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Vacation in Sanliurfa TURKEY



Settleted untill 13500 years and the oldest city of world. The civilization city that the oldest cultural centers of arcitecture and first restoretion belonging before 11500 years.One of the important religion centers of world where prophet Ibrahim was born and Musa prophet , Suaip prophet, Yakup propeht, Eyyup prophet, Elyasa prophet lived in there. This museum city famous with its historical tissue architecture and city . The city of Chipotle has given flavor to Chigkofte , mirra and natural tastes of Urfa and hospitality of Ibrahim and known as its traditional handicraft , sirra nights and Ataturk baragge. The findings from researches remarks that there were settlements before 13000 years around Balikli gol( Fishly Lake). Southeast of Anatolia exposed of Arami migratition in B.C 1000 and the Sami migrations from south was contuning by years and middle of B.C 9th centries these lands dominated from Asur State. The middlle of B.C 6th century , these lands was seized by Pers spreading of Med dominance. Alexander the Great seized all Anatolian regions and also these land in B.C 4th century. The Roman commander Pompeus combined all Syria and Urfa to Roman dominance in B.C 64. The city kingdom Oshon that was founded by Abgar dynasty in Urfa between B.C 132 and B.C 250 years was contunieng its existance combined to Roma.After separating Roma lands by Roma King , Urfa was stayed in west of Urfa B.C 395. The city seized by Arabian forces in B.C 7th century.

The city combined to Ottoman lands in 1517 after changing dominance of Turk states and Hajli count.During World War 1 city was dominance of English then France. But struggle independence of public , city saved in 11 April 1920.The public never take place without assistance from the 1984 to the sudden liberation of the heroic battle in Parliament by decision SANLI our firm commitment to the beginning of the city's name has been put in the title. Sanliurfa Turkey, a city in Southeastern Anatolia Region, east of Mardin, Gaziantep, west, north of Adiyaman and Diyarbakir Turkey, Diyarbakir still in the northwest, south of the border is a city surrounded by the Syrian border.

Located in the central part of Urfa raises most of the Southeastern Anatolia Region is composed of not more than plain. Gradually descending towards the plains to the north of Syria and the Euphrates Valley to the flat plateau of Sanliurfa(Turkey) name is given. Lower Euphrates Project, on the shores of the Euphrates River, Sultantepe, made under the Göbeklitepe and dam rescue excavations have shed light on the history of the region. In Turkey Sanliurfa based Neolithic (B.C.10000-5500) and later proved to be a busy settlement. According to the Assyrian tablets here was a place where B.C.2000 settled in the Hurrians of Mitanni. After eliminating the Hittites settled in the region in the Mitanni kingdom, B.C.xı century after a northward migration from Mesopotamia and Arameans who settled here and established here Bit-Adini Kingdom. Connected to the Assyrians in B.C 857 and then subjected to attacks Med region remained for some time under the rule of Babylon. B.Cvı.century Persians dominated the region and has been great interest in the development of the trade and agriculture here. Alexander the Great of Persia in mö.ıv.yüzyıl after removing them from Anatolia has prevailed in the region. After Alexander's death entered the domination of the Seleucid. In B.C303 to the present location in Urfa city of Edessa was founded by Seleukos.

After World War I this place occupied by English in 24 March 1919 , by France in 30 Octomber 1919. For this occupation local people fight and result of this the occupyings moved from Urfa and region was cleaned all in 4 June 1920. After announsment of Republic Urfa has been city. .Urfa Deputy Osman Dogan and 17 friends, because of the heroism displayed by the War of Independence Urfa the name of "Sanliurfa" as on 06.12.1984 by the Parliament of the law proposal on the amendment adopted by province of a name on changing as Sanliurfa 3020 Law No. 22 June 1984 date 18439 published in the Official Gazette numbered and entered into force.


The historic places that come to modern day: Harran Tumulus ( B.C 3000-A.C XIII century), Harran Bazda Caves, Harran Choban Caves , Shuaip City Remants,Sogmatar Remants, Pognan Cave,Betic Structure,Harran Sin Temple( B.C 2000) , Aziz Paulos-Aziz Petrus Church, Germush Village Church,Deir Yakup Monastery, Harran University (718-913) , Harran City Walls, Harran Castle, Urfa Castle, Urfa City Walls, Harran Ulu Mosque, Sheih Yahya Hayat El Harrani mosque and Tomb(XII century) , Djabir El Ensar Mosque and Tomb, Imam Bakir Mosque and Tomb, Han El Barur Caravanserai(1228) , Eyup Nebi Village Prophet Tombs, Eyup Propet Tomb, Rahime Hatun Tomb,Elyasa Prophet Tomb, Urfa Ulu Mosque, Arabi Mosque, Asim Pasha Masjid,Behramiler Mosque,Chakaeri Mosque, Dabbakhane Mosque, Old Omeriye Mosque, Haji Lutfullah Mosque, Haji Yadigar mosque, Halilur Rahman mosque,Hasan Padishah Mosque, Hayrullah Mosque, Hekim Dede Mosque, Hizanoglu Moasque, Husein Pasha Mosque, Imam Sekkaki Mosque, Kadioglu Mosque,Kara Musa Mosque, Huseinie Masjid, Cyprus Masjid, Kudbettin Mosque, Mevlidi Halil Mosque, Mevlevihane Mosque, Miskinler Masjid,Muderris Mosque, Narinci Mosque, Nimetullah Mosque, Nur Ali Mosque, Bazaar Mosque,Rizvaniye Mosque,Siverikli Masjid,Sheih Benderie Mosque,Tokdemir Masjid, Tuzeken Mosque, Yusuf Pasha Mosque, New Omerie Mosque,Selahattin Eyubi Mosque, Firfirli Mosque, Circi Prophet Mosque,Sivan Mosque, fkan Tekke, Indian Tekke, Sadik Kalfa Tekke,Sheyh Mesut Tekke,Sheih Saffet Tekke, Watch Tower ,Firuz Bey Sebil, Sheih Ebubekir Sebil, Hafiz Sleiman Bozanefendi Fountain, Sheih Benderiye Fountain Mustafa Kemal Pasa Memory Fountain,Sutchu Abdurahhman Effendi Fountain, Hekim Dede Fountain,Emenjekzade Fountain, Veli Bey Hamam(Bathroom), Sultan Hamam, Vezir Hamam, Cincikli Hamam, Old Arasa Hamam, Serche and Shaban Hamams, Custumor Han, Titrish Caravanserai, Charmelik Caravanserai, Mirbi Caravanserai, kazans Bazaar (Bedesten), Sipahi Bazaar, and Turkish civil architecture examples of palaces, manisons, and cultural Urfa Houses, Harran Houses.




Traveling places of Sanliurfa Turkey




Sanliurfa Castle: Sanliurfa Castle in the center of city and was built approximetly in with 812 breaking of its walls.It was built over the rock tombs in Byzantanian Period and in steep rocks.There are also founded a lot of books and writings in Castle.


Gobekli Hill: This place located near of Orenjik Village. Gobekli Hill is the oldest temple of world history. The excavation works are contuneing this place and opening to visitors at the same time.The other name of this place is Dua Hill and 20km far away from city.


Kizlar Sarayi ( Girls Palace): Kizlar Palace worth historical structure and located over Viranshehir way. The important places of Kizlar Palace you have to see are ; underground bazaar and caves that are founded in north of rmenats.


Sanliurfa museum: It will be the most enjoyabşe places of visitors with its more than 73.000 arceologic parts. Do not go from Urfa (Turkey)  without visiting of Sanliurfa Museum.


Caves: There are a lot of beautiful caves in Urfa Turkey. We suggest you to see Bazda Caves, Yucelen Caves, Akese Caves, in Shanliurfa. Urfa as known Prophents' city and there are Eyyup prophent Tomb, Eyyup Cave , Musa Cave , Kilich Aslan Tomb and Halfeti as known with its black rose , Harran Houses and Harran Valley you have to see in Urfa Turkey.

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