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Vacation in Mardin, Turkey



Mardin, which is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region with a population of around 790 thousand, carries the traces of many faiths and cultures from past to present. Mardin is a complete open-air museum with a history of 12.000 years. This is a different city, which is always in the center of attention with its original air. The most important works of art in the Cappadocia region are the architects of Mardin. Mardin is a city of tolerance, where the traces of the previous civilization were erased, shared and lived together. A tour stop has been created in all corners of the city with its architectural works, which have the characteristics of a lighthouse from the past to the present. The city, which is among the most important two rivers of the region, the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, has very large agricultural basins with its fertile and wetlands. You can find traces of many civilizations, such as Akad, Babylon, Mithani, Assyrian, Persian, Byzantine, Arabs, Seljuk, Artuqid, Ottoman States. When you see these structures, you enter into the mystical atmosphere of Mardin history. Mardin has succeeded in loving itself with its local tastes, wide tables and tasting palates of the city. We have listed the most elite of Mardin many places to be seen for you as follows:



Traveling Places in Mardin, Turkey




Deyrulzafaran Monastery: One of the most important centers of the Syriacs Church and built in the 5th century BC, this historical place, with its magnificent architecture, fascinates itself. With its arched pillars, wooden handwork, domes, and location dominating the Mardin plain, it has been the educational center of the Syriacs Church for many years. Deyrulzafaran Monastery, one of the most important historical places of Mardin, was built as a temple by Syriacs, one of the sun worshiping civilizations in the 4th century BC. Apart from the Syriacs, one of the important tribes of Mesopotamia, the Roman civilization made various additions to the Deyrulzafaran Monastery. Later in the Deyrulzafaran Monastery, which was a temple of the Sun, they added the Virgin Mary Church, the House of Saints and the Domed Church in Christians. Deyrulzafaran Monastery, which has found its place in the history of Mardin from ancient times until today, is definitely a masterpiece you should visit in Mardin.


Sabancı City Museum: The Sabancı Mardin City Museum, restored by the Sabancı Foundation and brought to the History of Mardin, is a beautiful sightseeing spot that you can visit during your visit to Mardin.


Mardin Castle: It has witnessed the victories and defeats of many states such as Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Safavids, Seljuks and Ottoman Empire since ancient times. We recommend you to have a list of places to visit Kartal Yuvası which has witnessed the unique history of Mardin.


Dara Mesopotamia Ruins: Mesopotamia Dara Ruins, where hundreds of valuable works of many civilizations are located, will be an excellent experience for you history enthusiasts. The underground city, which is 40 meters deep, is the most important place of Mesopotamia Dara Ruins. Water cisterns, water mills, theaters, churches and bridges will take you to the ancient times when you visit Mardin. Dara Mesopotamia Ruins are 30 km away from Nusaybin district of Mardin.


Mardin Museum: You can put Mardin Museum, one of the historical buildings, into the list of historical places of Mardin.


Zinciriye Madrasa: This structure, which was given by Melik Necmeddin Isa to the History of Mardin by a history of 1400 years, witnessed Sultan Melik's struggle with Timur and his army. It is known that Sultan Melik Isa was imprisoned here after the struggle with Timur. This work, which has been in the history of Mardin for centuries, is another of Mardin's historical works. Located between Mardin and the main attractions, the Zinciriye Medrese will be a nice stopover spot for your Mardin tour.


Nusaybin Beyazsu Picnic Area: Nusaybin Beyazsu Creek is waiting to be discovered for your holiday in Mardin. Although Mardin is located between Midyat and Nusaybin districts, it is visited by residents of Sanliurfa, Diyarbakır and Sirnak. If you are exploring the natural beauties of Mardin during Mardin holiday, don't go without seeing the Nusaybin Beyazsu Stream.


Turabdin Plateau: The region, which has an extraordinary trip experience on a high limestone plateau, offers Mesopotamian cultural elements. It is a cultural route worth seeing for centuries with the historical structures of monks.


Historical Mardin Houses: The city, which reflects the cultural accumulation of Southeast Anatolia from past to present, is a place to visit with stone houses. These houses, decorated with various motifs, have become the symbol of Mardin. The buildings, which are the products of fine workmanship, attract the attention of local and foreign tourists in every period of the year and announce their name to the world.


Izozel Church: In the mystical atmosphere of Mardin, Izozoel church, which is among the oldest buildings, has become the center of attention with its fascinating architecture. The region, which is frequently visited by foreign tourists, is one of the important stops of Mardin cultural tourism.


Gurs Valley: Gurs Valley is a hidden paradise garden in the warm climatic belt of the South East. Waterfalls, river beds and various herbs are a good example of the natural beauty of Mardin.


Mardin Grand Mosque (Ulucamii): This historical place, which is the oldest mosque in Mardin, with its 900 years of history, sheds a light on the history of Mardin.


Mor Dimet Monastery: The monastery located in Savur district is one of the most popular places of the city. The monument, which is thought to be good for rheumatic diseases, is mentioned in these names. You can add to Mardin's historical sightseeing spots.


Geluske Inn: The building, which stands upright as an eye in history in Mardin, served as a accommodation center in the past. Together with the restoration works, it has opened its doors to tourism and has received a lot of popularity. Nowadays, it still affects the guests by being a museum.


Midyat Zaz: Midyat Zaz, located at the top of Kul Mountain of Midyat district, was a point where Syriac societies continued their lives, but then the region remained empty. Today, these structures in Midyat Zaz have been taken into consideration in the field of tourism and preserved with care.


Rabbat Tower: It is one of the oldest structures of the city. Along with the additions made during the Artukids period, it had 15 signatures and 4 watch towers and remained alive until today. Mardin's worth to visit the first place among the architectural structures, a place that smells history.


Kızıltepe Ulucamii: Located in Kızıltepe district, the mosque is one of the most popular works of Turkish architecture. The monument, in which the motifs that stand out with their artistic touches, have preserved the original with their restoration works. Local and foreign tourists are among the most popular points in the city.


Mor Gabriel Monastery (Deyrulumur): The Mor Gabriel Monastery, which carries the Syriac architecture, is located in the Midyat district of Mardin, which is considered the homeland of the Syriacs. The construction of the historical building worth its 17 centuries-old history was started by Mor Shmuel and Mor Semun in 397 and the construction of the main church was completed with the contributions of the Byzantine ruler I.Anstasius. Today, Mor Gabriel Monastery, which is considered to be an important center of the Syriac Church, is one of the excursion stops you can add to your tour of Mardin.


Kasımiye Madrasa: The madrasah, which has maintained its solidity for 700 years in all its splendor, has been used as a religious and scientific learning center in the past with its outstanding architecture. The building, which was built at the request of the Kasım of Sultan Akkoyunlu, was one of Mardin's most prominent historical attractions.



Transportation to Mardin, Turkey



Air transport to Mardin, which has witnessed thousands of years of Anatolian history, is carried out via Mardin Airport. Airways services are available from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey) and Izmir. For transfer from Mardin Airport, you can get detailed information from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer. Road transportation is very simple from the provinces where there is no airway transportation, especially in Sanliurfa, Gaziantep(Turkey) and Diyarbakir. Also Adana(Turkey), Izmir, Bursa(Turkey), Antalya, such as regular bus service to the historic city of Mardin in Turkey's major cities are made.



Accommodation in Mardin, Turkey



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