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Information of Trabzon, Turkey



Trabzon province, which is located between Karadeniz (Black Sea) beach and Zigana Mountains in the Eastern Black Sea Region and neighboring Giresun(Turkey), Gumushane, Bayburt(Turkey) and Rize(Turkey); it is a wonderful city with its nature beauty like Artvin(Turkey) and Rize provinces.Although it is small in terms of surface area, the population of Trabzon(Turkey) is around 740.000 and it is the 2nd most developed province of the Black Sea Region. Despite living in a large part of the population of the Trabzon province, there is a unique culture and a accent of their own. Despite the fact that the Trabzon (Turkey) population in our country is the result of the Lazs, the Laz population has never been a majority in Trabzon province.The city, which has the most rare images of Green and Blue, has announced its name to the world in this direction and becoming a very popular and important holiday region.Trabzon is also an authentic city with its filled oxygen plateaus, with its rivers which is caressing the soul, and with its its local flavors presented by its magnificent cuisine.Trabzon is one of the major cities of Turkey and the biggest one in the Eastern Black Sea region. Its population is over 770 thousand (2015) and has an area of 4,664 km2. Due to the rainy climate even in the summer months, it has lots of green forests and mountains with many rivers and highlands. There are major roads connecting Trabzon to other cities, a big harbor for international shipping traffic in the Black Sea, and an international airport. The city is famous for its fish, football (soccer) team, and the Sumela Monastery.Trabzon history starts at M.Ö 756. Trabzon city founded by Greeks, then entered the domination of Persians and Romans. Despite the fact that it looks like a part of the Byzantine Empire, Trabzon Greek Empire had an autonomous structure. Trabzon, which passed through the Ottoman Empire in 1461, became very important during every civilization.Trabzon province has been a capital city for a while and very important city with its of geographical position for centuries. This city has been carefully protected with the civilizations. Many civilizations have made historical architectural works. Must see places in Trabzon ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Trabzon and point of interests to visit.When you visit Trabzon, we recommend you to see this magnificent works here.



Top Tourist Attractions in Trabzon, Turkey



Sumela Monastery ( Panagia Sumela): Sumela Monastery is one of the most important places to visit with its nature beauty, historical and religious importance in Trabzon province.This is a Greek Orthodox Monastery that is situated on top of the Mela Mountain. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is also a part of the Altindere National Park and thus a place of historic and cultural importance. It was founded in 836 AD during the rule of Theodosius I and has been renovated several times since then.The main features of the church and monastery are the Rock Church, chapels, kitchens, students’ rooms, a guesthouse, a library, a sacred spring revered by the Eastern Orthodox Christians. The typical Turkish designs are evident from the design of the cupboards, niches and fireplace. The Rock Church has a number of beautiful frescoes that date back to the 18th century. These are done in 3 levels and the lowermost level has the best ones. These are mainly scenes from the Bible telling stories about Jesus and Virgin Mary. 



Trabzon Uzungol Lake: If you like to see all beautifull nature colors like green, blue and Brown together in a magnificent place ; Uzungol (Long Lake) is one of the best places for it.Uzungol (meaning “Long Lake”) is the 2nd most popular excursion out of Trabzon after Sumela Monastery. It is the symbol of Trabzon. It is also the name of the village on the Lake’s coast. This was formed by a landslide that later turned into a stream bed and then a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream.The main reason for this place to turn into a very popular tourist attraction is its natural beauty and tranquility. The surrounding greenery and the fog is picturesque and the development in tourism and infrastructural facilities has given tourists even more comfort. Uzungol, which is 19 km away from Caykara district of Trabzon, has made tourism explosions especially with visitors from Middle East in recent years.


St. Eugenius Church: This church has been built by Eugenius who isone of the most important personalities of the region in the 13th century,and it  it maintains its daily stability. This church  served as a mosque after the conquest of Istanbul and it is still one of the important cultural synthesis points.


Trabzon Vazelon Monastery: The monastery is located among pine trees, 7 km west from Kiremitli village in Macka district. On the area, there is a cave and a water spring. The Vazelon Monastery was first built in front of the cave. Church and the rooms of the monks in front of the cave which has survived to the present date back to the 19th century.


Trabzon Lapazan Plateau: The plateau which is located within the boundaries of the Macka district of Trabzon is a tremendous natural stop that you can touch the clouds with a height of 2,200 meters. The Lapazan Plateau, which can be an example of the natural beauties of Trabzon and which is filled with hundreds of flowers with its open and green fuller tone, is the wonderful nature of Trabzon waiting to be discovered.


Trabzon Ataturk Mansion ( Ataturk’s Palace ): This historic building is located on the hills of Trabzon(Turkey). This is a villa that was built for the most important man of the city. Ataturk is said to be the famous for getting Turks a number of freedoms and rights.It is a 3 storey house with fabulous interiors with marble and a milk white exterior. The entrance is decorated with a lovely rose garden and the gardens inside are also equally beautiful. It is a good place to rest on a sunny afternoon. 


Trabzon Altındere Valley( National Park): This is the most popular park in the Black Sea Region which lies on the western part of Trabzon(Turkey). Besides the rich range of flora and fauna, the Sumela Monastery is an important attraction that is a part of this park.The main species of flora are the Eastern Spruce Tree, Fir Trees, Scotch Pine, chestnut, oak, lime tree, willow, black pine, Caucasian honey suckle, forest rose and others. The fauna mainly includes deer, roe deer, wild goats, wild boar, bear, wolves, jackals, foxes and lynx. 


Trabzon Cal Cave : This cave which is located at the Calkoy site in the town of Duzkoy district in Trabzon has the property of being the 2nd longest cave in the world. There is a small river and bridge running through the cave. This cave has been opened to the visitors in 2000 and it has been one of the most preferred place to see by the visitors. It has become one of the natural beauties of Trabzon.


The Monastery of the Girls (Panagıa Keramesta): This monastery is built by the Pontos king in the 14th century, and  has been used for 500 years with this function and has reached to 21th.century. The Monastery of Girls, which is very interesting with its massive structure, has entered the list of important points of Trabzon Tourism as a result of the studies. It is also a good example to the historical sites of Trabzon.


Trabzon Boztepe: Boztepe is another wonderful place in Trabzon where you can enjoy a magnificent view of blue and green. Also known as Mt. Minthrion, Boztepe is a hill near the city from where you get a fantastic view of the sunset. The Degirmendere Valley lies on the west of this hill and the hill is majorly covered by the Kaymakli Quarter.


Gulbahar Hatun Tomb and Mosque: This is a typical mosque and also the tomb of Gulbahar Hatun who was the wife of Bayezid II and the mother of Khan Selim I. It is a beautifully decorated mosque and the highlight is the big carpet. It is inspired from the designs of Islamic Prayer mats. Here you will find a number of children sitting and taking lessons in religious studies. It is such a blissful site and also a peaceful place to get away from the noise of the city. 


Trabzon Sera Lake: Sera Lake is a small paradise within a green nature and has been landslide set formation. Sera Lake which is the best example of the natural beauties of Trabzon; rest your soul with bird sounds and take you away from the noisy atmosphere of the city. it is the ideal trip point to renew yourself.


Trabzon Akcakale Castle: Akcaabat is a beautiful peninsular area known for the tribes that live there and their unique dance form. As you go further, you find the ruins of a 13th century Byzantine castle also known as the Akcakale Castle. This place is more famous for its yummy ‘meatballs’ and other small eateries and restaurants. What remains of this yesteryear castle is just a half- broken bell tower and lots of stories about the royal castle. 


Trabzon Hamsikoy: Hamsikoy is on the skirts of the imposing Zigana Mountains that connect the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia is located 48 km away from Trabzon (Turkey). Hamsikoy is famous about Authentic houses and  Hamsikoy Sutlaci (Turkish dessert ) and you should definitely visit in your holiday in Trabzon.You can add Hamsikoy Village to the yours list of best villages in Turkey.



Transportation in Trabzon, Turkey



Trabzon is located in an easy position in terms of transportation. It is possible to reach by sea and air via. There are regular bus services to Trabzon from big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Bursa(Turkey), Izmir and Antalya(Turkey). You can use Trabzon Airport for your Trabzon Airline. You can get detailed information from Arsis Vip Transport which is our other organisation company for our guests.



Accomadation in Trabzon, Turkey




Trabzon province will offer you many alternatives options for accommodation with its nice hotels and hostels. They are both budget-friendly and among  the selected hotels of the world. As  Dreamofholiday family which is one of the leading companies of the sector, we will provide services such as mountain houses, daily houses  and  apartments for rent as soon as it is possbile.