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Vacation in Mardin TURKEY



Mardin, the Anatolia region linking Mesopotamia; in historical development, dozens of civilizations, and dozens of different religions, ethnic groups and sects have hosted and different from these cultures by blending in a pot of love and tolerance, and preserving their differences, hundreds of thousands of years has managed to live in one and solidarity. Muslims, Assyrians, Yakubu, Chaldean, Nestorian, Yezidis, Jews, Kurds, Arabs, Chechens, Armenians, etc. different religions and communities from different ethnic backgrounds such as; "natural social tolerance" and to compromise, "in peace and brotherhood" lived together. Turkey Mardin, due to these features, "has created a peaceful synthesis of different cultural structures." Zarathustra's, where Mani live; cultural and philosophical intensity throughout history marked by peace, brotherhood and tolerance in the city of Mardin . The city's name, which means the city Syriac castles "Mare" comes from. Taking the Assyrians of the Romans' Maria 'den to their city, the Arabs' Mardin said. According to Pliny, had called the Mardanî Arab tribes living near Nusaybin you name Maria. The author of the famous medieval town of Naxos, he would remember Margdis as a fortress-city. According to the later Byzantine writer, Mardes city's name. According to other sources Mar. Persians, Armenians Mardi, they said. Many sources; The real name of Mardin "Mert" he goes. Because most people also say that today. Mardin(Turkey) and war on the caravan route was an important city throughout history. In Ancient Persians, after the reign of Alexander the Great and his successors Mardin long rest in the hands of the Roman and Byzantine after Chaldiran joined the Ottoman country all the trees were in the Anatolian Castle Byzantine Emperor Timur time in two months siege on the city outskirts was built against Sasaniler'in not captured by Constantine. During the War of Independence in the city was not invaded by an extension of the current commercial importance in the past Germans yitirmiştir.yak famous Bagdad railway passes through the plain in front of Mardin province, but the city is one of the Southeast's most popular immigration which, unfortunately. Turkey Mardin is a city very rich in theological. This religious mosaic formed by the predominance of any religion. Adopting a new belief system that disturbing others. Have made marriage with different religious communities together. This kinship soften the environment. We feel that; Mardin no dominant religion. In the middle of the fertile plains of Mesopotamia, limestone and cities on a mountainside covered with lava has been frequented by almost all cultures. Is based on the city's birth date 3000 years BC. The first guests are as follows: Subaru, Sumerians, Akkadians, Hittites, Midi from Iran. Then Assyria, Urartu, Mitanni, Aramaic, Persian ... two thousand years after Alexander the Great. The early Christians, II. Romans century, the Sassanids were, immediately after the Byzantines. Arabs, IX. Hamdaniler century, at the end of the tenth century Mervani and XI. century Turkmen, XII. Artur century cellar. Sabers of the Crusaders, and then after Eyyubites Ilkhanians. Karakoyuml and Akkoyunlu cliche. XVI. century, the Safavids, Ottomans and finally the Republic of Turkey. Mardin has obtained the liberation of political acumen days without bloodshed and suffering. Marked the history of the world before the Eagle Castle wanted to capture the British and then the French. Iraqi government of the management in the United Kingdom have asked the elders of the people Nuel, but has left the city due to stand against this people. Already receiving the news of the inhabitants of the Syrian conflict Mardin name protested. October 30, 1919 25,000 people attended a rally in the history of the Mediterranean peoples of Mardin situation in the Southern Front, had protested against the occupation and hence Merkeziyy on behalf of the Delegation of Hussein's signature was published the following protest. Unjust decision of a magistrate where the realm of civilization will bring prosperity and happiness are known to cause anyone a bloody future. Date and natural law must rally the Muslim Caliphs and Ottoman land of salvation, and the millions who are obliged to maintain until the last drop of blood the right to life, Muslim and Ottoman behalf twentyfive  housand population concluded, Mardin Defense of Rights Nationalists became an interpreter for the people's thinking. Acting with these feelings, Mardin who would be occupied by the French in the city by creating paramilitary forces sent two representatives to the Erzurum Congress to accelerate the Mustafa Kemal. After receiving discuss moral and spiritual support to large binaries, forces were further strengthened. French Norman, when it comes to Mardin armed militias providing security were trying to stop people trying to attack Norman. French Commander puzzled what to do in the face of this reaction.Mardin, the people of Europe if they deliver between managers in the municipality will enter the big cities, in the middle of unemployment and management were told that they would remove the form from the locals. But the elders of the city's thousands of the city protected by the military, have reported that if they do bloodshed. Understands the seriousness of the situation he wanted to be accompanied by Norman until he had left the train station and city riding.


Mosques and Mardases: Mardin, a city where a combination of religion and culture for centuries in Anatolia. You can come to a church just ahead of Mardin while visiting a mosque. Making the city home to many historic places of worship. Sheikh Quick Mosque, Cotton Mosque, Reyhaniye Mosque, Latifiye Mosque, Malik Mahmud Mosque, Kiziltepe Grand Mosque, Mardin Ulu Mosque, victorious Madrasah, Kasımiye Madrasah, Shah Sultan Madrasa, Malik Mansur Madrasa, Savur Gate Theological School, Altunboga Madrasah, Şehidiye Madrasa, well known to madrasa, Hatuniye Madrasa, the most important examples of these structures Chain Islam madrasa.


Churches, Monasteries: Mardin has been one of the most important centers of Christianity in Asia Minor. Over the centuries have lived and continue to live in the same neighborhoods Christians with Muslims.Mardin, many churches and monasteries are still standing. These include Deyrulzefer Monastery, Mor Gabriel Monastery, Forty Church, Mor Yakup Church, Mor Mikhail Church, İzozoel Church, Mor Joseph Church, Mor Evgeni Monastery, Purple Circis Monastery, see Moran Dimethyl monastery you what we recommend.


Castles: Among the most visited places by Mardin(Turkey) guests "Eagle's Nest" as it is known there Mardin Castle. The other castles you can see in Mardin Castle Anzavur, Marin Merdis Castle, Castle and Rabbat Fafih Castle.


Bazaars: Mardin is one of your most enjoyable trip will stop in Mardin Bazaars. You can see traditional crafts products and urban artisans can also get a pleasant conversation with your loved ones gifts that you can browse in the marketplace. Mardin is the most visited bazaars Kayseriyye (from Bezes alias) and Revaklı Bazaar.


Mardin Houses: Mardin mentioned, many of the images that appear in our eyes Houses of Mardin. A city famous for its maintenance in this traditional stone houses.Turkey Mardin can see during your trip to anywhere in the house. An important detail about the Mardin Houses following: stone houses in the center was declared an urban conservation area in 1979.



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