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Vacation in Adiyaman Turkey




Adiyaman, the central district of the province of Adiyaman and cities in the same district. Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia Region is located in the west of the Euphrates River. Ataturk Dam lake district south of Adiyaman and Sanliurfa, east of Kahta, northeast of Sincik, Chelikhan north, west, there is the Tutor and Besne districts. Adiyaman, SanliurfaGaziantep(Turkey), Sirnak, Siirt, Batman and Mardin(Turkey) have realized a project for irrigation and power generation into the territories of the province, and this project is the GAP Southeastern Anatolia Project. These projects have been implemented due to the submerged ancient settlements were conducted archaeological research. Geographical structure because thousands of years ago shining flash throughout the history of humanity because it is a crossroads of ancient civilizations, is home to rare civilization wife was doing. Kommeg until kingdom located in the ruins of Mount Nemrut. County population according to 2008 population of 10,000 in 1990 197.014. 1945't 100 045, 2000, 178 538 is increased to 202 735 2010. Etymology The city officially had the name Hısn-ı Mansur ("Castle of Mansur") until the year 1926, named after the fortified castle perched on a hill around which the city grew. As this name was difficult for the locals to pronounce, people were referring the city as adı yaman, which means "its name is tough" or "(the place) whose name is tough" in Turkish.[citation needed] In 1926, this term was adopted as the official name of the city. In present-day Turkish, the word yaman can also have a strong positive connotation, just like the English word 'terrific'. History The area has been inhabited as far back as it's possible to discover. Research in the cave of Palanlı 10 km north of Adiyaman show occupation in 40,000 BC and other digs in Samsat reveal continuous occupation through the stone and Bronze Ages.From 900BC onwards came waves of invasions from Assyrians, Persians, and Macedonians until the Commagene kingdom was founded in 69BC. This was the civilisation that built the statues on top of nearby Mount Nemrut. The capital was in Samsat (Samosata) but the town of Adiyaman was a walled city of the Commagenes. The city walls of Adiyaman(Turkey) have been restored and replaced many times since. The Commagene Kingdom lasted until the Romans came in 72AD. Yet more campaigns and invasions followed and Adiyaman(Turkey) was controlled by Byzantines 395-670, Ummayads from 670 and then Abbasids 758-926. Then the area returned to Byzantine control during 859-1114. The Arabs returned from 1114 to 1204 and finally came the arrival of the Turks. The Arabic name for the castle and town was Hısn-ı Mansur. Turks moved into the area from 1114 onwards and for most of the 13th century was settled by the Selçuk Turks often disrupted by Mongol invasions. From 1298 to 1516 the town was under the control of the Memluks. Adiyaman(Turkey) was brought into the Ottoman Empire by Selim I in 1516, but local power often rested with the Dulkadiroğulları tribe of Turkmen people that settled here.




Traveling Places of Adiyaman, Turkey




Nemrut Mountion National Park: Nemrut Mountion National Park is founded most important places in not only in Turkey but also in UNESCO World Heritage List. It is founded 90km far away from Adiyaman Center and there are king tombs , scluptures and tumulus houses belongs to Kommagene civilization in Nemrut Mountion. A lot of visitors come to see this original place for looking sunset and sunrise from Nemrut Mountion. Historical Structures Adiyaman has thousand years of history. There are historical srtuctures that are worth seeing. There are Gerger Castle, Adiyaman New Castle , Jendere Bridge , Altinli Bridge and Goksu Bridge that you have to visit.


Antique Cities: There are a lot of antique cities for historic interested visitors. Perre Antique City, Pirin Antique City , Arsemia Antique City , Karakash Tumulus , Haydaran Rock tombs, turush Rock Tombs , Sofraz Tumulus Tombs , Karadag Tumulus , Beshtepes are historical places that comes from Romans' period.


Mosques and Churches: Most visited places are in Adiyaman: Adiyaman Bazaar Mosque, Eskisaray Mosque, Yenipinar Mosque, Adiyaman Ulu Mosque, Abuzer Gaffar Tomb, St. Petrus Church, and St. Pavlus Church.


Caves: You should see these places if you interest about cave story . They are ; Gumushkaya Caves, Zey Caves, and Palanli Caves.


Adiyaman Museum: You should see this museum where you can find works about Ottoman, Seljuk , Byzantanian , Roman emperior and Helenistik Period.


Oturakchi Bazaar: It is founded center of city and you can find traditional hadcraftings, carpets, rugs,bags,gifts such a specific things for Adiyaman.




Accommodation in Adiyaman, Turkey




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Transportation in Adiyaman, Turkey 



Adiyaman is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, It is possible to reach Adiyaman province by airway and road transportation.There are regular bus services to Adiyaman from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey)IzmirIstanbulBursa(Turkey)Antalya(Turkey). You can use Adiyaman Airport for your Adiyaman Airway transportation. You can get detailed information about the Vip transfers from Adiyaman Sakirpasa Airport  with “Arsis Vip Transport”,which is our other transfer organisation.