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Rhodes is the biggest island of Twelve Islands in Aegean Sea and if Meis Island of Greece is not counted Rhodes is the one stays at the very eastern part. It is only 18 km ( 11 miles) far from Bozburun Island which is the closest land of Turkish coastal side. Population of the island according to 2004 studies is 130.000 and 50.000 of them reside in Rhodes Greece. The town of Rodos is the center of Twelve Islands of Greece as well as the Rhodes province including Sombeki, Herke, Ileki and Meis Islands. Rhodes statue (Kolossos) which is accepted as one of the seven wonders of the world was built at the opening of the Rhodes port by Dorians in BCE 280. The castle of Rhodes which was built by the Knights Hospitaller and the neighbourhood dated back Middle Ages are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides, on the island there is a 3,500 people Turkish minortiy group who live in the area between the International Rodos Diagoras Airport and the city itself. Inland in covered with pinus brutia trees. Rather than the rest of the Greece it is said that it resembles the west coast of Turkey. Besides Rhodes which is located in the North of the island, another important settlement is Lindos which is located in the southeast of the island.




Places to visit in Rodos



Mandraki Port 

Archeological Museum

Grand Masters Palace 

Şövalyeler Street 

Hipokrat Square 

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mosque 

Fethi Paşa Library 

Akropolis and Apollon Temples 

Ladiko and Anthony Quinn Bays 

Butterfaly Valley 



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