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Vacation in Cappadocia Nevsehir TURKEY


Around of Nevsehir Turkey have a history about five thousand years. The region's first inhabitants are the Hittites, the region "Nisse" gave the name. After the Hittites was dominant in the region Phrygian and Lydians. Cappadocia Assyrians "Katputuk to" gave the name. BC 6th century the Persians seized the region and BC 4th century Macedonian King of Persia (Iran), eliminating the State has added to Anatolia and Iran Macedonian Kingdom. On the distribution of the Macedonian King Alexander's death and passed into the hands of the Macedonian Empire of the Cappadocian Kingdom. This region of the Roman Empire annexed the Kingdom of Cappadocia was passed into the hands of the Roman Empire. A.D. In 395 romaimparatorlug as other regions of Anatolia on the division of Eastern Roman (Byzantine) 's shares fell. Islamic armies "Nigde-Aksaray-Kayseri" the rest of the area within the triangle of 8 were conquered 300 years dominated the century, the Islamic State, passed to the internal rebellion and hand back to the Byzantine regions of weakened by separatist activities. Malazgirt victory in 1071 after the Anatolian Fatih Kutalmishoğlu Suleiman Shah, the region as whole of Anatolia was conquered. Turkey in this village "Muskara" gave the name. After the fall of the Seljuk State Ilkhanians had dominated the region in the 14th century Eratnaogul and Karamanoğulları medium. The end of the fourteenth century, Nevshehir and vicinity came under the domination of the Ottoman Empire. In the meantime, "Muskara the" village was one of the settlements of 10-12 households. Tulip revolution of the grand vizier my (1718-1730) Damad Ibrahim Pasha from Nevshehir "Muskara" he IMAI expanding the village. The newly established town "new town" from the meaning "Nevshehir" was named and linked to Nigde Sanchez as an accident. While in the Republican era in the province of Nigde, 20/07/1954 Law No. 6429 date in the case came provinces. Since then, our ilm UzdUr a cute Anatolian region. Dream of holiday Ayvali village in Cappadocia Turkey, one of the major settlements in the MDC Bogu Stone Age Cave Hotel and operates.


Things to Do in Cappadocia-Nevsehir


Haji Bektas-i Veli Museum: Haji Bektash district of Nevsehir in income among the most frequently visited places in the Haji Bektash Veli Complex, which opened in 1964, Haji Bektash Veli Museum. Museum consists of three courtyards, was put into service as the Ethnographic Museum.

Derinkuyu Underground City: They want to visit from the first of the region, is one of the most curious where they add color to the color of Cappadocia Derinkuyu Underground City. 85 meters deep underground city which is one of the deepest and most extensive residential areas. Eight floors and in; stables, kitchen, school and cafeteria are located. Refer to the moment you step inside the world will break and you will make a short trip to the past.

Wish the Hill: In the Cappadocia region, which is a mystical atmosphere is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy the beauty of Urgup Temenni Hill. Fairy Chimneys, castles, mosques, churches and natural beauty here appears as though your eyes more beautiful. Stripped of all the mess, from the top to watch the enchanting beauty of the region almost to enlighten your soul. Here, you could wish to eat hill with views of the delicious pancakes, you can drink next to a warm tea.

Kaymakli Underground City: Kaymakli Underground City is located in the cream in town, located 20 kilometers from Nevsehir Turkey. It consists of 8 floors and has a great influence of the expansion of the Roman and Byzantine periods. Here, all the rooms are connected to each other in a hallway.

Ihlara Valley: The most beautiful in the Cappadocia region is one of the most special natural beauty Ihlara Valley, surrounded by trees stretching up into the sky. Postcards aratmayan and offer the most beautiful colors of nature valley, the image Melendiz River offers a unique beauty to visitors to unite with. Before entering the valley with a long walking trail, a detailed plan describing the valley of the road you will meet already. You will be surprised when you see the church in the valley you have never been found. Although more than a hundred churches are just a few navigable condition.

Pasabaglari Priests Valley: The most magical in the Cappadocia region, income Cappadocia Valley of Pasabaglari Priests of the most impressive sights. Remained from centuries ago though, time seems to have stopped here. Avanos - Göreme road, Cappadocia Zelve Valley is situated close to many Pasabaglari. Small, like a gift from the universe of fairy chimneys standing, size is a place where you can see interesting examples here. Pasabaglari Valley priests and clerics have used in the past to retreat in the room they rock the vote. Selve ruins: Is one of the most remarkable places in Nevshehir Selve ruins of three valleys. Fairy Chimneys are concentrated in this region, and is located 5 kilometers from Avanos. Both the Christian settlement in the area, especially the 9th and 13th centuries was both religious center.

Belisırma Village: Cappadocia is a village surrounded by the natural beauty Belisirma Village. All year round is located in the middle of domestic and foreign tourists Ihlara Valley villages flooded with visitors and the beauty side of Melendiz Stream is almost complete. Mother Nature created by emulating a visit to open 7 of 14 churches in the Ihlara Valley is located in the village of Belisirma. Mast Church, Bezirhane Church and Ala Church are just a few of these churches. There are many restaurants in the quaint village is a charming Belisirma. You can taste the fish and local dishes in the cozy restaurant from each other.