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Vacation in Kusadasi TURKEY



Kusadasi is one of the district of Aydin in Turkey. Kusadasi is far away 71 km from centry of Aydin Turkey , 95 km to centry of Izmir where located west of city. Kusadasi is the most important centries in turism which located in coast of Ege Sea. The area of city is 264 km2. And counting of population was 81.295 number of people in 2009. (TurkeyKusadasi was set up at skirts of Pilav tepe in Andiz castle. After a while , Venetians and Genoese were dominant to coasts that was Byzantanians with regards to economic. According to heavy transportation Kusadasi was taken from location of Andiz castle and was built to with its new name Scala Nuova. Kusadasi Bay harbored some different civilizations and known as centry of art and culture from early periods. B.C 3000 there were Lelegians, B.C 11 century Aiols , B.C 9 century Ions domanants of this area. The place which located between Big Menderes and Gediz rivers took Ionia name during antique periods.Merchants and sailors Ions had been rich at short time with oversea trade and got cleaver politic force.There are had been established 12 cities that gave name from '' Ion Colonies''. Kusadasi was first of port of Anatolia that opened to Akdeniz in antique periods. It was named Neopolis in that times.Lydias whose country was Sades were dominants of this area in B.C 7th century.Pers Dominance when started at B.C 546 contunied to B.C 334 untill seized of Alexander the Great all Anatolia. After all of these Anatolia took new civilization from Greek and Anatolia and there were new art and culture view.This age was named '' Helenistic Era''.Efes, Milet, Priene and Didyma were famous cities in this era. B.C 2nd century Romans dominated to this area. This place were religion center with settlements of Virgin Mary and apostles of her to St. Jean Efes in first years of Christianity.And Miletus was center of Bishopric in Christianity era.It named ''Ania'' in Byzantanian era. Kusadasi was used by pirates in middle ages. In Venetians and Genoese period city took name as '' Scala Nuova'' . I. Suleymanshah combined area to Selcuk State in 1086 and started dominance of Turks.Area was export door that opened to Ege in this era. But dominance of Selchuk State was short because of 1 st Crusadesand this area seized by Byzantanians. Dominance of area was in Menteshogulari end of 1280s and between 1397-1402 was in Ottomans. Although area had been seized by Aidinogullari between 1402-1425 , Ottoman seized area absolutly.Kusadasi combined to Ottoman dominance by 1.st Mehmet Chelebi in 1413.After this date city had been Turks and fulled with Turk works. Today Karvansaray and Kushadasi walls had been built by Mehmet Pasha. It could be entered to converted with walls city from three doors. One of these doors , separetes Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha street with Kahramanlar Street and top of this are being used as Local Area Traffic Chief.Other doors do not exist now. Guvercinada( Island of pigeon ) was the most important army place for Byzantanians. In 1834 , ıt had been restorated and was built its famous castle. Name of Kusadasi (Turkey)comes from this castle.




The traveling and occuring places of Kusadasi Turkey



Ephesus Antique City:The region, which is the greatest city in the world in ancient times, today attracts tens of thousands of visitors.Despite being in the province of Izmir, it is quite close to Kusadasi.Established by Amazon women warriors, the city is a major tourist areas of Turkey.We recommend you to put to Ephesus Antique City of favorite places in Kusadasi Turkey.


House of Virgin Mary: Virgin Mary Church was located over Bulbul mountion and 9 km far away from Selchuklu district of Izmir Turkey. It is important place for christians too. This place not only for visitors who come to cross expedition, but also for turists who accross from there. This place is seductive with its mystic air. You can wish anything 3 fountain in house of Virgin Mary.


Castle on Pigeon Island: It is the most important sightseeing point of Kusadasi Turkey.This historical monument, symbol of Kusadasi, was built during the Ottoman Empire. At the first place where it is absolutely necessary to be seen during the Kusadasi holiday.


Dogan Bey Karina: It is attractive with its nature and historic air and romantic places. We suggest to you visit this place.


Kusadasi Selcuk: Efes ruins You have to visit Selcuk ruins if you come to Kushadasi. There are wonderful anfi theatre, library, slope homes in Efes ruins. It has to be first place in your trip route.


Sirince Village: Sirince is famous turistic place with its oil, soap, and wine. It one of the places to visit when you come to here.


Zeus Cave:The Zeus Cave carries traces of mythology history.It has a perfect natural beauty.One of the important regions belonging to the of Kusadasi history.We recommend you to put to Zeus Cave of traveling places in Kusadasi Turkey.



Accommodation in Kusadasi Turkey



You can find many accommodation options in  Kusadasi Turkey.You can find in Kusadasi on Kusadasi's otels and pensions that are suitable for your budget.And, you can rent holiday villas,Holiday Homes in Kusadasi for holiday.As Dream Of Holiday firm we offer you rental villas and cottages in Kusadasi.You can check our Kusadasi rental Villas and Kusadasi Apartments for yours Kusadasi Holiday.



Transportation in Kusadasi Turkey



Kusadasi is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by sea and by air, except road traffic.Buses are every days available from Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir,Antalya,Bursa and all Citys for Kusadasi.You can use  Kusadasi Port route for your Kusadasi sea transport,You can use Izmir Adnan Menderes airport for your Kusadasi transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransfer..!