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Information Of Balikesir, Turkey




It is a tourism destination which is adjacent to the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea and is adjacent to Bursa(Turkey), Canakkale, Manisa(Turkey), Kutahya and İzmir. with 1.150 million population is one of Turkey's large cities. The city dates back to the first civilizations and is home to many hot springs, underground and surface walls within the provincial boundaries of Balıkesir. In his history, he was often called Karesi and Misya. Throughout the history of Balikesir, the Roman, Byzantine, Anatolian Seljuk, Karesi Principality, the Ottoman Empire remained among the borders of civilizations such as. Together with the studies on summer tourism, the beauty of the upper population to raise itself more and more every day. It also offers a lot of alternatives for those who turn their route into cultural tourist destinations. Balıkesir also stands out with its historical and natural beauties. Balıkesir city has many important tourism destinations. We have compiled for you the following places to visit in Balıkesir:




Holiday Destinations in Balıkesir, Turkey




Ayvalık - Cunda Island - Sarimsakli 

Turkey's most important agricultural region, which is one of the most important holiday of Balikesir certainly Ayvalık - Cunda - are Sarmisakli district. With its historical texture and famous stone streets, Cunda Island is very popular. Sarmısaklı with its magnificent beaches is one of the most preferred locations especially for Marmara Region. Being a neighbor on the island of Lesbos, Ayvalik makes a difference with its natural beauties.


Edremit Bay 

One of the most beautiful locations on the slope of the Kaz Mountains and where you can witness all the splendor of the Aegean Sea is the Gulf of Edremit. Edremit, which is on the way towards the world by combining thermal, mountain and sea tourism, is home to many historical places besides its natural beauties. History and nature in the buff 12 months prefer a tourist paradise that is a wonder of nature in Edremit boundaries of Mount Ida, Antandros which has shed light on the Balikesir History The ancient city of Turkey, one of the best villages and great artists have also deceased Tuncel Kurtiz's grave There are many places to see in Camlibel Village such as Sutuven and Hasanboguldu Waterfalls, which have legends about cinema films.


Erdek - Avsa Island 

The highlights of summer tourism in Balikesir. Erdek and Avsa Island are among the most important holiday centers of the city of Balıkesir with its beaches which are very popular in summer periods with attractive beaches. Avsa Island and Erdek, which serve as an example for the natural beauties of Balıkesir, are one of the holiday resorts where you can turn your route for Balıkesir holiday.




Traveling Places in Balikesir, Turkey



Antandros Ancient City

BC It is located on the skirts of Edremit district and Ida Mountains, which are in the history of Balikesir since the 7th and 8th centuries. It is also mentioned in the documents describing the Trojan Wars of Antandros Ancient City, which is famous for its mosaics. Places to visit in Balıkesir is definitely a place in Antandros Antique City.


Kaz Mountain (Mount Ida) 

Among the Balıkesir and Çanakkale provinces, Kaz Mountains is one of the most important travel destinations in Balıkesir. Mount Kaz, which is the stopover point of nature lovers, is also mentioned in many myths of Greek mythology. Many of the myths of Kaz Mountain in the tree species and Kara Menderes, Tuzla, Biga and Gonen Tea is also available. For trekking enthusiasts, Balıkesir will be an excellent alternative to sightseeing.


Manyas Bird Paradise

Manyas Bird Lake which is located in Bandırma district is called il bird paradise Many. The area in which birds get stalled during the migration is a point of attraction of nature that attracts 239 bird species. Manyas Bird Sanctuary, which is the most important region of Balıkesir natural beauties, should be at the top of your list of places to visit.


Gonen Mosaic Museum 

The museum is the most mosaic in Turkey. The museum, which has various mosaic artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, is among the places of interest in Balıkesir. You can add Gönen Mozaik Museum to the list of places to see in Balıkesir, Turkey.


Bran Thermal Springs 

Rheumatism, sciatica and nerve diseases, which have useful resources, natural areas within the facilities that offer detailed services. muds are healing for women which are called ‘moor’. Kepekler Thermal Springs, one of the important centers in health tourism, opens its doors to visitors.


Yildirim Mosque and Complex 

It is the oldest Ottoman architecture of Balıkesir. The mosque and its complex, built in 1388, are in the area of ​​attention with its historical texture and spiritual value. Yıldırım Mosque and Complex which has an important place in the history of Balıkesir is a historical place of Balıkesir which can be found on your list of places to visit in Balıkesir, Turkey.




Accommodation in Balıkesir, Turkey




This city which has so much space to visit welcomes many visitors. There are a lot of Balikesir Hotels and Hostels where you can stay in Balikesir. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the pioneers of the apartment rental sector, will serve you in Balıkesir and its surroundings very soon with Balikesir Vacation Rentals and villa holidays.




Transportation to Balıkesir, Turkey




Balıkesir is one of the important tourism cities of the Marmara Region. It is possible to reach Balıkesir by rail, airline, road and sea routes. It is at full crossing point in the middle of intercity traffic between Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa. Transport by road, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya Turkey, near the big cities like Ankara(Turkey) are regular buses from other cities in Turkey are conducted. There are also extreme train services between Izmir and Balıkesir. For those who prefer seawater, it is possible to travel from Istanbul to Balıkesir. You can use Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport for your transportation to Balıkesir Air. The flight from Istanbul to Balıkesir takes about 50 minutes. Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport For your transfer needs, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.