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Information Of Antalya, Turkey



Antalya is Turkey’s World famous tourism city. Individually a tourism eden Antalya (Turkey) includes best hotels of the World. Especially with its provinces like Alanya(Turkey), Side, Belek, Kaş, Kalkan, Kemer, Manavgat ; Antalya is at the head of most demanded holiday cities all over the World. When Antalya(Turkey) combines its naturel beauties, historical historical places and tourist attractions with georgeous Antalya hotels and Antalya holiday Resorts, it has been virtually one of the best in the public survery among the tourism capitals of the World. The occurance of the result that tourists coming to Antalya Turkey, comes to Antalya absoulately again shows that the city has got some beauties makes the people admire itself.Throughout ages Antalya has been an important city in all periods.İf we took at Antalya’s domination adventure from past to present, we can see Llycians, Lydians, Pamphylians, Pergamons, Romans, Byzentines, Seljuks and Ottomans. There are tens of anticcity buildings in Antalya. Besides there are numerous monuments and works stating cultural values.The city of Antalya has got the speciality that Turkey’s 5th most crowded city in population. By means of economical activities the biggest income field of the city is tourism however the city has got quite developed networks at the field of trade and ogricultural production. Privately prominent ogricultural products are banana and kiwi. Seasonal temperature average of the city is at high levels throughout all year. A part from downtown of Antalya its provinces are very important in terms of tourism, too.



Traveling Places to visit in Antalya, Turkey



Olympos, Antalya 

Olympos is almost a paradise with its natural cover. Located in Kumluca, Antalya, Olympos is a holiday region that history lovers, mountain lovers and nature lovers can not give up. You can note Olympos at the top of Antalya's sightseeing destinations.


Duden Waterfall 

Düden Waterfall, one of the natural beauties of Antalya, is a favorite attraction for tourists. It also houses a small zoo as well as restaurants and entertainment centers. Duden Waterfall is located in Antalya Muratpasa.


Fosforlu Cave

Fosforlu Cave, located in Alanya(Turkey) and having a special place among all the caves, has an extraordinary image due to being a sea cave. You can enter the Fosforlu Cave which is a nice option for you during your Antalya holidays with small boats and you can swim in the icy waters.


Ceneviz Bay 

Ceneviz Bay, another place to visit and see, is located in the Olympos bay, ideal for people wanting a natural holiday. The region, which is a frequent destination for many yatchers, is captivating with its immaculate waters and beaches.


Aspendos Antique Theater

Aspendos, which has to be found in Antalya sightseeing places, is located in the Serik district of Antalya and reveals the historical texture of Antalya.


Aspendos Bridge 

The bridge, which has a scenic view on both sides of a historical bridge, is also one of the remarkable points in the sightseeing places of Antalya. It is located in the Serik district of Antalya.


Temple of Apollo 

This place, where you can see all the splendor of the historical texture of Antalya, is excited by the magnificent building architecture made in the name of Apollo Light God. We recommend you to visit this Temple if you are travelling nearby Antalya Side.


Kekova Sunken City 

Located 500 meters away from the coast, Kekova Sunken City is a beautiful example of the historical texture of Antalya.


Sapandere Canyon ​

Sapandere Canyon, which has a long park, stands out with its natural beauties of Antalya. If you want to take a little trip on your holiday in Antalya, Sapadere Canyon will refresh you. 


Hadrian's Gate 

It is one of the most special structures of Antalya city. The well-preserved structure is approximately 1900 years old. The building, which maintains its existence with all its splendor within the historic heritage preserved in daily life, is one of the most visited places of Antalya.


Koprulu Canyon National Park 

Antalya You can experience the excitement of rafting and canoeing in this region by adding a different taste to your holiday. Tours made from natural beauties are very popular with tourists.


Antalya Aquarium

With 5 million liters main tank capacity, this is the 2nd largest aquarium in Europe and the 5th largest aquarium in the world, with more than 20 species of fish and underwater life. The aquarium is inspired by the Maldives. We recommend you to place it into your list of places to see.



Cavuskoy is located in the Kumluca area and is a magnificent natural wonder of Antalya. Cavuskoy, which has the most beautiful blues of the world, is surrounded by charming beauties that must be seen. The region, which was also used as a natural harbor in the Roman period, has been a favorite stop for many years, keeping its beauty.


Konyaalti Beach 

The beach in Antalya's Konyaalti district is a public beach of kilometers long. It is among the most crowded places of Antalya.


Side Ancient Theater

Located in Antalya’s  Side province and it is a great heritage to Antalya’s history with its 17000 people capacity. We recommend you to add your cultural trip list when you want to visit Antalya.


Fırnaz Bay

If we want to list to the best bays of Antalya; we should definitly choose to Fırnaz Bay among the three. İt is absolutely a special holiday area with its azure and clearfull beauties.


Sorgun Beach 

Sorgun beach which is located in Side, continues to service with immaculate waters which is protected by private care. This beach which filling the eyes with its all nature beauties is among the preferable holiday areas for Antalya vocation.


Magydos Ancient City 

With its 2400 historic heritage Magydos Ancient City is one of the most interesting structures of Antalya’s History.  This ancient city where Located near the beach, is a visitable place because of its special  location.İf you want to discover the Antalya’s magnificent history, we suggest you to add the Magydos Ancient City to your trip list.


Colybrassus (Hagia Sophia)

This marvelous place comes from Roman time, and it still saves its naturalness.Colybrassus (Hagia Sophia) is famous with rock cemetery, and İon corner hood teple, and historical sarcophagus.


Phaselis Beach

The area, harmonised of green and blue, has natural beauties unique around the world! Phaselis Beach will take your tiredness and offer you a chance to make a noble vacation. It is one of the most significant touristic zone and located in Kemer-Antalya


Kadiini Cave 

The cave which people used as the first settlement place in Alanya region about 20.000 years ago is a point that should be visited with its stalactites and stalagmites. Moreover,It is a source of healing for the people suffering with asthma.


Karain Cave

It is one of the oldest caves in the history of Anatolia.The Karain Cave, which dates back to 500,000 years ago, carries more of a temple character and is now open for cave tourism.


Akcagerme Beach 

If you want to spend your vacation in Antalya on a calmer and smaller beach, Akcagerme beach in Kas district will come to the forefront with its modesty. It has all the facilities that a beach must have..



Accomodation in Antalya, Turkey



Antalya, one of the world's most popular vacation capitals is an elite tourism center that offers a lot of options of Hotels, PensionesVacation Village Resorts for your vacation in Antalya. Antalya Hotels, which appeals to every budget, has always occupied itself on the list of the most beautiful hotels in the world.As Dreamofholiday family, we offer you Kalkan Villa Rental, Alanya Holiday Rental and Alanya Rental Apartments in Alanya and Kalkan Regions. You can take advantage of our motoryachts and gulets at Kas-Kalkan Harbor from Yacht charter service which is one of the indispensable options of Vacation in Antalya.



Transportation in Antalya, Turkey



Antalya is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, it is possible to reach by sea and airway besides land transportation.There are regular bus services from motropolitans like IstanbulAnkara(Turkey)Izmir, Adana(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) to the provinces of Antalya. You can use Antalya Airport or Alanya Gazipasa Airport for your airline transportation. For more information of airport transportation from Antalya or Alanya Gazipasa Airport, you can get detailed information from Arsis Vip Transport, our other organization,