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Vacation in Kutahya TURKEY


Kutahya has an important turism potential with improving industry, rich underground and earth sources, university, crafts and history. When Turkish dominance started in Anatolia, Kütahya and around area was given to Germiyanoğulları seigniory. Kütahya had been capital of Germiyanogullari seigniory for two times and many of creations made in these periods reached current. Kütahya and around area was given to the Ottoman Empire as a marriage portion, and becauseof this it is called princes’ city. Kutahya was thecenter of Anatolian seigniory in Ottoman Empire’s period. Ottoman monuments areprotected till today. Kutahya is rich with historical monuments, natural beauty and thermal springs. From Seljuks and Ottomans period significant number of variousmosques , historical monuments, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and various historical monuments in Kütahya have survivedto the present day. Fish Mosque: constructed between 1236-1237 years, ismonument of Seljuks. It is theoldest production of the Turks in Kütahya. It is constructed in 1236 the periodof Gıyâsüd Keyhusrev, the second son of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat bythe Serasker and ümeradan imamüddin Hezar Dinari. It is later restorated by Germaines and Ottomans. Hezâ Dinar was the Defense Minister (Emir Sipehsâlât). Hidirlik Masjid: is a promenade located in Hıdırlık hill. It is made by İmâmüddîn Hezâ Dinan in 1243. It is planned square. Dome made of brick and has inscription. It was reconstructed in 1980. Agora) Aslanbey Mosque is in the city center. It was constructed in 1413 by Aslan Bey. It is square planned with one dome. In 1954 it was reconstructed. In fact the upper part of the tile is covered with lead. Aslan Bey is the Sultan Murad Khan’s Kutahya and Tavshanlı Bicâroglu Guardian Aslan Bey. Ali Pasha Mosque; located in şehrekustu district, has madrasah with twelve rooms, sibyan school formed with fountains and agora isbuilt by Sayyid Ali Pasha, the son of Sayyid Suleyman Aga. Today just mosque survives. Without the scientific explanation and with the writen inscriptions namedSayyid Ali Pasha mosque is pronounced the mosque is called Alopaşa. Studies areunderway in correcting the pronounce. Mosque şs restorated in 1797. Cami-i Kebir (The Great Mosque): Located in the city center, between Vacidiyye madrasah and the Second Yakub Chelebi İmaret complex. Itencloses about 45x25 m area. It is the mosque which has the most spaciousinterior of Kütahya. The outer edge has a minaret Northeast. Today its appearance,is composed of two domes and semi-domes, covered with rectangular space. Thereare five sections to the North called last community. Sultan Yildirim Beyazit Han (1381-1389) started to built this mosque.Because of the Ankara war, MehmetChelebi (son of Sultan Yildirim Han)could complete the mosque in 1410, restorated by Sultan Fatih Mehmed , Sultan SüleymanHan layovered in Kütahya in the expedition of Rhodes ordered the great architectSinan to repair the mosque.In Iraq expedition (1534) Sultan Suleyman Han remained 4 days and prayed in thismosque. In the middle near Dome door, gallery on four marble columnsand a fountain under of colums. Completely brick structure of the dome is seenunder the eaves of the cut stone. Minaret of the base is made of cut stone,body is made of brick. It is restorated in various times. In the inscriptionwritten that it is restorated by Abdulmejid Han ve Sultan Second Abdulhamîd Han. First time it was made wooden... Kurshunlu Mosque ( Kasimpasha Mosque) : It had been built 1377 at period of Germinyanogullari. Mihrab is decoration and architecture is original. ıt is in Kurshunlu street.İt restoreted from Sheyh Mehmet. The last restoration was in 1975 and covered with lead. Donenler Mosque( Mevlevihane Dergahi) : It is around of Kebir Mosque and in the center of city. It has special architecture. It is being used as mosque now and inside of it circle form.There is one balcon which surrounding the dome. Ishak Fakih Kullie: It had been built by Djemaleddin Ishak Fahik in 1433 from Germiyanogullari. Kulliye built with mosque, tomb, lodges and madrasa. It is in street with same name. Suleimanshah, Kala-i Bala ( Up Castle) Mosque: The retoration had been built by Suleiman Shah Bay of Germiyan that founded in mosque of fortress . But isn't known who built this structure. Takkejiler Mosque ( Demirtashpasha) : It has attractive architecture and located in Kavaflar Bazaar. The elephant feet, some of the cubicles under cylindrical domes and middle dome are original. It was built by Anatolia State Governor and Kutahya Guardian Demirtash Pasha. Hisar Bey Mosque: It is among of old government palace in Saray Street. It was built by Mustafa Bey son of Hisar Bey in 1749. Karagoz Ahmed Pasha Mosque: When it was between markets, market broken and mosque seemed retoreted in Little Bazaar. It is formed by mosque, madrasa, elemantry school and imaret. This mosque built by Anatolia Governor Karagoz Ahmed Pasha in 1509 and finished by his wife. The one of the examples of Mimar Sinan and it has original dome and twelve-cornered. Lala Husein Pasha Mosque : Located in same named stret and was built by Lala of Sultan Second Selim Han Husein Pasha in 1566 -1568. Hatuniye Mosque: It is located in Hatuniye Street and it is not known who did this structure. But it is known that this structure was restorated and built its minare by Rabia Hatun. Ozbekh Mosque: It was built by Ozbek Ibrahim Aga in 1699. Kadidler Mosque: Located in Samanpazari( Hasir Pazari) and the building was started by Halil Kamil Aga , and finished by Hafiz Mehmed Pasha. Molla Bey Mosque and Kullie: İt is in Balikli Street. This dome , was built by Ibrahim Edhem in 1845. Ibrahim Edhem was built mosque, library, madrasa, elemantry school , and fountains for name of his relative. Seadeddin Mosque: It was built by Imaduddin Hezar Dinar in Seljuk Period and restoreted by Anatolian Governor Dervish Mehmed Pasha in 1238. Green Mosque: It is located at Hukumet street and was built by Ahmed Fuad Pasha. Architecture style is Arabian.It is known as its embroidery and ceramics. It has one dome that sited to four marble pillars. Chinili Mosque: It is in the highest distircts of Kutahya in Maltepe and outside of mosque covered all semarics. It has capacity of 500 people and used 30000 seramic plates.The most beautiful mosuque at last years. The first mosque that outside covered with seramic. Pasham sultan Tomb: It located at Ulu Cami Street and it restoreted by majoritty of people. Karagoz Ahmed Pasha Tomb: It is in Ahirardi cemetery. It has dome that up round column and round brick. It is formed as 6 sided opening dome. Sheyhi Tomb: the transfer of living Ermiyanoglu in time with medical facilities 182 cataract (eye curtain), a surgeon Mah enough to do surgery, "Sheikh" the pseudonym of poems by the famous "Harnam the" owner of the poem, the scholar, Fadila Judge Roger, Kütahya-Tavshanlı path in Dumlupinar village on Download burried. Hayme Hatun Tomb: Hayme Hatun Tomb is the mother of Osman Gazi and located in Domanich sitrict Charsamba village. Domanich was given as plateau to Ertugrul Bey in 1281.