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Vacation in Agri TURKEY


During the introduction of the tribes from Central Asia to Anatolia pain, formed a transition, so has been the scene of many civilizations. However, these civilizations could not create here a very deep-rooted civilization pain they see as an entry door. Agri between 1405-1468, took place in the territory of Karakoyuns is history collapsed Pain Akkoyunlular's sovereignty. Pain after Ringing War and joined the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Selim. With 39.05 and 40.07 north latitude, between 42.20 and 44.30 east longitude province, was established at the height of 1640 m above sea level. Anatolia and Iran to the east of the province, which allows connection of increasing importance with the presence on the road Iran, west Mus and Erzurum, north of Kars, Igdir to the northeast and south are the province of Van and Bitlis. Up Murat part of the Eastern Anatolia Region V is located on the continuation of the high plateau of Anatolia. The land area is 11,376 square kilometers. Mountainous areas, 46% of the territory, plains 29%, 18% and 7% of the plateaus and highlands oluşturmaktadır.kış cold and hard and hot dry summers. Name Agri Coming From? The name of the province referred to as Shorbulak the Ottoman period, as amended Armenians Karakilise time. Changing the name of Karakilise Karabekir Kazim Pasha Karakose time was called. Flood because of the interest mentioned by the Torah and the country of Mount Ararat, the thought that the pain and the environment due to the pain, also called Ararat by Westerners. Parish in 1834, the district in 1869, Agri, has been the city center in 1927. 5165 due to the height of Mount Ararat, Turkey's largest mountain took its name from Agri.

Agri's Towns: Dogubeyazit ,Alashkert, Hamur,Patnos, Tashlichay, and Tutak.


Geography of Agri: Agri surrounding Kars and Igdir from north, Erzurum and Mus from west, Bitlis and Van from south, and Iran from east. The lands of Agri are more waveless and located in mountion area.The mountions are in same line in Agri Turkey.


Climate : There are dominance of herbaceous plant species in Agri Turkey.The grasses live in spring and it finished in autumn . It is hard and cold in winter , warm and arid in summer of Agri.


History of Agri: The history of Agri goes to Paleotic Period. There are founded a lot of remants of Mesopotamia period and Bronze age.



The traveling places of Agri



Dogubeiazit Castle: It is located 5 km far away east of Dogubeyazit and over to rocks.There are remants of Urartu period in castle.The built of castle is not known that has quality of antique city.You can add this place to your trip.


Beyazit Old Mosque: It is built with arshals by I Selim and it has Square and a single dome structure. 


Meya Caves: Meyra cave, which is located in the ancient city in Gunbul Diyadin 12 km west of the village. Consisting of many different rooms in the caves carved into the rock structure not, temples, churches, caves and shelter you can add to your map these places.


Antique Cities: There are a lot of antique cities and tumuluses that belong to Urartu period in Agri Turkey. The firsts of them are ,Diyadin meya Village, Girik Hill, Toprakkale and Beiazit.


Noah's Ark: Noah's Ark is religion turism centers and is located in south of Agri Mountion and visited from a lot of turists every year. It is founded between Uzengil and Telcheker villages. Noah's Ark is one of the remant as silhouette and natural memory. This place is haunt point of visitors.

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