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Vacation in Bilecik TURKEY



Bilecik is in southest of Marmara Region and it located is over cut off opint in these regions ; Marmara ,Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Aegean.The known old names that are Agrilion and Belekom of Bilecik. Bilejik homeland of Ottoman Emperior. Antique periods of region shows in Bithynia region in historical sources.The known history of Bithynia area began with Thyns in B.C 1950s.Then region was dominance of these , Egypt, Hitit,Frig,kimmer,Lidya,Pers, Macedonia,Great Britania,Roma Emperior,Byzantanian Emperior and Ottoman Emperior.The first known name is Belecona of Bilejik.



Travelenig Places of Bilecik Turkey



Uzuncam Platua: Uzuncham Platua located at Bilecik Turkey.It is 14 km far away from Pazaryeri. You can have a picnic and make a new discovery. 


Turbin Mesire Place: So green place. İt is far away from noise and stress of city and you can breath a lot of oksigen. 


Sogut Museum: It is founded at Kayhan district ,Ertugrul Gazi Street in Bilejik Turkey. It is exhibited etnographic and arceologic workshops in museum. It were taken a lot of works from local people for exhibiting in museum before opening.It will attractive interest of visitors 


Seyh Edebali Tomb: Seyh Edebali Tomb has so simple architecture. There are cistes of wife and daughter inside tomb. You can add this place to your trip programme.