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Vacation in Malatya TURKEY



Located in Malatya(Turkey) in the Upper East Anatolia Region Euphrates Basin, geographic location, history caravan roads - the famous King's Road and Silk Road - over due to its rich water resources is not and has, was the scene of inhabited since the Neolithic era.Archaeological excavations and researches show that Malatya (Turkey) city was formed in Palaeolithic era at B.C 7000 years. Region lived dominance of Hitit, Asur, Urartu, Pers, Roma,Byzantanian, Arabian, Seljuk and Ottoman.



Traveling Places in Malatya Turkey



Nemrut Mountion: This mountion is confluence of East and West civilizitation and located at 2150 metre high.Nemrut Mountion is eighth wonder of the World and founded in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site with it wonderful scluptures and inscriptions. It is attractive with its huge scluptures , memory tombs and known with its view where you can show sunrise and sunset in Nemrut Mountion.A lot of people come to see sunrise and sunset to Nemrut every year. Nemrud Mountion announced as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO an d one of the important National Park of country with its Commagene Civilization works. There are huge sclupture and tumulus Armesia ( Old Castle) , New Castle, Karakush Hill and Jendere Bridge in bond of National Park.


Malatya Castle: It is founded in Old Malatya with its large area. The building of this structure have been started in Roma Emperor I Titus age. Then ıt took last formation in Byzantanion Emperor Justinianus Period ( 522 - 565).


Old Arabian Castle: Basic part of castle( was built over hard rocks) was built from block stones and other parts of castle from ashlars. İt belongs to Anatolian Seljuk Period.


Doganshehir Castle: It formed as pentagon and located in Doganshehir district. This castle was built in Romans' period.


Mosques and Tombs: The important mosques of Malatya are ; Ulu Mosque, Arapkir Ulu Mosque, New Mosque, Yusuf Ziya Mosque, Bazaar Mosque, Melik Sunullah Mosque(Battalgazi), Somoncu Baba Mosque (Darande), Molla Eyup Masjid(Arapkir). Cupolases: Emir Omer tomb, Siddi Zeynab Cupolas (Battalgazi) and Kanli Cupolas.


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