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Vacation in Manisa TURKEY



History It is known that history of Manisa(Turkey) and around city B.C 3000 years from different sources, and named as Tantalis or Spylos Magnesias. There were Hitit,Aka, Frig, Lidya,Roma and Byzantanian civilizations in Manisa(Turkey) and around of it. Then it dominanted from Saruhan and Ottoman. 



Traveling Places in Manisa Turkey



Sart: It is known as capital of Lidya Kings and first printed gol money. İt is located near of Salihli , 62 km far away from Manisa Turkey. Result of arceological excavation founded Artemis Temple, Sinagog, Jimnazyum and small church near Artemis and gold refineries.Sart Oren Place visited as Sart church which founded in Agean region and formed in period of Christianity.Singagog is founded in north side of Izmir-Ankara way again in Sart oren place. Sinagagog is oldest kind of it in Anatolia and it points existance of Jewish community in Sart at A.C III century.

Akhisar ( Thyatira): It is located at Akhisar city and formed in B.C 3000 years. There is Thyatira church that one of the seven churches of ege region in first period of Chiristianity. And this place known as religion turism center.


Alashehir( Philadelphia): Philadelphia temple on the ruins of the ancient acropolis in Toptepe plain that is the city of Philadelphia is installed, the theater is located in the northern outskirts Toptepe, constructed during the Byzantine walls and the eastern gate with B.C VI century St. Jean church is the most important works. On behalf of the Apostle St. loannes Jean Church, belonging to the first centuries of Christianity is one of the seven churches in the Aegean Region. Biblical revelation chapter said and sent them messages Seven Churches (Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea and Ephesus) is considered the first Christian churches. All three of these churches in Anatolia (Sardis, Philadelphia and Thyatira) located in the province of Manisa and is visited as part of religious tourism. Rather than where the word church means a parish church building.


Bintepes- Lidya King Tombs: It is founded in south side of Salihli-Akhisar way. There are Lidya King Tombs that include nearly 90 number of tumuluses in Gediz valley.The biggest tumuluses belong to King Alyattes and King Gyges inside big and small tumuluses.


Yogurtcu Castle: It is located near Uzunburun village over Manisa-Menemen way. It thought that history of castle belongs to Byzantanian and Roman period. Aigai It is founded inside bonds of koseler Village in Manisa(Turkey) center.Aiol city one of the twelve cities of Herodot. Some parts of the walls are in life. Remants of Agora, theatre, stadium and parliament building are seen clearly. Kybele It ıs located at Manisa-Turgutlu way and 7 km far away from Manisa in Akpinar direction and there is one an engraved embossing to rocks that founded at skirts of Spil Mountion. It named different names from other cultures and countries. Niobe Northwest foothills of Mount Spil, on the eastern edge of the creek Chaybashi, Niobe he said, as the woman's head, there is a gray rock. In fact, the daughter of Tantalus and the king of Thebes Amphion married Niobe with seven girls, seven boys would have 14 children. Including the goddess Leto, Apollo and Artemis are the only two children. Every opportunity to flaunt his disdain Leto's Niobe is angered by the sheer number of children. On top of that, the sons of Niobe Apollo, Artemis, they killed the girl with the arrows. Niobe's body at the beginning of the children cry for days finally makes him a rock in the foothills of Mount Spil to end the suffering of Zeus Niobe. This rock until today transferred from the main story of the language from the language of antiquity, natural stone with a closer look, and when viewed from the side of the creek a little further appears as a woman.


Mosques: There are important mosques of Akhisar that are; Ulu Mosque, Sultan Mosque that built for Hafsa Sultan wife of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman nd Muradie Mosque were built in 14 century. There is Hatuniye Kullie that was built by husnu Han Sultan wife of II Beyazit in 1490 year.


Tombs of Manisa: Saruhan Bey Tomb, Yedi Kizlar Tomb, Yirmi İki Sultans Tomb, Suleiman Han Tomb and Emre Sultan Tomb.


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