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Description of Corum, Turkey



It is a city with a population of around 530 thousand and a part of the Black Sea region, a part of which is located in the Central Anatolia Region and adjacent to Cankiri, Samsun, Sinop(Turkey), Kastamonu(Turkey) and Yozgat. The history of Corum, which dates back to 7000 years ago, is very important for the history of humanity as well as the history of Anatolia. Corum, which is as important as the Egyptian civilization and the capital of the Hittites which is one of the biggest civilizations of Anatolia, has been an important tourism city in this area with the cultural values ​​it contains. Corum; Hattusha Ancient City, which is one of the most important centers of world history, is a region visited frequently by history buffs and it has opened itself to the world and has declared itself with its historical values. The roasted chickpea identified with the name of Çorum also has a distinct place. Corum's natural beauties have also been mentioned frequently. There are dozens of places to visit in Corum. We have listed the places to visit in Çorum as follows:



Traveling Places in Çorum, Turkey



Alacahoyuk National Park

It is one of the areas that represent the human life and values ​​of Corum city in the best way. Alacahoyuk National Park, which sheds light on Corum's history; With hundreds of artifacts, it is a historical stop for breathing. Alacahoyuk National Park; Places to visit in Çorum are among the places we recommend for your list.


The Ancient City of Hattusa

Hattusha, the capital of the Hittite Empire; It was the central point of the Hittite Empire in Corum. The Hittite Empire, which had a history as much as the Egyptian civilization, was one of the most powerful civilizations of that period. The text tablets of the Treaty of Kadesh, known as the first written treaty made between the Egyptians and the Hittites in 1280 BC were found in Boğazkale. Yazilikaya Rock Temple, which is the biggest and impressive place of the ancient city of Hattusha, should definitely be among the places to visit in Corum. Dozens of gods, goddesses, animals, and imaginary creatures in the Yazılıkaya Rock Temple were carved into the rock surface. After the Hittite civilization, the Phrygians, Medes, Galatians, Romans and Byzantines dominated the region. The list of Unesco world heritage includes CappadociaNemrut MontainTroy Antique CityLetoon Ancient CityCumalikizik VillageBergama Antique CityEphesus Ancient City such as Pamukkale Turkey. These unique cultural values ​​which are carefully protected are among the most important sightseeing stops of Corum city. You should place Hattusaş Ancient City at the top of your list of places to visit in Corum, Turkey.


Hitit Road

Corum The Hittite Road will take you on a unique historical journey with its dozens of works set in natural beauty. We recommend that you put the Hittite Road, which has witnessed the history of Corum, on your list of places to see in Corum, Turkey.


Incesu Canyon

12 km long İncesu Canyon, along the route with many historical monuments and great natural beauty of Corum is a favorite travel region. You should add Incesu Canyon, which is a good example of Corum's natural beauties, to your list of places to see in Çorum.


Kybele Embossing

This ancient work, which is located at Ortakoy, has Hellenistic architectural features. Kybele Relief, which has the most magnificent relief art you can see, creates a magnificent integrity with its surroundings. We recommend adding Kybele Relief, which has an important place in Çorum's historical monuments, to your list of places to visit in Corum, Turkey.


Koyunbaba Bridge

The people on the river Kızılırmak are fascinated by their magnificent structure. Places to visit in Corum can be found on your list.


Kargi Plateau

If you want to take a green tour, Kargı Plateau will offer you the ideal opportunity with its natural beauties. Artistic nature synthesis of lakes in the trees. You should keep the Kargı Plateau, which is a good example of the natural beauties of Corum, on your list of places to visit in Çorum.



Transportation to Corum, Turkey



 Çorum is easily accessible by air and by road. Transportation by road, Istanbul, Izmir, (Turkey)Ankara, (Turkey)Bursa, Antalya Turkey, including major cities, many companies from around the country are organizing bus services. For those who want to use the airline, they can reach Corum from Amasya Merzifon Airport. The distance between the airport and the center of Corum is 67 km. You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your transfer to Amasya Merzifon Airport.



Accommodation in Corum, Turkey



You can find many options for your stay in Corum, which has become very popular in recent years with its nature wonder and very old history. Corum Hotels, hostels and alternative accommodation can be found in every holiday conditions. The hotel can accommodate your budget as well as the daily home rentals and reliable company in Turkey, which is one of the villa holidays sector Dream Of Holiday family will provide our service to you very soon Corum Vacation Rentals and Holiday Apartments.