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Vacation in Aydin Turkey




Since the date of the transfer has been central to a variety of known civilization of antiquity Aphrodisias, Miletus, Alinda, Didyma, Nisa, Prien, numerous scholars and wise men in the leading cities such as Magnesia has grown. Today Aydin; north of Top B on his back in the year 2500 BC, the Hittites established Tralles advanced time with the city, VII. century lived its heyday in Lydia time. Seljuk Turks, together with the cultural heritage and civilization equipped with Aydin works, social services, civilized days have witnessed in agriculture and architecture. Aydin win the status of a management unit under Turkish sovereignty in 1390 Yildirim Beyazit the prince began with the appointment of Mr. Ertugrul Aydin as Governor. The name of the city Aydinogulları Aydin Guzelhisar the time was, and took its name later Aydin(Turkey). City, XIV century in the present instead of establishing administrative staging, respectively, the state in 1390, 1426 starboard, 1811 in Turkey Izmir, Saruhan (Manisa), the Hinge (Mugla), Antalya, was the center of the province covering the Isparta starboard. State center (1857) has been moved to Izmir, the name of the administrative units until the end of the Ottoman Empire "intellectual" has remained. Aydin's continued until 1919 in the form of banners that form of government on May 25, 1919-7 September after nearly 40 months of occupation between 1922 and changed in 1923 with the acquisition of the War of Independence, the province has been detached. History Istanbul, Republic of Turkey in western Anatolia and bearing traces the history of civilization, is one of the rare places. In various stages of history is an open museum of different cultural background. BC 7000 year, the first people who settled in this land based, handmade records on how they settle where available. Put culture at B.C 5000 years in the works, the city-state is transformed into culture in B.C 3000. New arrivals B.C 2000 establishing state since they contribute to the Anatolian culture. 14th and 12th century BC .. scattered all over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean nations communities if people have come up to the Aegean coast. This migration resulted in the Hittite state, the Kingdom of Troy, Mycenae colonies are destroyed. This Atoll is from tribes in Anatolia and Ion Bati, Large and Small Menderes plains and settled in the coastal city established 12 within the Kingdom of Lydia, the site was developed in this city called maritime trade. Politics, art, science, philosophy, architecture, they created in the field of socio-cultural activities. Uçgoz are (Tralles) Lydia period Tralleis city of Caria, Cilicia, Iran and Syria, and the collection of trade goods from the Far East and was sent to a distribution center where the Aegean port. In addition, the valley of the Buyuk Menderes products Miletus harbor Greece, Rome, Egypt and Phoenicia were exported. Indeed, Lydian has evolved extraordinary need the taxes it collects its own resources as well as the region was led economy. Who assaulted the world's first currency (the press) was in the country. Phrygians, established the first major state in Anatolia. B.C 1200 In the upper plateau of the Buyuk Menderes yerleştiler.frigler to that of the Thracian tribes Iiliryalilar attack on them coming through the Straits, is known to have destroyed the Hittite kingdom. lonlar Gediz in MO1200 and most important city of Miletus was the city that was founded in large meander plain. loner have made significant progress in philosophy. Astroiio my knowledge of mathematics and Thales (Thales) suggested that the water of all the main elements; Modyali Lidyalilar'l the event of a solar eclipse in the wars between the previously calculated. Another scholar Anoksimandros Miletus, everything's the beginning of the "infinity-infinity," he suggested. B.C 5th century met in Iran than in Western Anatolia and the eastern city of culture as a result of the invasion of the Persians from the Greco-Persian called a new and unique cultural synthesis occurred. Lydian king Croesus in B.C 546, the Persian king Cyrus (Kurus) and lost his battle, Ion cities were connected to the Persian kingdom. Persians intolerant behavior were severed ties with the city colonies. The unrest began in B.C 500. Persian dominance in the region continued to press until Aleksandar Macedonia and began the Hellenistic period. During all these invasions was used as a military base because Tralleis focal position. .. 1st and 2nd century BC, the area under Roman rule, economic, commercial, and showed significant improvements in the cultural field. Embrace the local culture of the Romans, sources, routes and trade development in the ancient city of the region, especially in Ephesus, Miletus, Tralleis, Aphrodisias was developed, equipped with large monumental structures.




Traveling places in Aydin




Antique cities: Aydin rich with its ruins such as all places of Egean. There were lived a lot of different civilizations and took memory about theirselves in (Turkey) Aydin. There are importanrt antique cities for our country which are ; Didyma Antique City, Aphrodisias Antique City ,Alinda Antique City , Tralleis Antique City , Nyda Antique City , Alabanda Antique City , Magnesia Antique City and National Theatre.


Museums: Indispensable station travelers of these lands is Aydin Museums. There are Otantic Ethnographic Museum, Karacasu Ethnographic Museum, National Museum and Yoruk Ali Efe Museum in Aydin that present the history and culture of are.


Mosques: The mosques from different periods attravtive the visitors of this city.There are Ahmet Gazi Mosque, Kocharli Cihanzade Mustafa Mosque, Bey Mosque, Ilyas Bey Mosque, Ilyas Bey Kulliye, Uveys Pasha Mosque, and Okuz Mehmet Pasha Carvansarai in Aydin Turkey.


Resort Town: Aydin one of the most popular resort town of Turkey. Didim(Turkey) is famous wit its blue sea and clear beaches. You have to see these place, Sarpli Island Atakum, Altinkum Beach and Akbuk in Aydin(Turkey). Kusadasi other resort place of Aydin (Turkey). There are Kusadasi National Park , Dilek Peninsula , Zeus Cave and Guvercinada Castle in Aydin (Turkey) that come a lot of local and foreign turists.




Accommodation in Aydin Turkey




You can find many accommodation options in Aydin Turkey. You can find Aydin's hotels that are suitable for your budget. And, you can rent holiday Houses in Aydin for holiday. A short time later will attempt Dream of holiday firm daily rentals vacation homes and  Holiday Villas and holiday apartments rentals sector in Aydin Turkey.





Transportation in Aydin Turkey 




Aydin is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, It is possible to reach Aydin province by airway and road transportation.There are regular bus services to Aydin from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey)IzmirIstanbulBursa(Turkey)Antalya(Turkey). You can use Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport for your Aydin Airway transportation. You can get detailed information about the Vip transfers from Adnan Menderes Airport  with “Arsis Vip Transport”,which is our other transfer organisation.