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Vacation in Dardanella TURKEY


The history of Chanakkale In human history of great importance in northwestern Turkey in Europe and separating the Asian continent and the strait that bears his name was established on both sides of the unique geography, thousands of years of history, wealth, which is home to hosting a legend in the culture of Turkey and the world is one of the rare cities in Chanakkale .. Chanakkale city took its name from Chanakkale castle where is founded in Anatolian Side. Today, this castle named as Chimenlik. There is Time Tower one of the symbol of city was built in 1897 by Italian trade and console. Near to scaffolding. Time Tower has 4 watch around it and have been made from ayvalik stone.Other symbol of city is Aynali Charshi ( Mirrored Bazaar) which was built in 1889 Abdulhamid period by Ilia Halyo and name of bazaar spelling inside Chanakkale Song.There are a lot of legends about Bazaar. Chanakkale is the most important settlement place untill Early Bronze Period; Chanakkale Bridge provides communication with Anatolia and Europe , Mediterranean and Black Sea. High of Bridge is 65 km and large is changing between 1km and 6 km . Average deepnest is nearly 100 metres. Climate of Chanakkale is changing between Mediterranean and Black Sea climates because of its location. You can travel starting from Chimenlik castle to Aynali Charshi ( Mirrored Bazaar ), Havra, street of Bazaar, Square of Republic, Public Garden,Cordon, Yali Street. Chanakkale is place where you can find clear beaches that give a lot of fishes and mixing Turkmen and Hellenic Mythology legends.Kaz mountions that Zeus watching and interfered the Troi Wars; and Chanakkale is the turism and sea center with its Gokcheada( the biggest island of Turkey ) and Bozcaada( island center of turism ). Chanakkale is heaven with its easy life and with its university, turism qualified hotels, and kitchen culture of Ege. Some turistic places of Chanakkale ; Dardanos Tumulus from Tumuluses , in Europian side of Bridge, Nara Castle 5 km far away from Chanakale, Hasan Mevsuph Martyrdom have been made for memory of First Lieutenant Hasan and Lieutenant mevsuph who died in Chanakkale Sea wars, Kepez and Kepezalti are located in exit of Izmir and coast of Chanakkale Bridge, Guzalyali Coast that is 14 km far away from city center.


Traveling Places of Chanakkale


Hidirlar Thermal

Derekoy(Dere Village)

Tepekoy Chinarlati

Gokcheada Ugurlu Village

Dardanos Beach

Material Museum of 1915 Seddulbahir War

Ayazma Mesire Place

Kilye Castle

Bigali Ataturk's House

Kabatepe Museum

Gelibolu Mevlevihane

Bozcaada Yenikale

Komur Port

Saruca Pasha Hamam(Bathroom)

Aznak Bay

Bozcaada Port

Assos Athena Temple

New Zeland Monument

Big Bone Burn

Child Rocks

Neandria Antique City

Mavra ısland

Bakkal(Grocery Store) Salim Museum

Gargara Antique City

Alexandria Troas

Chimenlik Castle

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