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Vacation in Adana Turkey



Adana metropolitan city and it is located at South of Turkey with neighbor Hatay(Turkey), Osmaniye, Mersin(Turkey), Kahramanmaras, Nigde, Kayseri(Turkey).The city history of Adana Turkey has B.C 6000 years of past. Adana(Turkey) has strategic location between Seyhan and Ceyhan Rivers and these water sources have important place to had different civilization in here.There are a lot cultural and historical creations and it makes interesting tourism of Adana Turkey. You will see a lot of civilization here from old ages while your visiting of Adana Turkey.Adana has important functions in different areas. Adana is one of the important industry and commerce center of Turkey with more than 750 billion dollar export in economic mean. Adana , especially known with its cotton in international level.Adana opened to World with its large agricultural area in Chukurova. We remarked important places in Adana for you;



Traveling Places in Adana, Turkey



Big Clock Tower : It has 32 metres huge size and it was built in 1881. This tower has had identical with Adana and you should visit while your trip.


Stone Bridge: This structure belong to Roman period and it has ‘’ the oldest bridge on the World ‘’ speciality. It has 360 metres high and there were a lof of civilizations.It will be a good experience to walk on this bridge.You can note Stone Bridge at the top of Adana's sightseeing destinations.


Sabanji Center Mosque: The biggest domed mosque of Turkey. It has Turish-Islamic synthesized architecture. This art sturcture located side of Seyhan River and has wonderful view.You can note Sabanji Center Mosque at the top of Adana's traveling places.


Seyhan River: It has 560 km longest and flows to Meditterian sea.There are a lot of spaces that you can walk and look to view.You can add Seyhan River, for natural beauties of Adana, Turkey.


Misis Antique City: It is historical center with its 3000 years past.The name comes from hero who was named Mepsos. In addition, there are presented valueable mosaics that tell the story about Prophet Noah.This place you should visit while your trip in Adana Turkey.


Ayas Antique City: The first hospitals and medical education fields were established here. There are found a lot of valueable and cultural works in archaeological excavations.


Adana Ulu Mosque (Ramazanogullari Mosque): It was built in 1541 Ramazanogullari period and one of the sembol of Adana Turkey.It moves the style of Seljuks and Memluk architecture and this place is to be seen by visitors.You can add Adana Ulu Mosque, for historical places of Adana, Turkey.


Yilankale (Shahmeran Castle): It is found on hill which side of Ceyhan river and was built for protection of Silk Road Trade. It is featured historical structure of city. Local and foreign turists often visit this monument.


Shar (Komana): It was used as religious place in Hittits Period. It was important place in Roman period about christianity.Reason of archeological excavation there are found a lot of works and opened its doors for presentation.


Harunie Sulfur Spas: It is one of the important modern plant that treat skin and romance problems. In health tourism Adana is getting more and more popular.


Adana Kebap (Roasted Meat): It eat all around country and we suggest you to it this taste in Adana Turkey. There are plenty of refreshments and a lot of tastes about town.when you visit city you should try tastes of city.



Accommodation in Adana, Turkey




You can find many accommodation options in Adana Turkey. You can find Adana's hotels that are suitable for your budget. And, you can rent holiday Houses in Adana for holiday. A short time later will attempt Dream of holiday firm daily rentals vacation houses and  apartments and holiday villas rentals sector in Adana Turkey.



Transportation in Adana, Turkey 



Adana is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, It is possible to reach Adana province by airway and  road transportation. There are regular bus services to Adana from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa(Turkey), Antalya(Turkey). You can use Adana Sakirpasa Airport for your Adana Airway transportation. You can get detailed information about the Vip transfers from Adana Sakirpasa Airport  with “Arsis Vip Transport”,which is our other transfer organisation.