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Population 1.940 million in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and Adiyaman, Gaziantep(Turkey), Diyarbakir, Mardin Turkey, which neighbors Sanliurfa, Turkey is one of the most eminent city. History of Sanliurfa dates back to 9,000 years ago and its history and cultural value are so deep that information about this city is found in many sources of the world. Sanliurfa, where the Prophet Abraham was born and lived by Hazrat Eyyub, was blessed by Jesus. The Byzantine Kingdom of Sanliurfa, the Kingdom of Osroene, continued its dominance in this region for about 380 years. It was named by the Christians as m a m blessed city devlet because it was one of the first to accept Christianity. Ursu ​​in the Hittites from the 2nd century BC, and the region known as Ruhua in the Assyrians were named as Urfa after the Turks took it. Considering the heroism of the people of Urfa in the War of Independence, the province was renamed as Sanliurfa in 1984. There are hundreds of historical artifacts that have reached the present day in the city, and these works are preserved carefully and presented in the field of tourism. As a result of the archaeological studies of settlements up to 9 thousand years ago, the city has become one of the centers of cultural tourism. In addition, the belief that Prophet Abraham was born and raised in this city also folds the spiritual value of the city. The city is a touristic point that should be seen with its values ​​taken from dozens of civilizations with its rich cultural and historical heritage, its cuisine with delicious flavors and especially its world famous kebab and raw meatballs. We have listed the places to visit in Sanliurfa in the following way:




Traveling Places in Sanliurfa, Turkey



The Cave of the Birth of Hazrat Ibrahim 

One of the caves in the northern part of the Sanliurfa Fortress is the cave where Hazrat Ibrahim was born. Dergah, which attracts the most visitors in Şanlıurfa, has a mosque, a mosque and a mosque. Sanliurfa is a historical place you should definitely see.

Eyyub Prophet's Patience Authority

Located in Eyyübiye District of Şanlıurfa. One of the historical places in Sanliurfa, Sabir Makamı is one of the places to see in Sanliurfa, Turkey.

Suayb City

The town of Harran, which is known as the fortress of the prophet by the people, is based on a long history. You should keep this historic city, which sheds light on the history of Sanliurfa, in your list of places to visit.

Balikli Lake (Aynzeliha and Halil-Ür Rahman Lakes) 

It is believed that Hazrat Ibrahim, who was believed to be born in Sanliurfa, was thrown into the fire by Nemrut. The Balikli Lake, which became fascinating with its narratives, gained different meanings throughout the series of events with King Nemrut. Hazrat Abraham struggles with Nimrod to abolish idolatry, but falls in love with Nimrod's daughter. Upon this, Nemrut wants to burn the god Ibrahim in the region where Balikli Lake is located. A great fire was set up and thrown into Hazrat Ibrahim, and Hazrat Ibrahim daughter of Nimrod, Zeliha, believes in the fire of Abraham, the room jumps into the fire, but is said to be a fish in the firewood turns into a lake. You can add this most visited place of Şanlıurfa to the top of your list.

Gobekli Tepe 

Gobeklitepe, the world's first temple, is only 15 km away from Şanlıurfa, which can change the history of all humanity written so far. Gobeklitepe, which was built 12,000 years ago, belongs to the Neolithic period. It is the oldest place of worship in history. Gobeklitepe belongs to a period of 7000 from Stonehenge in England and 7500 years from Egyptian pyramids. Gobeklitepe excavations are still continuing. We recommend that you put Gobeklitepe on the list of places you should see before he dies.

Harran Houses

 Harran hosts thousands of tourists every year and is 44 km from Sanliurfa. In the book of the Torah, "Haran" as the place is rumored. Islamic historians connect the foundation of the city to the grandchildren of Noah, Kaynan, or the brother of Abraham, İbrah Aran Pey (Haran). Harran History, believed to be the city of Abraham, dates back to a long time. And Harran Houses, which were founded as important as the Harran History. It has an unusual architectural structure and a dome-shaped domes. The region, which has been opened to tourism as a site since 1979, is flooded by local and foreign tourists in every period of the year. We recommend you to add the Harran Plain and Harran Houses to the top of your list of places to see in Sanliurfa.

Halfeti Ancient City

It is a magnificent tour point which is under the waters of the Euphrates River. The Halfeti region is located at a location within 30 km of Sanliurfa - Gaziantep. It carries the traces of many civilizations from the Byzantines to the Ottomans. Halfeti houses, Halfeti Gerdanı, Batık Village, Kral Kızı Cave and the Greek Castle will make you very satisfied if you want to perform a short adventure in prehistoric times. Don't forget to add Sanliurfa's sights to your list.

The Euphrates

 The Euphrates River, whose songs and poems are written on its name, conveys its waters to the Persian Gulf with a length of 2,800 kilometers. It is approximately 970 kilometers within the borders of Turkey, it passes through a significant portion of Sanliurfa. The Euphrates River, which has been grateful for the civilizations for centuries in terms of irrigating the territory of the region with its fertile waters, has the property of being a life vessel. The beauty of the enormous nature created by the dozens of plants and bird species that grow along the river will be worth seeing. We recommend that you put it in your list of places to see in Sanliurfa, Turkey.

Urfa Castle

Of course, the best way to capture the city's postcard-like image is Urfa Castle. You can see a beautiful view and roam in the mysterious atmosphere of Urfa Castle, which has more than 1200 years of history. Urfa Castle is in an important place within the historical places of Sanliurfa. Places to visit in Sanliurfa are a nice alternative to your list.

Firfirli Mosque

Fırfırlı Mosque, which was built as the 12th Apostle Church in the first place, started to serve as a mosque since 1956. Built on three nave basilica plan, it has a magnificent view of architectural textures. This monument, where the civilizations and the two different religions put their spiritual spirit on them, is an ideal historical stop where you can see the reflection of cultural syntheses. Historic sites in Sanliurfa should be on your list.

Palace of Girls 

In the light of the known sources, it is said to have a Syriac structure. It is 3 km away from the Binekli Village of Sanliurfa. However, it is observed that archaeological studies are continuing and will be put forward in the field of tourism as a result of more resource information. If you want to visit a mysterious place, the Girls' Palace is waiting to be discovered. Girls Palace, also known as Kasr-ul Benat, is not known because there is not much publicity. We recommend you for the historical places of Sanliurfa, Turkey.

Sipahi Bazaar 

Sipahi Market located in Sanliurfa Balikli Lake, you can find carpets and rugs produced by the region by hand. In addition, genuine leather vests and various textile products can be seen in different shops can be seen. Do not forget to add Sipahi Bazaar to your list of places to visit in Sanliurfa, Turkey.



Transportation to Urfa, Turkey



Airways transport to Sanliurfa, which has witnessed the history of humanity and Anatolian history for centuries, is carried out via Gaziantep Airport. You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your airport transfer request. For your own vehicles, Mardin, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir provinces are used for road transport. There are regular bus services from Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, (Turkey)Bursa and Antalya Turkey.



Accommodation in Urfa, Turkey



You can find many accommodation alternatives in Sanliurfa which is known as the city of Prophets and is one of the first settlements in the history of humanity. You can choose Sanliurfa Hotels, Daily Rental Homes for your budget. Villa Holidays and leasing sectors of the guest house which is one of the best known brands in Turkey, our company Dream Of Holiday, Holiday Homes and Guest Houses will begin soon with operations in Sanliurfa Province and district.