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Information in Artvin, Turkey



Coruh river separetes Artvin two pieces. Artvin(TURKEY) known with its steep slopes large valleys , lined mountions successively to each other and high increased to 3900 metres , virgin and natural forests , Krater lakes on the top of mountion , Black roses, green plataus, faunas, rich floras, historical church, castle and bridges and traditional arcituctura and festivals. And the mountain climbing in the mountains, the region's hiking made in trekking trails located within the natural beauty in different parts of the Coruh River and rafting is done in Barhal tea, water sports such as catamarans and enrich the Artvin (Turkey) tourism diversity. 4 th World Water Sports Championship was held on River in 1993. Districts Artvin (center),Ardanuch,Arhavi, Borcka,Hopa,Murgul,Savsat, Yusufeli.



Traveling Places in Artvin, Turkey



Artvin (Livana) Castle: Located in Erzurum(Turkey) - Samsun highway and provides the exit to Artvin Center. Over the Artvin Bridge and 70 m high in rock. There are cistern and chapel remants inside Castle. Structure was built in 10th century of Bagrat King and restoreted from Ottomans in 16 th century then used. It is attractive with its high town.


Savsat Castle(Satlel):  It is located at Savsat district in Sogutlu Street. It is built in Bagratli King period and used by Ottomans.The majority of walls are in life.


Ardanuc (Gevhernik ) Castle : It is most important and oldest castle of Artvin that founded in Ardanuc district Adakale street.It is known that it have been started first building of castle before century. It was used by Bagratli King, Childir Atabeks and Ottomans.This is the one example of its citadel and walls. It is attractive with its different remants and inscription that belongs to Suleiman the Magnificent.


Mosques and Tombs: The most important mosques of Artvin (Turkey) and around it are ; Ortajalar Center Mosque( Arhavi district),Muratli Mosque( Borchka District),Esenkoy Mosque(Murgul district), Kojabey Mosque(Shavshat district), Demirkent Mosque(Yusufeli district),Iskender Pasha Mosque and Tombs(Ardanuch distirct).


Iskender Pasha Mosque and Tombs: It is founded at Adakale locality in Ardanuc district. It built in ottoman period firstly and in 1553 it restoreted and opened for pray.There are Hatije Hanim, ali Pasha and Suleiman Pasha tombs that belong to Ottoman near to it. It was first mosque of area and came to modern day.


Churches and Monasteries: The most important churches and monasteries of Artvin which the most important center of religion turism. They are; Altiparmak (Barhal) Monastery, Church and Mosque (Yusufeli District), Hamamli (Dolishana) Monastery Church(Center), Ishkan Church(Yusufeli District),New Rabat Church(Ardanuch district), Ibriga Shapeli(Borchka District), Tibeti Church (Shavshat District), Koprulu Church(Shavshat District ), Porta Monastery Church(Center), Fourchurch (Yusufeli District).


Bridges Berta Bridge: It is located over Artvin -Savsat way. It was built in 1878 by Ottomans and the floor length is 64 metres.ıt is classified as three eyes and straight way bridges.It comes to modern day without corruption. Ortajalar Chifte Bridge: It is founded in Anli and Kuchukkoy parting of the ways and in Arhavi district. It was formed by two bridges. They come to modern day without correption.


Fountains Celebi Efendi Fountain: It is located at Artvin Orta street. Structure was built in 1783 by Chelebi Efendi who was housekeeper of Asma Sultan. The one part came to modern day. It is classic Ottoman fountain. Saved Places Karagol Sahara National Park Hatila Valley Djamili-Efeler The area saving of Nature Djamili-Gorgit The area saving of Nature Platuas Artvin one of the saved platua culture because of its geography.


Accommodation in Artvin, Turkey




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Transportation in Artvin, Turkey 



Artvin is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, It is possible to reach Artvin province by airway and  road transportation. There are regular bus services to Artvin from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey)IzmirIstanbulBursa(Turkey)Antalya(Turkey). You can use Erzurum Airport or Trabzon Airport for your Artvin Airway transportation. You can get detailed information about the Vip transfers from Erzurum and Trabzon Airports  with “Arsis Vip Transport”,which is our other transfer organisation.