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Vacation in Burdur TURKEY



Burdur laceted in Meditterian region of Turkey.The plate code 15 and total population counting is 256.803 of burdur. The center population is 78.400 number of people in Burdur. Classic greek Period it was named as psidya and Turks came here in 1071 Malazgirt War. Today Burdur lands were dominance of Anatolia Sejuk State and then it was taken by Hasimogullari Beyligi. It combined to Ottoman lands by Yildirim Beyazit in 1391.Burdur(Turkey) was province in 1852 . There are 11 districts in Burdur Turkey. Different remants and arceologic researches show that there were settlements until Paleotic era in Burdur (Turkey) where named as Pisidia.



Traveling places in Burdur Turkey



Keraitae: Keraitae is antique city. There was found the works from Roma and Helenistik period. 


Sia Antique City: This city e-waiting for visitors with its memory graves , two churches and walls. You can feel that period while visiting this place. 


Incirhan Carvansarai: It will affect you when you step from Incihan stone door that came to our day. 


Salda Lake: Affecting Lake covering with hard rocks from northeast and west ,meadows from south and white beaches from other sides.



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