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Information Of Aydin, Turkey



Aydın is one of our cities with rich history and culture such as Mugla in the Aegean region. Hittites, Spartans, Persians, Lydian, Seljuks, Aydınoğulları and Ottoman civilizations have been the cradle, leading many ancient wise men of the ancient age. It is the home of holiday destinations such as Kusadasi and Didim which are the distribution center of the goods coming to the Aegean port. 1,068 million is one of Turkey's large cities with a population of Aydin. Heredot described this city as "the most beautiful skies we know on earth, and the most beautiful climate where the place", and Evliya Çelebi "mountain, oil, plains flow honey.". Izmir(Turkey), Manisa(Turkey), Denizli(Turkey), Mugla and neighboring Aydin is a large part of the mountainous area. The most important product of dried figs, Aydin's economy is based on agriculture. Tourism is the most important economic area. Kusadasi and Didim are the most important tourist resorts. A lot of works have emerged in the historical processes of Aydin, which dates back to very ancient times. Combining the beauties of nature and the historical places of Aydin, we created a list of places to visit in Aydin, Turkey.



Holiday Destinations Of Aydin, Turkey



Kusadasi, Turkey 

Kusadasi, which will be the first place among Aydın's holiday destinations, is a tourism paradise with its deep blue sea and colorful Kusadasi nights. Kusadası keeps its liveliness at all times of the year regardless of summer and winter. Kusadasi attracts attention with its extraordinary places. Kusadasi National Park, Dilek Peninsula, Zeus Cave and Pigeon Island Castle are the places you can visit in Kusadasi every year. Kusadasi, with its unique nature and positional factor, develops its vision more and more every year with the aim of becoming one of the most important holiday destinations of the world.


Didim, Turkey

With the vision it has developed in recent years, Didim has managed to become one of the outstanding tourism stops. With its lush nature and exquisite beaches, offering an unforgettable holiday to its visitors, Didim, which will be above the standards in Didim nightlife, makes Didim a more popular holiday center every day. Didim, you can witness the sunset in the sea with boat trips in the evening, you can have fun at night with the places you want, you can spend your day full of alternatives. Most of the night clubs in Didim serve along the coast and in open areas. Sipping your drink, leaving you to the rhythm of music, you can dance without stop to the sunrise, famous for the luminous nights in Didim, we recommend you to see the Miletus School, Temple of Apollo, Lake Bafa, Saplı Island Altinkum, Altinkum Beach and Akbuk.



Traveling Places in Aydın, Turkey




The oldest and most beautiful ancient city of our country, until the 7th century, the Ancient city of Aphrodisias was named as Geyre when the Turks came to Anatolia. Geyre was in the settlement where the Aphrodisias Museum was located until the earthquake in 1960. Geyre, which was later established in Karacasu, must be visited.



Didim Akbuk, one of the natural beauties of Aydin, is the most preferred region in the Didim holiday after Altinkum. Akbuk Bay, which also has a natural harbor property, also has a Blue Flag beach within its borders. Only 20 km to Didim, Akbuk can be a nice option for Aydin holidays.


Pigeon Island

Pigeon Castle, which offers a great show for those who have a magnificent view, is located in Aydın's Kusadasi Center. This historical building, which must be seen during the holiday of Kuşadası, should definitely be on the list of places to visit in Aydin, Turkey.


The Temple of Apollo 

The Temple of Apollo, which has been in the history of Aydin since ancient times, was the most important center of prophecy in the world. The Temple of Apollo, located within the borders of Didim, Aydin, is one of the places to be seen before you die.


Milet School 

Milet School, which is very important for human history, is the most important place to see Didim. Geometry, mathematics, astronomy and the foundation of the Milet School, where foundations are laid, is definitely one of the places to visit in Aydin, Turkey.


Ancient City of Magnesia 

The ancient city of Didyma and the ancient city of Aphrodisias attracts great attention. One of the historical sites of Aydın, the Magnesia Ancient City is definitely worth seeing.


Kusadasi National Park

It is one of the natural beauties of Aydın which is located in the borders of Kusadasi town of Aydin and where you can find every shade of green. Kuşadası National Park, which should be on your list of places to visit in Kusadasi, is located on the sightseeing route of thousands of guests each year.


Cihanoglu Mosque 

Cihanoğlu Mosque, built by Cihanoğlu Abdülaziz, has been witnessing the history of Aydın for many years. Cihanoğlu Mosque, which is one of the places to visit in Aydın Center, carries the traces of the Ottoman Architecture. You can put the mosque, which is one of the historical buildings of Aydın, on your sightseeing routes in Aydın Centrum.


Zeus Cave 

A beautiful example of the historical and natural beauties of Aydın, the Cave of Zeus is a value found in Aydın again in Kusadasi. You can take your fatigue and at the same time the history of mythology to catch the inspiration of the Zeus, one of the points of interest in Aydin.


Altinkum Beach

Antalya's Cleopatra Beach, Patara Beach and Muğla's Blue Lagoon Beach, and Iztuzu Beach are the most famous beaches in Aydin. Aydın This magnificent beach is located within the borders of Didim and welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every year. Altınkum Beach, which is one of the places to visit in Aydin, will give you an unforgettable Didim holiday.


Didyma Antique City

Didyma Ancient City which is located in the district of Söke in Aydın and which contains the world-famous Temple of Apollo is a beautiful stop for mythology lovers. Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Aphrodite and Hermes, one of the most important Gods in the History of Mythology, are said to have lived here. Didyma Antique City, a great example of Aydın's historical sites, is a great choice for your list of places to visit in Aydin, Turkey.


Aphrodisias Antique City

It is located in the Karacasu district of Aydın, named after the goddess Aphrodite. There are many monuments such as Agora, Episcopal Palace, Antique Theater, Afrodisias Museum, and Aphrodisias Stadium. Aydin, as well as the history of the region, which is important in the history of Turkey, one of the regions should be seen in Aydın, Turkey.


Bafa Lake

Located in the Söke district of Aydin and on the road to Mugla Milas, Bafa Lake is only 10 km away from Didim. Places to visit in Mugla should be included in the list of places to visit.


Aphrodisias Museum

Aphrodisias Museum is located in the Ancient city of Aphrodisias. Turkey's most important works, which were excavated, one of the archaeological sites of Aphrodisias was opened to visitors in 1979.


Dilek Peninsula 

Located between Büyük Menderes and Küçük Menderes, Dilek Peninsula is within 28 km of Kuşadası and within Guzelcamli National Park. Dilek Peninsula, which is an important region of Aydın's natural beauty, is one of the sightseeing routes to be seen.


Kursunlu Monastery 

Located in Kuşadası within a distance of 12 kilometers from Davutlar, Kursunlu Monastery is one of the historical places of Aydın, Turkey. There are cellar, monk rooms, kitchen, infirmary, chapel, cemetery, defense rooms, monastery walls and fortifications in the region. The frescoes in the chapel of the monastery are also worth seeing.


Alinda Antique City

Another important historical place of Aydın, which is full of ancient cities, is Alinda Antique City. Alinda Antique City, which has existed for many years in Aydin's history, is another place to see in Aydın.


The Ancient city of Tralleis 

It is located on the plateau on the southern slope of the mountains of the Chestnut Mountains. The ancient city of Tralleis, which is 1 km away from Aydın, was founded by Tralleis and Argosians. The Ancient city of Tralleis, who witnessed the history of Aydın, has changed hands frequently among the Hellenistic kingdoms. You can take the region that is important among the historical places of Aydın to your list of places to visit in Aydin, Turkey.




Accommodation in Aydin, Turkey




 Aydin natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. There are different alternatives for accommodation in Aydin. In Aydin Turkey you can find Aydin Hotels, B & Bs, and different properties in your budget. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies in the Villa Holidays and Vacation Rentals in Aydin, is located in Kusadasi and Didim districts where you can stay with your family.



Transportation to Aydin, Turkey



 The city of Aydın can be easily reached by taking a road trip from other cities besides Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, (Turkey)Bursa and Antalya Turkey. Especially during the summer months, direct flights to towns such as Kusadasi, Didim and Soke are organized. Aydın Airways can use Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir, which is the closest to the city. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your transfer needs.