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Vacation in Corum TURKEY

Chorum province , is located in Middle Black sea of Black Sea in Turkey Republic. Chorum known as its roasted chickpea. The land and machine endustry is famous in Chorum. One part of province is in Blac sea side and other part is in Anatolia. The most developed city around itself. There are districts in Chorum and the biggest district is Sungur. The rice production is popular in Osmanjik district and so why there have taste of rice in Chorum. The finest roasted chickpea and rice production of its area. Main country of capers is Osmanjik distirct of Chorum and this plant is not known in Turkey but it famous in Europe.Evliya Chelebi had visited this area and talked about benefits of capers in his book.Nowadays, there are capers sale centers for give a life to Turkey ecenomy. History The results of searches there found the remants of human settlements about Paleotic era. These remants are found in Alaca Tumulus, Great Gulluje, Bogazkoy, Old yapar, and Kushsarayi.Chorum and area of it had been dominance of Hitit,Frige, Kimmer, Med,Pers,Galat,Roma,Byzantanian,Seljuk, Danishment, Mogol, Ertana, Kadi Burhanettin, and Ottoman. Chorum one of the first province that contunues the Anatolian culture.Chorum as a open air museum about its cultural riches. Chorum was the interest center of Europian traveleers untill 1830s.


Traveling Places of Chorum


Kargi Platau It will affect you with its natural beauties.It is one of the discovery place of Chorum ,you should add to your trip programme.

Kybele Relief If you plan to go Chorum ,you have to visit Kybele Relief. It is located over rock block and board to Injesu Village.The Kybele God depicted as sitting on throne and holding lion cub.There is not any other big relief such as Kybele. It will interest the history lover visitors.

Koyunbaba Bridge It is huge structure of Chorum and located over Kizilirmak River in Osmanjik district.

Hitit Way There are living Hitit civilization and opens to visit on spring months.

Injesu Canyon There are a lot of plants and animals in Injesu Canyon . It is camping area for camp lovers.

Hattushash Antique City If you want to separate your time for discovering of history you can add this place to your trip programme.

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