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Information Of Bolu, Turkey



Bolu, which is adjacent to Ankara(Turkey), Sakarya(Turkey), Bilecik(Turkey), Eskisehir(Turkey), Cankiri, Düzce, Karabük and located in the Western Black Sea Region, has a beautiful natural beauty and its population is around 300 thousand. The location of Bolu has an important share in the fact that today it is the place where the sightseeing routes are. Which it is Turkey's second most city with a population of Istanbul and Ankara, which is the intersection of Bolu, a city in which this aspect has been popular with short-term vacationers. The city of Bolu deserves attention with its immense beauty and the dozens of historical artifacts it offers from past to present. Bolu, which includes the natural beauties such as Abant Lake, Golcuk Lake, Goynuk Sunnet Lake, Mudurnu Suluklu Lake, Kibriscik Karagol, Aladag Bespinarlar, Seven Lakes and Goksu within its borders, has been invaded by Middle Eastern guests in recent years. Bolu, which is said to be folk songs, has been announcing his name for generations and introducing his own structure. In addition, Bolu Mengen chefs have a worldwide reputation, "What do I eat in Bolu?" not even a thought. The fame of Bolu Mengen cooks is based on the kitchen of the Sultans. The city, which also holds many important ski resorts, has become a winter tourism center and has started to take a greater share of itself from this area. We've listed Bolu's attractions to you:



Traveling Places in Bolu, Turkey



Abant Nature Park 

It is a great travel point where you can get away from busy city life and rest your soul. Hundreds of endemic vegetation along the perimeter of Abant Lake, where you can find every color of nature, will allow you to enter a peaceful atmosphere. This magnificent example of the natural beauties of Bolu has attracted great interest from our Middle Eastern guests in recent years. You can get support from our other organization, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your daily tour needs at Abant Lake and Nature Park, which will be at the top of your Bolu list of places to visit.


Aksemsettin Mausoleum

It is one of the most important places of Bolu. Akşemsettin, who is the teacher of Mehmet the Conqueror, is a man of great importance in Ottoman history. The tomb was built at the request of Mehmet the Conqueror. You can place Akşemsettin Tomb, which has a very important place among the historical places of Bolu, on your list of places to visit in Bolu, Turkey.


Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque 

Gazi Suleyman Paşa Mosque, which has been serving the Bolu History since the 14th century, is one of the best examples of Ottoman architecture. Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque, an exemplary structure among the historical sites of Bolu, can be found on your list of places to see in Bolu.


Karamurat Lake 

It is among the natural wonders of Bolu, especially the Black Sea Region. Access to Lake Karamurat is very easy, where you can see all shades of green. The lake, which has dozens of fish in it, is especially popular with people who are interested in fishing on weekends. Lake Karamurat, which is a great example of the natural beauties of Bolu, should definitely be on the list of places to see in Bolu, Turkey.


Victory Tower 

Located in Goynuk, the Zafer Tower is one of the symbols of Bolu. The monument, which has been in the history of Bolu since the republican period, has become the center of attention with its fine architecture. Victory Tower, which is the most important of Bolu's historical places, must be on Bolu's list of places to visit.


Haccagiz Plateau

If you want to go on a plateau tour, you can add Haccagiz Plateau to the places of Bolu, which is the most ideal point in terms of its location and accessibility.


Golcuk National Park 

Of course, Bolu stands out with its natural beauty. Golcuk National Park is one of the most popular places among these beauties. The carefully protected park offers guests an unforgettable trip as a paradise corner. Golcuk National Park, should be at the top of your list.


Seben Kaya Houses 

The rock houses of historical importance in the district of Seben are the places where the Phrygian civilization is made for protection in the region. Among the historical places of Bolu, Seben Kaya Houses are visited frequently by local and foreign tourists in every period of the year. You should definitely add to your list of places to visit in Bolu, Turkey.


Kartalkaya and Kartalkaya Ski Center

Turkey's Uludag Ski Center, Palandoken Ski Center, Erciyes Ski Center, such as those located in the most eminent ski Kartalkaya Ski Center, is the most wanted of the winter holiday region in recent years. With its modern facilities and suitable slopes, the ski resort, which is popular with ski lovers, is a winter tourism capital. In addition, the pine forests around it also add air to the air. An important example of Bolu's natural beauties, the region is definitely one of Bolu's sights.


Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) National Park

Our National Park, which contains seven huge lake, offers its guests peace of mind with its wide area of ​​550 hectares and oxygen storage trees. The protected nature of this natural wonder will be very important for the future.


Mudurnu Sehriman Hill 

Located in Mudurdu district, Şehriman Hill is in a very ideal spot where you can watch a panoramic view of the region. The region, which is frequently visited by photographer enthusiasts, has recently introduced itself more and more. Another alternative to your options in Bolu is the Mudurnu Sehriman Hill.



 Accommodation at Bolu, Turkey



Plenty of natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for your stay in Bolu. In Bolu you can find Bolu Hotels, hostels and different accommodation in terms of budget. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of daily renting and villa holidays sector in Bolu, will be able to serve you with our Vacation Rentals and Rental Apartments where you can stay in hotels, hostels and family with Bolu Holiday.



Transportation to Bolu, Turkey



Bolu is easily reached by road. Thanks to the Bolu Mountain Tunnel, access to the city is very easy. Istanbul, Bursa(Turkey), Antalya(Turkey), Izmir, as well as other cities, as well as daily bus services are organized. Transportation by Air; There is no airport in Bolu. Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport, Ankara Esenboga Airport, Bolu is reached by road. When you need airport transfer, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.