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Information Of Cankiri, Turkey



Cankiri , Corum, Kırıkkale, Ankara, Bolu Turkey, Karabük and Kastamonu Turkey, which are located in the Central Anatolia Region, is a famous province with a population of 180 thousand. Cankiri , which has a high tourism potential, contains many natural and historical beauties. For centuries past, Cankiri has been a home for various civilizations. Cankiri , which stands out with its historical monuments especially from ancient times, has become a region of interest for cultural tourism. We have compiled the following places of interest in Cankiri  for you:



Attractions and Traveling Places in Cankiri, Turkey





Cankiri Museum: It is one of the richest museums in the Central Anatolia Region. A lot of works belonging to civilizations lived in Anatolia are exhibited. You can find places to visit in Cankiri, Turkey.


Cankiri Castle:  If you want to see a panoramic view of Cankiri, Cankiri Castle is the ideal stop. The surroundings of the castle, which has been revitalized with the restoration works, is a smelling point where you can watch the sun rise by making a pleasant breakfast. Çankırı Castle has been the light of Cankiri's history; Places to see in Cankiri should be on your list.


Cankiri Houses: The historical houses of the city, which are 100 years old and have great silhouettes under protection, are among the highlights of the city.


Cankiri  Madrasahs: Çivitçioğlu Madrasah, Buğday Pazarı Madrasah, Karataş Madrasah, Kirmanoğlu Madrasa, Büyük Mosque Madrasa are among the historical places that can be seen in Cankiri, Turkey.


CivitogluMadrasah: It is one of the most important religious and cultural places of the Central Anatolia Region during the Ottoman period. With its mystical air and fine embroidered texture, it is worth a visit in Cankiri, Turkey.


Bugday Market Madrasah: The madrasah, which is one of the most important places of visit of Cankırı, was built at the end of the 1700s. The building, which is used as a long-term wool depot, is an important touristic area where handicrafts are exhibited and souvenirs are sold. Places to visit in Çankırı should be on your list.


Mosques: The mosques that should be seen in Çankırı are the Imaret Mosque, Büyük Mosque, Ali Bey Mosque, Mirahor Mosque and Yeni Camii. These mosques are historical places of Cankiri from the Ottoman period.


Spas: Karatas Hamam, Murat Hamam, Çarşı Turkish Bath, Ilgaz Bath, Kurşunlu Bath The historical places of Cankiri from the Ottoman period.


Historical Rock Tomatoes: The monumental buildings that have survived from the Roman and Byzantine civilizations are among the cultural points to be seen. You should place the places where Cankiri has an important place in Cankiri's history.


Salt Cave: It is one of the prominent tourism centers of the city. With its fascinating history of 5,000 years, it has the biggest salt reserves of our country and is the natural wonder of Cankiri.


Plateaus: Çankırı is a region where nature tourism is very intensive. The plateaus have a significant share in this. In the Yapraklı Mountains, Büyük Yayla, Kırkpınar plateau, Bozan Plateau, Ilgaz Mountain National Park are among the most known natural beauties of Cankiri.


Yildiztepe Ski Center: Located in Ilgaz Mountain in the province of Cankiri, the Yıldıztepe Ski Center is on its way to becoming an important center in the winter tourism area such as Uludağ, Palandöken, Kartepe and Erciyes. It opens its doors with its safe tracks.


Ilgaz Mountain and National Park: You will relax your soul, you can go a little bit away from intensive life; we recommend you to visit this National Park of tremendous natural beauty. The region, which has a very rich vegetation, has a wonderful time with its clean oxygen. You should definitely see Ilgaz National Park, a unique example of the natural beauties of Cankiri.


Thermal Resources: The most famous thermal and insides that you can see in Çankırı where thermal tourism is intense are Çavundur Thermal, Acısu Thermal, Şıhlar Nezle Water, Bozan Bath, Sulfur Village Source, Bayramören Drinking and Hışıldayık Drinking Water. We strongly recommend these Thermal Resources, which are examples of the natural beauties of Çankırı.



Accommodation in Cankiri, Turkey



Çankırı natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. In Çankırı you will find different alternatives for your stay. In Cankiri Holiday you can find Cankiri Hotels, hostels and different accommodation in suitable conditions for your budget. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of villa holidays and daily rented flats sector, will be able to serve you with your Vacation Rentals and Rental Apartments outside of the hotels, hostels you can stay at Cankiri Holiday.



Transportation to Cankiri, Turkey




Transportation to Cankırı by air, road and rail is possible. There are regular bus services from Çankırı to many other cities, including Istanbul, Ankara Turkey, Izmir, Turkey Bursa and Antalya Turkey. Transportation by rail is also possible. Cankırı, Ankara - Zonguldak is located on the railway. If you are traveling by air, you can use the nearest airport Ankara Esenboga Airport. The distance of the airport to Çankırı center is 110 km. Ankara Esenboğa Cankiri Airport For your transfer needs, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.