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Vacation in Gokceada Turkey



Imroz aka Gokceada(Turkey) is known as the land of fruitfulness god Imbrasos and the island of sea god Poseidon. History of the first settlings on the island is unknown. The island was Greek city-state’s in BCE 500, after that it is known that it was joined to Delos association. After Rome’s domination, it went under the domination of Byzantine and during the Latin invasion Latins inaveded the island. After Latins, the island went under the domination of Byzantine again then it drew attention of Venetians and Genoeses. These states which gained power over Aegean and Black Sea tried to take this island under their dominations since it was strategically important. The island was joined Ottoman Empire by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1456. It stayed under the domination of Ottoman Empire for 471 years and during that period Turks and Greeks lived happily together. During the period of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman it became a foundation land, it was Italian’s during the Balkan War, English’s during the WWI and for a short period of time Greek’s. As the result of the Treat of Lausanne it became a part of Republic of Turkey on 22 September 1923. That date is celebrated as liberation of Gokceada Canakkale. Gokceada is a province of Canakkale and is the biggest island in Turkey. It is located in the North of Aegean sea, at the mouth of Saros Bay. It has 91 km long seashore. İnciburnu which is located at the west of the island is the point located in the very west of Turkey. Since 21 July, flights between Istanbul and Gokceada hast started as in two days; Mondays and Thursdays.




Places to visit in Gokceada Canakkale



Marmaros Fall: It is located in the middle of a green valley thus it is a good place to have a picnic and you also go for trekking. 


Yildiz Bay: It is the quitest place in Gokceada Canakkale. It is a famous spot for people who love diving. 


Salt Lake: The mud in the lake has been proved that has a healing effect on rheumatism, psora and arthritis. In spring, you may windsurf and kitesurf on the lake. 


Underwater National Park: It is an ideal place for diving and it is worth to see with all of its beauties. We suggest this park for people go in for diving.




Accommodation in Gokceada Turkey



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