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Vacation in Amasya TURKEY



Amasya is located at middle of Black Sea ; it shines as a pearl with natural beauties and historical structures. Amasya entralls visitors with its wooden houses, delicious apples and attractive natural structure. Turkey Amasya has 5.500 years old history and Hittite, Phrygian, Cimmerians, Lydian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Danishmend, Seljuk, Ilkhanid were dominant here. Amasya known not only with cultural things but also natural beauties.Moreover, hospitablety of local people makes visitors glad to see this city.We remarked the places that you should see in Amasya ;



Aynali Cave: It 10-15 metres long from ground. There legend for about this cave. Legend like this: King had so beautiful daughter that who see she , can not stay and pass out about her beauty.For that reason girl veiled her face.One day king thought about her daughter’s wedding and released news about that. A lot of people aspired about that but no on made bold to open her veil.But one shepherd was different.When shepherd opened veil he and she burned. So here says that graves of them in this cave.There are a lot of works of walls. You should visit this place.


Hazeranli Mansion : This mansion is found on historical walls and it is classic Ottoman architecture. It makes wonderful view with walls. It opened its doors for visit at 1984 and ıt gives a service as ‘’Museum House’’ and presents ethnographic artifacts.


Amasya Castle: It was built over Harshena mountain and has nearly 3.200 years past. It has 41 towers of castle and it saves its historical past.This castle visited by turists every year. Behind of castle you can see wonderful view of city.There are Kings Graves is historical structure of city.You can run to this space with gallery and stairs.This castle interested by local and foreign turists.


Borabay Lake:It is extraordinary wonders of nature. This place presents you one piece of heaven air.You have to add this place to your Amasya trip plan.


Seven Swans Heaven of the Birds: One of the most important natural place of Amasya Turkey. There are Swans, wild geese, wild ducks, Angut are Cormorants in this place.Especially photo lovers visit here and enjoyed about its air.  


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