan (Turkey)  is very popular  holiday town with Fethiye beaches, historical and wonderful nature.With its natural beauties Fethiye also plays host to a colorful night life such as Bodrum Nightlife, Didim NightlifeAlanya Nightlife and Marmaris nights. The places which is preferred for Fethiye night life, usually consist from the bars which around the Hisaronu Bars Street. You can find all the bars and night clubs in rows in Hisaronu like in Marmaris Turkey. The seafront places are in Fethiye Oludeniz for the guests who wants to enjoy the sea pleasure and the night entertainment. As a Dream of Holiday family we offer our guests discount up to %10 to use in restaurants, bars and clubs which we have a private aggreement. Timeout, Barrumba Club, Revolution,Green House, Hakuna Matata Bars which is the most popular bars of Fethiye Hisarönü Bars Street are our a few agreed bars.There are lots of places in Fethiye for eating, drinking and having rest both daytime and night.For that reason this places are trying to have this costumers to their own places. Because of this you can find many low-priced places in Fethiye.For the guests who has a modest budget , Fethiye is the most suitable place to have a nice holiday with many both night and daytime activities. You can find friendly people in tourist gropus andı in this tourist groups middle-aged people are much more than young-aged people. Young-aged tourist groups are more especially in july and August.Otherwise, Fethiye (Turkey) is one of the most beautifull place to visit with both your family and single on your vocation. The town which is more quiet in daytime, becomes more mobile when the weather starts to fade. You can see many hawkers on the street and you can buy something from them. While you are having a walk on the street, you can choose the right bar or night club to go. You can find both fair-priced hostels and nice entertainment venues on your Fethiye vacation.You can also choose places with live music or karaoke bar sif you enjoy to sing a song. The weather is always very hot fort hat reason you can meet hot and friendly people. Otherwise, you can have many special offers (such as buy one second is free) from bars and night clubs. Because of the rivalry you can have cheap entertainment. You can see many places when you want to join diner or night entertainment. There are many indoors and open spaces in Fethiye’s nightlife. But many guests prefer to open spaces because of the weather conditions. The night entertainment places are open untill the 4 or 5 am. If you choose to rent Villa, house, flat or garden house you will feel yourself much more free. For short term Fethiye Oludeniz accommodation you can get more informations  about daily rented villas and apartments from our internet links. The places to visit in Fethiye are much more bussy in summer times than the winter times. Fethiye which is usually preferred by foreigner tourists is one of the favourite places to choose by both families and single guests.




Hisaronu Entertainment Places




Green House: It is at the entrance of Hisaronu Bars Street and it is a nice pub which you can sip your drink with its  quiet and maiden environment.


Revolution Club: It is the greatest and best Club of Oludeniz Hisarönü Bars Street. You can enjoy your time here until the first lights of the morning.


Timeout Club: It is a nice karaoke bar and night club whic is usually preferred by the Turkish visitors.


 Grand Boozey Club: It is one of the differenf and quality places which is a good alternative to your Hisaronu nights.


Barrumba Club: It is both a nice karakoke bar and night club which is located in Oludeniz Hisaronu Bars Street.


Zombie Club: It is a good and quality place which you can prefer in Hisaronu Bars Street.


Hakuna Matata Bar: It is one of the warmest environments of Hisaronu Bars Street.


Heads or Tails Bar: It is a quality place which is popualr with its coctails in Hisaronu Bars Street.




Best Restaurants in Hisaronu Turkey




If you would like to taste the delicious foods from world famous kitchens in Fethiye Oludeniz; here are the places… 


Dragonara Chinese Restaurant: You can try wonderfull, delicious chinese cuisine and with the quality and private service you feel very special yourself.


 Castello Restaurant: Castello Restaurant which is located in Hisaronu Bars Street offers the delicious flavors of Italian cuisine.


Golden Leaf Restaurant: It is a good and quality restaurant which is located in Hisaronu Bars Street and you can taste the delicious flavors of both English and Turkish cuisine and also you can have %15 Discount.


Sun trap Restaurant: The Sun Trap Restaurant is a good and quality outdoor restaurant which is located in Fethiye Blue Lagoon Hisaronu location and you can taste the delicious flavors of both the world and Turkish cuisine.


Festival Restaurant: It is a maiden Restaurant which is located in Hisaronu with its peerless tastes of Turkish cuisine and nice decor.


Olive Tree Restaurant: It is a maiden Restaurant which is located in Hisaronu Bars Street with its peerless tastes of world and Turkish cuisine. Also, the guests who are under 14 years old are not accepted.




Best Bars and Restaurants in Oludeniz Turkey


The Restaurants in Blue Lagoon which you visited in daytime  also changes its concept and serves you as a bar at night. We can recommend you come of these good places.


Help Bar Oludeniz: It is a seafront and maiden Restaurant located in Blue Lagoon and you can have both your meal and drink peerless coctails.


Buzz Bar Oludeniz: It has a seafront location in Blue Lagoon and also makes a difference with its high quality cuisine.


Crouses Club: It is a maiden entertainment place which you can have fun until the first lights of the day and and also sip your delicious coctails.


Shadow Coctail Bar: It is a maiden entertainment place with its different sense of fun.You can also have a good time at Shadow Coctail Bar in your Fethiye holiday.


Harrys Coctail Bar: It is one of the best places which you can watch sunset, parachute addictes, and taste the wonderfull coctails in your hot summer days.


Bella Gusto Restaurant: Bella Gusto Restaurant is a distinguished place in Blue Lagoon which you can taste the delicious foods of Itallian cuisine.


Toscana Restaurant: It is an elite restaurant which you can try delicious foods of Itallian cuisine with your loved ones.



You can also glance to Marmaris nightlife from here which is very popular about night life of our beautifull country.