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Vacation in Cankiri TURKEY



Cankiri (Turkey) is found in north side of Central Anatolia. Turism most important in here.There are a lot of natural , historical and cultural things in Cankiri Turkey. Cankiri(Turkey) Museum Chankiri museum opend to visit in 1972 and most important arceological workshops of Anatolia displaying.


Cankiri Castle: Cankiri castle one of the beautiful place of city and located over hill where you can see view of city. The around of castle restoreted and have been a lot of visitors of Cankiri castle.


Wheat Bazaar Madrasah: This place was built end of 1700s and one of the important visit places of Cankiri Turkey.This structure had been used as wool store a long periods and now it used for present handcrafts and for saling of gift workshopes.


Cankiri House: There are totally 108 houses in Turkey Cankiri houses which one of the example of Turkish arcitecture. These houses prevented and age of these houses least hundred years.


Mosques: There are a lot of mosques from Ottoman period. Some of them are; Imaret Mosque,Great Mosque,Ali Bey Mosque, Mirahor Mosque, and New Mosque.


Madrasahes: The historical structures that you have to see are; Chitchioglu Madrasah, Wheat Bazaar Mardasah, Karatash Madrasah, Kirmanoglu Madrasah, Great Mosque Madrasah.


Hamams(Turkish Bathroom): Karatash Hamam(Turkish Batroom),Murat Hamam, Bazaar Hamam, Ilgaz Hamam,Kurshunlu Hamam, are structures from Ottoman Period.


Rock Graves: There are rock graves belong to Roma and Byzantanian period in Chankiri. They are; Beshdut Rock Graves, Indagi Rock Graves, Sakaeli Rock Graves, and Huyuk Underground City.


Salt Cave: One most important nature turism center of Cankiri Turkey. It has 5000 years past and the biggest salt reserve of Turkey. You have to take permition for visit this place befor you go to Salt Cave that located 20 km far away from center of province.


Plataus: Chankiri crowded with its nature turism and plataus have important place in it.The plataus are; Great Platau, Kirkpinar Platau, Bozan Platau, İlgaz Mountion National Park


Thermal Sources: Some of the famous thermals and drinking waters are; Chavundur Thermal, Acisu Thermal, Shihlar Nezle Water,Bozan Hamam(Turkish Bathroom),Kukurt Village SourceBayramoren Water and Hishildayik Water.


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