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Information About Malatya, Turkey



Malatya is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region with a population of around 780 thousand. Adiyaman, Kahramanmaras, Sivas, Erzincan Turkey, Elazig, Diyarbakir is a neighboring province. Malatya, the native land of apricot, is known for its delicious apricots. Malatya, a region that is highly valued throughout history, first experienced urbanization with the Hittites according to historical sources. The name ız Melita min written in the tablets of this civilization is the root of the name of Malatya, which we use today. Hittite, Assyrian, Urartian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations prevailed in Malatya and you can witness the traces of all these civilizations in Malatya. Malatya, which has a strategic position in terms of the water resources of the Euphrates River, has therefore been a region of struggles. At the same time, Malatya, which is located on the important trade routes, has more cultural value. It is a complete cultural nest with the historical and cultural monuments of Malatya where twenty civilizations have acquired their homeland. Malatya is also worth a visit with its natural beauties. We have listed the prominent sights of Malatya as follows;



Things to Do in Malatya, Turkey



Yusuf Ziya Pasa Bedesteni: The building which is located at Daren site has the characteristics of Ottoman bazaar architecture. As a result of the restoration work carried out with caution, it opened its doors to its guests with all its historical texture. Things to do in Malatya will be a nice stop for your list.


Malatya Castle: Malatya Castle, which is only 15 minutes away from the city center, Malatya Castle, which has witnessed the history of Malatya for almost 2000 years, is among the symbolic structures of Malatya. We recommend that you add it to your list of places to visit in Malatya, Turkey.


Silahtar Mustafa Pasa Caravanserai: The caravanserai built by Bosnian Silahtar Pasha at the time of the 4th Murad served as the accommodation centers of the city in the past. Today, it is one of the most important historical places of Malatya. This historical place, which should be on your list of places to visit in Malatya, will be a good choice.


Levent Valley: This extraordinary natural wonder where extraordinary endemic plants grow, will be an indispensable address for nature lovers. We recommend you to see Levent Valley which is one of the most important places of Malatya, Turkey.


Arslantepe Hoyugu: Located of the largest mounds of Turkey, is located a short distance from the Karakaya Dam Lake. 5-6 thousand-year-old archaeological finds were unearthed in the region, with all their works in the form of an Open-Air exhibition. We recommend that you have places to see in Malatya.


Gurpınar Waterfall: The waterfall in Darende is very popular. The beauty of nature that you can catch in splendid moments should be among the places to visit in Malatya, Turkey.


Meliki Sunullah Mosque: Despite its 700-year history, the mosque continues to maintain its originality. It is one of the most important places of Malatya in terms of its spiritual importance.


Orduzu: Orduzu, a small town, hosts the famous Malatya Apricot Festivals. Malatya History, which is very important in terms of the region, contains many cultural value in the book that contains a number of places to visit in Malatya, Turkey.



Transportation to Malatya, Turkey



It is possible to reach Malatya by road, air and rail. In addition to metropolitan cities such as Ankara Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa Turkey and Antalya Turkey, regular bus services are available to Malatya from all other provinces. The railway station is 3 km away from the city center. Erhac Civil Military Airport is used for air transportation. The airport is 35 km from Malatya. Erhac Civil Military Airport You can get support from our other agency, Arsis Vip Transfer.



Accommodation in Malatya, Turkey



Malatya natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for your stay in Malatya. Malatya Hotels, hostels and different accommodations can be found in terms of your budget. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of villa holidays and vacation rentals sector, will be able to serve you in hotels, accommodation, daily house rental and daily rental apartments.