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Vacation in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey




Afyonkarahisar is found in Eageon region. When look at history we see that ; Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians and Persians dominated here. After all Great Alexander seized these lands and then Bergama King dominated here.After enterance of Turks to Anatolia this place waas named ‘’Karashar Turks’’ ‘’Karahisar’’ by first Sultan Mesut. Once this land was dominant of Germaines after was seized by Ottomans.There are a lot food about city culture. Turkish delight is famous taste of Afyon (Turkey) and you have to try it. Afyon(Turkey) famous with Turkish delight and bread pudding.It famous with its mineral water that is found in Ihsanie district and choiced ‘’the best mineral water of World. ‘’The featured side of city; it has wonderful spas.It has big value about turism wth its spas and it is helpful for health. The city provides a lot of accommodation and plants for using these sources in advanced level.We remarked places for travel and see as like this;




Traveling Places in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey




Phrygia Basin : You can see huge rock relief, altar and historical caves. It presents a lot of monument about Phrygias to see together. Nearly 400 historical houses around castle one of the interesting area of city.


Gazligol Spa: The sources of healing is flowing here.These spas built wonderful areas of city. Gazligol see interest from local and foreign turists.


Hudai Spa: The most important health turism center in Afyonkarahisar Turkey. There are a lot of managements in area. It is the most precious point of city where you can visit to throw stress and fatigue.






Accommodation in Afyon, Turkey 



 The accomodation will never be a problem for you in Afyon(Turkey). You can also find Afyon Hotels, Afyon hostels and alternative accommodation places with an appropriate budget when you visit to Afyon Province. As Dreamofholiday we will be serving you with Afyon Apartments Rental, Afyon Holiday Homes and Afyon Rental Apartments very soon.




Transportation in Afyon, Turkey 




Afyon is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, It is possible to reach Afyonkarahisar province by airway and road transportation.There are regular bus services to Afyon from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey)IzmirIstanbulBursa(Turkey)Antalya(Turkey). You can use Kutahya Zafer Airport for your Afyon Airway transportation. You can get detailed information about the Vip transfers from Kutahya Zafer Airport  with “Arsis Vip Transport”,which is our other transfer organisation.