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Vacation in Hatay Turkey



Hatay (Turkey) has its 2300 years past that located in Antakia and first location date is nearly B.C 8000. Seleukos was built this city after Alexander.There were dominance of Part, Sasani,Byzintanian, Abbasi Tolunogullari ,Aksitler, Hamdanogullari, Seljuklu, Hacli and Memluk. City was dominance of Ottoman during expedition of Yavuz Sultan Selim to Egypt. It was established independent Hatay State in 1937 and combined to Turkey Republic in 1939.The one of the attractive propority of Antakya (Turkey) is; located at crossroad of Syria and Palestine with Anatolia. In addition there are appropiraete ports that using for exit from Mesopotamia to Medditerian. Hatay is centre of religion turism, antique cities, and plateaus. We have collected some activities and places where you should visit in Hatay in which you can find so many choices.




Traveling places Hatay Turkey 




Iskenderun: Is combined to Hatay and modern port city that named with Hatay Turkey. Hatay is busy region with its port and located behind of Nur Moutions and know with four seasons turism center.


Samandag Beach: It is located 27 km away from the city center of Antakya on the Mediterranean. Visitors come to Samandag to walk on the beach, to swim, and to sit in beachfront restaurants and cafes to enjoy the view, the cool breeze, and restful atmosphere. You can add for travelling areas of Antakya.


St Peter Cave Church (Senpiyer): According to history, early Christians held their worship services secretly in this northeast of the center of Antioch. It was here, they say, that St Peter was selected as the leader and "first bishop" of the church. Extensively restored in 2014, the cave-church was reopened in February 2015. St Barnabas and St Paul came to Antioch (Antakya) and stayed a year to spread their new faith. The St Peter Cave Church, which maintains its existence with all its splendor within the historic heritage preserved in daily life, is one of the most visited places of Antioch.


Daphne: Harbiye, 8 km south of Antioch, is perched on a steep forested hillside looking toward the Mediterranean. It has an long history. In Roman times it was called Daphne. Mythology says it was the place where a horny Zeus, pursuing the nymph Daphne, finally caught her and turned her into a laurel tree. We recommend you to place it into your list of places to see in Antakya (Antioch) 


Habibi Neccar Mosque: The first mosque of Anatolia, as mentioned in the historical importance of the aforementioned city of Antioch and Sura Yasin also believed that Neccar and when you hear the stories of your trip will become much more interesting. Is one of the must - see places in Antioch.


Titus Tunnel: Titus Tunnel is easy to get to from Samandag beach (which is not highly recommended). These tunnels are water tunnels built by the romans via man power! There is a nice bridge to take a touristy photo at before exploring the tunnels.  The walk also has a trekking path which gives you nice views of this part of Hatay. We recommend you to visit this Tunnel if you are travelling nearby Hatay.


Demirkapi (İron door): This wall had been built for control severe flooding from Hacikurus and located in deep and narrow valley that is on Habib Nejjar Mountion. The same time these using for as a door for enterance to city nowadays. That is our recommendation for you to see places in Antioch Turkey


Bridges Demirkopru ( Stonebridge): Over Asi river and between Antioch (Turkey) and Reyhanli. This bridge was important place for passage for people and in protection of Antakya in middle ages. Bridge are being used although it towers ( built with stones and have towers and doors) have been broken.  We recommend you to put this place in the top of the list of historical places to visit in Antioch.


Dana Ahmetli Bridge: Over Karasu River is in Kirikkhan valley. This is stone bridge with 6 eyes. It thougth that bridge had been built by Mimar Sinan in 16 th century.


 Koz Castle ( Kurshad Castle): Two sign of castle built with big block stones are in life and ıt thought this castle was built in Antioch Prince Times.


Bakras Castle: The majority of sides are in life and it is located in 27 km way of Antakya -Iskenderun , 4 km inside of way on high hill.


Payas Castle: An Ottoman castle and restoreted in 1567. It had been used as prison at least hundred years.


Mancinik Castle: It had been built in 1290 and located over high hill between Dortyol. There are a few remants of castle.


Djin Castle: One of the police station castle for preventing port was built in 1577 and located between castle and port.


Darbisak Castle: Is in over of hill and between Kirikkhan and Hassa 4 km far away from Kirikkhan . It is over Beyazid Bestami Palace Barbi-Sak Castle. One mosque and tomb had been built end of 19th century. The thousands are visiting this place.


Hans , Hamams ( Turkish Bathroom): There are a lot of hans and hamams which had been built by foundations at last years inside Antakya Turkey. The working Hans and Hamams have taken cultural proporties and architecture of culture to modern day. The using places are; Jindi Hamam, Saka Hamam, Meydan Hamam, Yeni Hamam, Kurshunlu Han, and Sokullu Han.



Accomodation in Hatay Turkey



The accomodation will never be a problem for you in Hatay (Turkey). Because there are lots of nice Hatay hotels and hostels in Hatay province. Hatay also includes wonderful restaurants and they are very comfortable and they have delicious meals. As a Dream of holiday  family which is  one of the leaders  Rentals and Organization company , we serve you  Hatay Homes Rental, Antioch Apartments Rental and Hatay Rental Apartments service.



Transportation in Hatay Turkey 




Hatay is in a convenient location for transportation. It is possible to get by by airline, except road traffic. Buses are always available from IstanbulAnkara(Turkey)IzmirAntalya(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) and all citys. You can use Hatay airport and Adana Sakir Pasha Airport for your Hatay airports transport. Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!