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Information Of Canakkale, Turkey



Canakkale is a city located in the Marmara Region but coastal to the Aegean Sea. Canakkale is an Open Air Museum because of the traces of civilization that lasted for centuries. The population of the city, which is the neighbor of Edirne(Turkey), Tekirdag and Balıkesir, has a history of 520 thousand and 5000 years of history. The first civilization in the history of Canakale, known as Dardanel in ancient times, was founded in Troy. The history of Canakkale, which is based on very important historical legends, from the Trojan War to the Dardanelles war, is one of the most important cities in the world. It was named after Hellespontos and Dardanel in antiquity. Canakkale, Turkey is hosting the two biggest island in the territory. As a result of the studies carried out in recent years, restoration studies and road works have been carried out in order to gain the tourism beauties of the city. In this way, its introduction was made more advanced and the transportation facilities were made easy. In particular, on March 18, the memorial day of the Martyrs of Canakkale, the soldiers lost in the great war are commemorated. Çanakkale is one of the sharpest facades of the First World War, which reveals the conditions and consequences of the period. World war history and the history of Turkey in important and special place in the Canakkale War took the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park, the most important centers in Anatolia west of the ancient world, Troy and Assos cities, many important historical and tourism value of our. The city, which was modernized and filled the city as an example, maintained its essence with the proper construction and protection of Canakkale natural beauties. We have listed Canakkale's historical places, Blue flag beaches, hot springs and unique nature of Canakkale, which is a different city;



Holiday Destinations in Canakkale, Turkey




It is in Assos Behram Village, which is located in Ayvacık district of Canakkale. Assos, one of the most important centers of ancient times, was founded on the slopes of a volcanic mountain and on the andesite rocks. It became the most important center of culture and trade in the world during the reign of the Roman Empire. The world-famous Aristotle lived in Assos during a period of his life and established a school of philosophy here. The history of Assos, which was also included in the Athens Union and which had a significant place in the Christian world, dates back to the BC. Because of the 2000s, the historical places of Assos are also quite high. We recommend you to buy Assos Athena Temple, Agora, Boulevterion (Assembly), Gymnasium, Stoa, Necropolis and Theater in Assos. Apart from the historical places of Assos, Kadırga Bay, Koruoba Beach, Yesil Liman and Sivrice Bay are also good examples of the natural beauty of Assos. It is one of the must-see places with its historical places and natural beauties.


Gokceada (Imvros) 

Turkey's largest island of Gokceada, is located in the west of the country. The Financial Times, the world-famous British newspaper, has stated the region as as one of the best 5 escape routes in Europe. For travelers who want a quiet holiday, Gokceada Holiday will be a good choice. you should add to your list of places to visit in Gokceada, Tepekoy Cinaraltı are one of Turkey's most beautiful villages, such as Gokceada Stars Bay, Gokceada Laz Bay, Gokceada Hidden Port, Gokceada Underwater National Park, Marmaros Waterfall and Gokceada Cheese reefs. In recent years it has been an ideal holiday center for windsurfing which is thoroughly popular.


Bozcaada (Tenodos)

Bozcaada, which is the smiling face of Çanakkale, is one of the locations you can choose for Canakkale Holiday with its fragrant streets, delicious wines and natural beauties. Bozcaada, which was called as Tenodos in antiquity, is also mentioned in Homer's Iliad Epic. It is one of the places you should see before you die with the vast sea, wind roses, historical Greek houses and the cobblestone. For your list of places to visit in Bozcaada, we recommend Ayazma Beach, Polente Lighthouse, Akvaryum Bay, Bozcaada Museum, Mitos Beach, Bozcaada Castle, Virgin Mary Church, Koprulu Mehmet Paşa Mosque and Alaybey Mosque. Also, Bozcaada Taverns and Wine Houses are the places you can visit. Bozcaada, with its natural beauties, Bozcaada hotels and hostels, will be a very good option for your holiday.



Traveling Places in Canakkale, Turkey



Canakkale Martyrs Monument

The monument, which became the symbol of Çanakkale with the Trojan Horse, was built in a manner suitable for its glory. Thousands of bullets fell to the square meter, the Turkish race of the world proves the glory, around 250 thousand Canakkale martyrs symbolizes the most magnificent of the monuments. In addition, our people took care of the glorious Çanakkale Martyrs, who wrote an epic history at War of Canakkale. And Turkish public built this Martyrs Monument with donations from all of the country. Turkey's Dardanelles Trips organized from every province except, every year hundreds of thousands are flocking to the region with its own facilities to Turkish citizens. Anzac (New Zealand, Australia) people, as well as the Turkish people, have a great interest in the Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial, a museum with its surroundings, the buildings, the traces of the period are exhibited and continue to be carefully protected the most important historical places of Çanakkale. This monument is one of the most visited destinations in Çanakkale and is a beautiful spot for a Çanakkale trip that smells history with nearly 2000 works.


Ancient City of Troy

The ancient city of Troy, which is known for the history of Canakkale, is more than 5000 years old. The most important region of the history of Çanakkale, Troy, is located in Tevfikiye Village of Çanakkale. The region has dominated dozens of civilizations, the world's most advanced civilizations in the antiquity has faced. The Trojan War, mentioned in Homer's Epic of the Iliad, was also experienced here. The Ancient city of Troy, which is the subject of the films, contains the works of hundreds of ancient periods and is very popular. Especially Trojan Horse is one of the symbols of Çanakkale like Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial. Troy, Turkey's most important of the ancient city, is located in the UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list, along with other important locations.like CappadociaNemrut Montain, Pamukkale(Turkey)Letoon Ancient CityHattusha Antique CityCumalikizik VillageBergama Antique City and Ephesus Ancient City. It should be written on the list of places to see in Çanakkale.


Bozcaada Castle 

The Venetians, the Genoese, the Phoenicians and the Ottoman Empire used during the period of Bozcaada Castle, all the magnificence of Bozcaada visitors are greeted. There is also a museum within the Bozcaada Castle, which has a very important place among the historical places of Canakkale. Bozcaada is a historical place that you should not return without stopping in Bozcaada.


Bozcaada Ayazma Beach 

On the island of Bozcaada, which is one of Turkey's most important, certainly one of the places you should visit outside the castle is also Ayazma Beach. Ayazma Beach, which is the most preferred beach here, is 7 km away from the center of Bozcaada. Just like Bozcaada Habbele Beach, you can swim and sunbathe at Ayazma Beach, which has a magnificent beach and nature, and you can rent a bicycle, banana, jet-ski and enjoy Bozcaada.


Bozcaada Habbele Beach 

It is a beach where the transportation can be provided quite easily and you can enjoy the sunbath as you wish. Although Canakkale is not very prominent in the field of Summer Tourism, it has very valuable beaches. Bozcaada's most preferred beach, Bozcaada Ayazma Beach, is a quieter beach. Bozcaada Habbele Beach, which has a fine golden beach and a clean sea, is an area where you can take your holiday.


Kilitbahir Castle

The Kilitbahir Castle, which was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet during the siege of Istanbul, is within the borders of Kilitbahir Village, which is directly opposite the center of Canakkale. Lockbar Castle, built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet for the control of the Canakkale and which sheds light on the history of Canakkale, will be an ideal tour route to accompany you with a magnificent sea view. Kilitbahir Castle, which is also used in Canakkale Wars, is one of the most important places in Canakkale Turkey.


Saros Bay

Saros Bay, located at the intersection point of Gallipoli Peninsula and Thrace, adds value to Çanakkale with its natural beauty and blue sea. The area known as Melas Kolpos in ancient times. It has ’’ self-cleaning ‘feature only in this region in the world. We would recommend you to take your list of places to visit in Canakkale, Turkey.


The Temple of Athena in Assos 

Actually, watching the azure sea through an enormous hill when visiting an ancient city would be a rare stop on a trip around the world. This is the Temple of Athena in Assos. The region, which belongs to the 6th century, will take you on a short tour in history. The Temple of Assos Atena was dedicated to Athena, the daughter of Zeus, as in Bergama and Miletus. The Temple of Athena, located in Canakkale Assos, is a good example for the historical sites of Canakkale. We recommend you to visit the temple of Athena where you can see history and nature intertwined.


1915 Seddülbahir Museum of War Materials 

Gallipoli Peninsula of Canakkale This museum, which is located on a high hill of Eceabat region, is a frequently visited point where the items belonging to the Çanakkale War are opened to the exhibition and are visited frequently in every period of the year. You will feel like you are in the Canakkale Wars.


Saros Coal Harbor 

This harbor, which has clear waters, has become a haunt of divers. It is one of the most visited places in the region with its quite favorable waters. Saros Coal Port waters, where transportation can be provided easily, begin to deepen after 4-5 meters. Saros Coal Harbor, which has a sea like an aquarium, is an ideal spot for the explorers of the underwater world.


Kestanbol Hot Springs 

Located in the town of Ezine in Canakkale and having a history of 3000 years, Kestanbol Thermal Springs has the qualities to be devastated by health problems. Introductions are being carried out in order to be one of the important regions of health tourism with its water providing extra treatment for rheumatism, neuritis, gynecological diseases and respiratory tract problems.



Transportation to Canakkale, Turkey



Highway Transportation: Every square meter of the history of Canakkale smells of history, road transportation is very simple. In addition, Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, (Turkey)Bursa, Antalya Turkey, such as the metropolitan, bus services to the province of Canakkale. It is also possible to reach from the Dardanelles through Tekirdag Keşan.


Airway Transportation: You can use Çanakkale Airport to reach Canakkale by air. There are regular flights from Ankara and Istanbul. You can get information from Arsis Vip Transfer from Canakkale Airport.


Sea Transportation: It is also possible to reach Canakkale by sea. You can go to Balikesir Bandırma via Istanbul and from there to Canakkale. You can reach it by sea via Tekirdag.




Accommodation in Canakkale, Turkey



You will find many accommodation alternatives in Canakkale. Çanakkale is a beautiful city, where hotels, holiday houses and guest houses are on the lookout, rather than their hotels. Canakkale Vacation Rentals and Villa Holidays, one of the industry's leading firms Dream Of Holiday, very soon, Canakkale, Gokceada and Bozcaada regions, Canakkale Rental Homes, will serve our guests with apartments for rent.