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Vacation in Kalkan TURKEY


What to do in Kalkan Kalkan


Is a touristic resort located in the west of Antalya, connected to Kash. Kalkan was called Kalamaki in the period of Ottoman Empire and its history is about 3000 years. It was the land of Lykias and Greeks previously. It especially represents the history of Lykia and Greeks although there were other civilaztions lived there. Kalkan which is located between Fethiye and Antalya was always a safe harbour. Such that it was believed till 150 years back that it was protected by the merchants of Meis Island. For so many years because of the transportation problem, it preserved its naturality. As the result of English people settling there at the last few years Kalkan has been developed. Especially yacht tourism and villa tourism has improved. The sea in Kalkan has a stony ground but Patara Beach which is located 12 km far from Kalkan is a world famous beach. Patara Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the world. Besides its maginificent nature and historical texture Kalkan Bay has the feature of carrying blue flag.


Places that you can see in Kalkan


Patara: with its 18 km length, Patara beach is one of the biggest and longest beaches in the world. It also houses an ancient city thus it is a great place to visit. That ancient city has theatres, Turkish baths and temples which represent the Lykia civilization.

Letoon: Although it is connected to Fethiye, it is super close to Kalkan. People who love mythology and history should definitely visit that ancient city. Leto gave birth to Apollo in that city.

Xanthos: It is another ancient city worth to see during your visit to Kalkan. In Xanthos which was the capital city of Lykia Civilization, there are many artifacts belong to Hellenistic period.

Bezirgan Yaylası: It is a nice summer camping ground in Kalkan.

Kaputas Beach: Located at the opening of a canyon, Kaputas Beach is only 7 km far from Kalkan.

Blue Cave: It is only 450 meters far from Kaputaş Beach and the only way to reach there is seaway.

İslamlar Village: It is a beautiful settlement where conservative people live. It is located 8 km far from Kalkan. You may also visit Greek Houses. Besides, you can do paragliding, canoeing and diving