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Holiday in Bodrum Turkey



Bodrum is a port city in Muğla province and it is one of the world famous holiday resorts such as Marmaris(Turkey), Gocek, Fethiye(Turkey) and Dalyan(Turkey).Historically, It is a very important settlement area because it has hosted many civilizations since mythological times.It was known as Halikarnassos in ancient times. Historian Herodotus,I.Artemisia, the first Admiral of history, and II.Artemisia who is as popular as him have raised in Bodrum(Turkey).Also the famous artisits of the period like Leachares and Shepas  have lived here. Halikarnassos, which Homer calls "The Land of Eternal Blue" has been merged with the eastern and western harbors and there are  extremely white houses of Bodrum, Gumbet, narrow streets down to the sea and the famous Bodrum Castle. Halikarnassos is a magnificent holiday resort that can be lived in the winter months as well as in summer months because it worths more than a holiday resort with its climate and natural beauties. Bodrum is a tourism restrict that has been a focus of interest for every period with its lively life and modern hotels. There are dozens of beauties inside the historical places of Bodrum. It is like a corner of paradise with enormous climatic conditions,the eyeful beaches and its nature. It is possible to say that from all over the world  tourists come to Bodrum and experience the unique atmosphere of Bodrum(Turkey) especially during the summer. In our country it is the first resort that comes to mind when you say ‘’holiday’’ Literally it is like a shining star and must be seen.



Places to Visit in Bodrum Turkey



The Castle of Bodrum: Having six hundred years of history, it is probably the most popular place of Bodrum which attracts domestic and foreign tourists.


Paradise Bay: It should be on the top of your list and exactly identifiable with its name.


Karaincir Bay: Located among the two hills, it is one of the places you can add to your list of places to visit in Bodrum Turkey. It is very popular with the beaches and warm sea.


Aquarium Bay: It looks exactly like an aquarium. We strongly advise you to see this blue bay which shines brilliantly.


The Sunset Beach: It is one of the most popular beaches of Bodrum and the best place where you can watch the sunset.


Fener Beach: It is an ideal place for those who want to sunbathe  with the  winds of breeze in Bodrum(Turkey). By means of location, it is a district where the light winds blow.


Venice Castle: You can watch the unique Aegean sea view from here and see the traces of the Venice civilization which lived there at a time of Bodrum history. It is a must-see place where domestic and foreign tourists show great interest.


Mindos Gate: Bodrum is  located as an important position with its fascinating history. It was a popular city for Alexander the Great,the most famous leader of a period, and the first place that he used in the siege of Bodrum was the Mindos Gate. We advise you to add it to your list.


Pedasa Ancient City: It is a historical heritage preserved carefully. You can travel from past to present by visiting the historical places of Bodrum.


Ancient City of Bargilia: In this ancient city on the slopes of Bargilya village, surrounded by the pieces of ancient columns, temples and theatres, you can feel yourself as if you were in ancient times.


Madnasa Ancient City: This ancient city is located on the sides of Turkbuku and Golkoy.We are sure that it will captivate you with its impressive atmosphere.


Antique Theater: This giant antique theater is the oldest one in Anatolia. The structure,  which has a capacity of 13,000 people, continues to host many festivals and concerts at the present time.


Apostol Church: The Apostol Church which is located in Gundogan Town is one of the most important structures and centre of attention in Bodrum(Turkey).


Bodrum Tomb: It is accepted as one of the seven wonders among world's antique monuments. The artwork created by the Greek and Egyptian civilizations will impress you very much.


Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum: It is among the most important museums of the world. It was also awarded as "Special Praise" in the competition of ‘Museum of the Year’. It will be one of the ideal places for those who want to take a short city tour in Bodrum.


Zeki Muren Art Museum: Zeki Muren is an unforgettable artist of Turkish Classical Music and his house ,in which many belongings are exhibited, is hosting lots of guests as a museum since 2000.


Lassos: With its clear sea, it is a wonderful place where delicious olive oils are produced devotedly.


Huseyin Burnu Lighthouse: Having the characteristic of French architecture, it is an ideal place to watch a beautiful sea view. In addition, the historical building next to the lighthouse serves as a restaurant today. While tasting your delicious meal, you can enjoy the view of deep blue sea and the endless horizon.


Adabogazı: Adabogazı ,which is located in a charming island, has a rare beauty of marine.You can add to your list of places to visit in Bodrum Turkey. The transportation is easy as it is very close to Bodrum


Tuzla Bird Paradise: It is a popular place for birdwatchers from November until April. If you add to your list, the dance show created by the birds will enchant you.


Bodrum Bar Street: It is one of the most famous places of Bodrum. The Bodrum nightlife is very lively here since the fun lasts until the small hours of the morning.


Gumbet Bar Street: It is as famous as Bodrum Bar Street and has a colorful night life and places.




Accommodation in Bodrum Turkey 



Bodrum ,one of the most distinguished holiday places in the world, is an excellent touristic area where you can find hotels, pensions and white houses of Bodrum with a lot of options.The hotels can easily enter the list of the most beautiful hotels in the world and also they are budget-friendly. As Dreamofholiday we will be serving you with Bodrum Villa Rental, Bodrum Summer House Rental and Bodrum Rental Apartments very soon. You can take advantage of  Bodrum Yacht Charter from our Motoryachts and Gulets in Bodrum Harbor. It is one of the indispensable options of Bodrum vacation.



Transportation in Bodrum Turkey



Bodrum is located in a very easy position in terms of transportation and it is possible to reach by sea and airway besides highway. From the big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, Adana(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) and Antalya(Turkey), there are regular bus services to the Bodrum district. You can use Bodrum Milas Airport for your transportation. You can get detailed information from our other organization, Arsis Vip Transport, for your Bodrum Milas Airport transfer, which is 35 km away from the centre.