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Information About of Burdur, Turkey



The population of Burdur, which is adjacent to Denizli, Isparta Turkey, Afyon Turkey, Antalya and Mugla in the inner part of the Mediterranean Region, is 260 thousand. The historical and cultural beauty of Burdur is a city waiting to be discovered. The population of Burdur is predominantly Yörük. Burdur, which has many famous local delicacies, is a Burdur cuisine product that has passed the test kebab country borders. The local people living in Burdur, with their unique traditions; In summer times, they organize Yoruk festivals in the highlands. There are 25 interesting ancient cities that witnessed the history of Burdur. Burdur, which is full of rich cultural elements of the past, has begun to bring its beauty to the forefront with the works carried out in the field of tourism.




Things to Do in Burdur, Turkey




Sagalassos Ancient City: The ancient city of Sagalassos, which is the center of the ancient Pisidia region, was built by terracing method such as the ancient city of Pergamum. The ancient city of Sagalassos, which contains many valuable historical artifacts, is a region with a history of 9.000 people. We strongly recommend Sagirassos Antique City which is one of the most important regions of Burdur History.


Balbora Ancient City: It is an ancient city where the architectural structures of the Hellenistic and Roman periods are intertwined. As a result of the archeological studies carried out in Burdur, important historical monuments have been unearthed and opened to exhibit. If you want to travel in the history of Burdur, the ancient city of Balbura should be on your list of places to visit in Burdur, Turkey.


Keraitae Ancient City: It is an ancient city dating from the Roman and Hellenistic periods. It is also known as the Greek settlement city. We recommend that you add the Keraitae Ancient City to the list of places to see in the history of Burdur.


Sia Ancient City: Sia Antique City, which has a magnificent beauty with its monumental tombs, two churches and magnificent fortification walls, will make you feel at that time. Sia Antique City, which is a beautiful example of Burdur's historical places, will be a good alternative to the places to visit in Burdur, Turkey.


Pirkulzade Madrasah and Library: It is a structure that carries the architectural beauty of the Ottoman period. Many manuscripts and inscriptions are displayed in the library.


Burdur  Plateaus: Burdur plateaus with oxygen fields and lush green areas; The ice-cold water resources draw attention with the highland festivals organized during certain periods of the year and the natural beauties of the unique Burdur. The two highlands of Burdur are the Kırkpınar and Söğütlü plateaus. We recommend you to see the plateaus, a good example of Burdur's natural beauty.


Insuyu Cave: It is an extraordinary cave where karstic water resources are available. The cave, which is about 600 meters in length, is worth visiting with its charming atmosphere.


Incirhan Caravanserai: İncirhan from the crown door that survives to the present day, will take you by the first step and will affect you when you enter.


Salda Lake: Salda Lake, which has a view that affects the human, is surrounded by rocky to the northeast and west, meadow to the south and white sandy beaches. Lake Salda is a good example of Burdur's natural beauties.




Accommodation in Burdur, Turkey




Burdur natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for accommodation in Burdur. Hotels in Burdur, you can find hotels, pensions and different accommodation in favorable conditions. Dream Of Holiday In our company, you can stay in Burdur Hotels, hostels outside the House Rental and Rental Apartments with our services in Burdur.




Transportation to Burdur, Turkey



You can reach Burdur, the unique city of the Lakes Region by road, air and rail. This beautiful city, which is on the highway of Istanbul Turkey, Ankara Turkey, Bursa Turkey and Antalya Turkey, is accessible from all regions of our country. There are regular bus services to Konya Turkey, Manisa Turkey, Denizli Turkey, Balikesir, Ankara, Kutahya Turkey, Izmir Turkey, Istanbul, Eskisehir and Izmit Turkey. If you are traveling by air, you can use Suleyman Demirel Airport in Isparta. The airport is approximately 25 km from Burdur. In addition, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your needs.