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Kahramanmaras Turkey, contained in the Mediterranean Region, ice cream is a province famous for its pepper and tarhana. Maras, where he began the liberation war, the Turkish nation resurrection stood up, shakes himself came from, is a pioneer in the city where against the occupying army. Independence War of Independence Medal by the Parliament because of the local struggle against the French occupation during the given is the only province. Again, this decision is Maras old name was changed to Kahramanmaras. The famous Ottoman traveler Evliya Celebi, for people travelogue Maras, are language Turkish and Turkmen people are often says. Maras and the environment first Oguz of Avsar, all Oghuz almost 24 Although the majority of stale and Beydili sizes are available. More than 84% of the province of Turks, Kurds, and generate 13% 3% of Caucasian descent. County Center, Afşin, Andirin, Caglayancerit, Ekinozu, Elbistan, Goksun, Nurhak, Pazardzhik and Turkoglu. Kahramanmaras, Turkey's 16th city of with 400 thousand population exceeding Center. At the same time in Kahramanmaras, the total population in Turkey is one of the 19 provinces with more than 1 million. Today, Kahramanmaras, the Metropolitan Municipality is one of the outstanding cities.

History of Kahramanmaras: Tekir Valley, discussed in the previous survey conducted in the caves in the village Dongel finds that began in the Upper Paleolithic human settlements in the region; Neolithic, shows that continued in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. The city was founded by the Hittites. Then the Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Seljuks, Mamluks, Ottomans Dulkadirogullari and have dominated the city. The world's model because of the resistance shown by the people of Marash during the War of Independence, one of the city from February 7, 1973 by the Parliament Heroic title given name was changed to Kahramanmarash.


Liberation War period: It is talked in Turkish-French Defense Front and the Maras articles the place of Kahramanmaras in Liberation War.


Turkey Republic Period: Maras events go down to history as Alevi-Sunni conflict. The events affected from left-right conflicts before 12 September. For formal documatry the 114-115 number of people were killed without any cause. This number total died people for two sides.These wars were so bad for Turk people.




Traveling Places in Kahramanmaras, Turkey




Kahramanmaras Mountions: Ahir Mountain (2301 m.) Engizek Mountain (2814 m.) Hezanl Mountain (2283 m.) Nurhak Mountain (3081 m.) Amanoslar Mountain (2256 m.) Berit Mountain (3027 m.) Dibek Mountain (2230 m.) Binboğa mountain (2957 m.) Balka mountain (1569 m.) Pear mountain (2410 m.), Red mountain (1770 m.) Koyunoluk mountain (2402 m.) Orphan mountain (m. 1868) Aries mountain (2562 m.), Gani mountain (1239 m.) Salavan Mountain (2378 m.), Kaman Mountain (2352 m).


Kahramanmaras Streams: There are full of streams in Kahramanmaras and aroun of it. City is first place in Turkey and third place in World about it water.There are a lot of water sources in city and distircts of city. Ceyhan River one of the most important stream of Turkey and founded inside bounds of city.There are Sir Baragge, Menzelet Barrage, Kilavuzlu Baragge , Ayvali Barrage and Kartalkaya Barrage are in the borders of city. The other name Kahramanmarash is '' City of Barrages'' about its abundance of water.


Ceyhun River: Elbistan district of the river due to the clear nature of Pinarbasi Kaynarca are located, Elbistan, Afsar and watering the Goksun Plain, multiply joined by palm and Sogutlu arms. Elbistan southward flows nearby. Ahirdagi leave the waters of the dam in the north. Menzelet Dam is the largest river feeding. Adana(Turkey) its way into the Mediterranean territory. The total length of 460 km. is, the length in Kahramanmaras territory is 230 kilometers.


Aksu River: It is starting from deep of rock that founded in east of Kucukcerit Village and northeast skirts of Engizek Mountion in Kahramanmaras Turkey. The water so cold and pure that it comes first. The largest 115km lands of Kahramanmaras. It increased by combining hands near Buyukjerit. When it arrives from narrow and deep valleys there are being little lakes.It leaves its water to Kartalkaya Barrage lake area. Some parts of water goes to Gaziantep(Turkey) as drink water and some part ot that irrigate Narli planes.The water accumulates in Sir Barrage. Sir Barrage is biggest stream after Ceyhun River.


Tekir Water ( Greeneye): It comes 55 km far away from north of Tekir Village in Kahramanmaras Turkey. It located at 55 km from KahramanmarasKayseri(Turkey) highway. The distance 1 km between way and water source. It 27 km far away from Menzelet Barrage. Borning place is quality of blue and pure lake.Tekir water falls down to Menzelet barrage lake.


Firniz Water: It borns from deep of mountion located near to Firniz village and in 53 km from northwest of Kahramanmaras Turkey. It moves to east after combining the water with Cukurhisar water. It falls to Menzelet Lake area.


Korsulu River: It borns from north of Geben town located in Andiran city.Falls to south. After watering Geben plain it goes to south near to Sisne Village. It pours to Menzelet Barrage.


Goksun River: It sources from north of Goksu Mehmet Bey Village. It falls to west after moving from Adatepe and Peskefli villages. It combining with Ceyhun River.


Hurman Water: It comes from Afshin Karakuz Akdere place. After moving Tanir Town and Guvercinlik it falls down to Ceyhun River.


Nergele River: It comes from Asagi Icme Topalyusufs Ekinozu city. After moving from Topalyusufs and Asagi ichme downs to Jeyhun River.


Agabeyli River: It borns from Bertiz-Agabeyli place. It moves from agabeyli and himmetli and flows to west. It pours to Menzelet barrage.


Zeytin Creek: It borns from skirts of Berit mountion located south of Elbistan. It falls to south moving from Suleymanli valley. It downs to Menzelet Barrage lake that founded around of Sadalak.


Sogutlu River: It sources closest of Topkiran Village in Elbistan. It moves from Karahasanusagi , Kantarma and Demircilik and comes to Ambarccik. After moving there comes to Ceyhun River.


Organ River: It sources from Doluca Village and moves to east. After arriving from Onsenhopur comes to Delicay.


Deli River: It comes from Tukroglu Donuklu Village. After watering Donuklu and Dadagli , moves to east. It falls to Aksu River.


Kisik Creek : It sources from Ceshenli Village. After moving from Pazarcik Sakarya village comes to Aksu River.


Erkenez Water: It borns from Pazarcik Kuchuknajar Village. After watering Marasalti plain it conveges to Aksu River.


Plains Plain Kahramanmaras: City is among the most efficient and the most important plain. Extends in Kahramanmaras and Ahirdagi the southern outskirts. Mountains in the north barn is a broad plain that lies between the southern Cimendag. The Mediterranean climate is completely dominated every crop is grown. Aksu River north to the plains watered by the head start. Pazardzhik - Kartalkaya Dam Irrigation Project with built irrigation canals to irrigate on everything in the framework of the Kahramanmaras(Turkey) by the economic, social and cultural development make a significant contribution.


Narli Plain: Is located south east and Pazardzhik district of Kahramanmaras Turkey. Narli plain is watered from Kartalkaya Dam. There are also many wells that were opened for the purpose of drinking and using. Narli is conducted entirely in irrigated plains. Mainly thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate sugar beet, cotton, wheat, corn, are grown all kinds of plants, including soybeans. Provided a major contribution to the economy of Kahramanmaras Turkey.


Goksun Plain: It is located on the northwest side of Kahramanmaras(Turkey) Goksun around. The province is one of the most important plain. The largest tributary of the River Ceyhan watered with Goksun Brook. DS to the plains of the middle section was built by irrigation canals and irrigation pumps. Thus irrigated farming is done in many places here.


Elbistan Plain: The most efficient of Kahramanmaras(Turkey), is one of the major water and plain. This plain, Sogutlu Tea fed creek in the mountains in the Northeast, Palm and watered by the River Ceyhan River. Also in the mountains in the south side of the river plains and snow slopes to life in the water.




Transportation in Kahramanmaras, Turkey 



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Accommodation in Kahramanmaras Turkey



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