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Holiday in Balikesir Turkey





Balikesir one of the city of Turkey that is founded in Marmara Region South Marmara Regiond some parts o anf Balikesir is in Egean Region. So Balikesir both land of Egean and Marmara. There are only 6 provinces that neigbor with two seas. Province is founded in northwest of Anatolia. There is Bursa(Turkey) and Kutahya in east , Manisa(Turkey) and Izmir in south, and Canakkale in west. District Ayvalik is neigbor for Greek National Island. There are 19 disticts in Balikesir. It is 12th biggest city about area and 17 th crowded are belong to counting population in 2010 with 1.152.323 number of people. It is known Misya and Karesi names in History and it were dominance of Roman, Byzantanian ,Anatolian Seljuk, Karesi Hackneyed,and Ottoman.The basic daily bread of people are agriculture and animal husbandry and cultivate these plants that are okra, black-eyed peas, melons, olives, olive oil, cheese head.It is known as its coast towns.Balikesir known its regional things that are yagjibedir carpet,cologne,creamy,kozak greap, ayvalik toast, mantı with sauce and hoshmeri. History Researches of tumulus, cave and land in Balikesir show that , the living was started between B.C 8000-3000 years. There are remants of Paleotic , Neolotic and Kalkolitic periods in Inbogaz cave 8 km far way from Havrana. There were founded remants and settlements of Copper Age in Babakoy excevition , Yortan cemetery,Kaymak Hill. The firts city that named in this area is Agiros. After collapsing of Anatolia Selcuk State there was Karesi Hackneyed in this area and Ottoman State was domiance of this area.





Traveling Places of Balikesir Turkey





Kaz Mountions: The highest mountion of area and it takes a lot of visitors per a year. 


Gure Thermals: Balikesir has important place of summer turism and it presents the thermal places for visitors. Balikesir is important place for thermal turism. 


Shahindere Canyon: If you interest about adventure and excitement can add this place for your trip programme.


Pasaliman Island: One of the most beautiful ıslands of Marmara and you have to add your trip programme if you want spend your holiday inside nature. If you want see heavan and purify from all problems you have to add this place for your trip programme





Accommodation in Balikesir Turkey





You can find many accommodation options in Balikesir Turkey. You can find Balikesir's hotels that are suitable for your budget. And, you can rent holiday Houses in Balikesir for holiday. A short time later will attempt Dream of holiday firm daily rentals vacation homes and  Holiday Villas and holiday apartments rentals sector in BalikesirTurkey.





Transportation in Balikesir Turkey 





Balikesir is located in an easy position in terms of transportation, It is possible to reach Balikesir province by airway and road transportation.There are regular bus services to Balikesir from major cities such as Ankara(Turkey)IzmirIstanbulBursa(Turkey)Antalya(Turkey). You can use Balikesir Kocaseyit Airport for your Balikesir Airway transportation. You can get detailed information about the Vip transfers from Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport  with “Arsis Vip Transport”,which is our other transfer organisation.