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Information of Denizli, Turkey



It is located in the inner part of the Aegean Region and has a population of around 1 million. Mugla, Aydın, Burdur(Turkey), Manisa(Turkey), Afyon Turkey, Usak is a neighboring city. It is known with its travertines and cocks. Pamukkale Travertines, which are known as the 8th Wonders of the World, are flocked by thousands of local and foreign tourists in every period of the year. The artifacts and monuments belonging to various periods which can be considered as Denizli are doubling in the tourism area of ​​the region. If we look at Denizli's historical past briefly, we see a city structure dating back to 3,000 BC. Denizli, taken by the Luvi Civilization in 2,500 BC, has become Hittites, Frikyans, Lydians, Persians, Macedonian Kingdom, Kingdom of Pergamum, Roman Empire, Turks, Byzantines, Ottoman civilizations and has gained the works of all these different cultures. For this reason, it is in the center of cultural tourism and continues to host its guests. Denizli is one of the prominent cities in the field of health tourism with its healing hot springs and facilities. Unique Denizli is an industrial and trade city that exhibits its natural beauties. Denizli, especially in the field of textiles with the breakthroughs made in the province of Bursa, marketing its products to the world, is a star that shines in this direction. Denizli is an attractive city with its unique cuisine and large tables that leave delicious flavors to the palates. Being a tourism capital, Denizli is a city worth visiting with its modern facilities, historical sources unearthed by archaeological studies and important legacies to be seen. We have listed the places to visit in Denizli as follows:



Traveling Places in Denizli, Turkey



Pamukkale Travertines 

Natural wonders of Pamukkale Thermal Pools, which is located in Denizli, Turkey ranks first among the icons. Travertines, which are crystallized as a result of the flight of the carbon dioxide in the water sources and the collapse of the limestone in the water, offer one of the most pleasing structures of nature. It is an opportunity to experience an extraordinary experience that you will feel in a dream journey with its image resembling a cotton field. Cappadocia, Mount Nemrut, Troy Ancient City, Letoon Ancient City, Hattusha Ancient City, Cumalikizik Village, the ancient city of Pergamum and Ephesus are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Pamukkale. Pamukkale's fascinating beauty before you die is definitely one of the locations you should see.


The Ancient City Of Laodikeia

It is thought that the foundations of Denizli's glare in the area of ​​textile today were thrown in the Ancient City Of Laodikeia at 2,300 years ago. Laodikia, which is the most important trade and financial center of its time, is a sight-seeing Denizli sight point that reveals the economic areas of centuries ago.


Onaz Mountain National Park

Honaz National Park, located at the highest point of Aegean Region, contains dozens of endemic plant species. Onaz Mountain National Park, which is the perfect example of the natural beauties of Denizli, is one of the most popular places of interest for explorer-minded travelers who are interested in botanical area.


Caravanserail of Akhan

This Caravanserai, which has architectural characteristics of the Seljuk period, witnessed the history of Denizli since the 13th century. The place, which is mainly used by white colors, has survived to the present day and continues to serve as one of the most popular points of Denizli, Turkey.


Keloglan Cave

According to the story, a shepherd nicknamed Keloglan living in the area, enters this cave on a day of heavy rain. But he goes so deep that he loses. His acquaintances begin to look for him, and Keloglan is found in the cave with his hair and beard elongated. This story is the subject of films and has made a name for itself. Visiting this famous cave which is the source of the Keloglan story will be an interesting Denizli excursion stop. Places to visit in Denizli can be found on your list.


Severgazi Tomb

The tomb that belonged to the commander of Server Gazi, who was martyred during Seljuk's conquest of Denizli in 1210, is frequently visited because of its great spiritual importance. We recommend that you put it in your list of places to see in Denizli, Turkey.


St. Philippe Marriyrie Church

Philippe is one of Jesus' 12 Apostles, and this historic site is especially popular with people of Christian faith. In order to spread this religion in the year 80 AD Philippe died in this region and is buried at the point where the church is located. We recommend you to add your list of places to visit in Denizli, Turkey.


Yesildere Waterfalls

Yesildere Waterfall, which flows from a height of 55 meters, is an excellent example of the natural beauties of Denizli. You should definitely add Denizli's list to your list.


Aciyapam Yazir Mosque

With its historical history dating back to 1301, it has been maintaining its authenticity for over 700 years. This mosque, which reflects the motifs of its period in the most beautiful way, is also one of the rare tree pillar structures made in the 13th century. This historical artifact shed light on Denizli's history.


Tekkekoy Spas

The spas within the boundaries of Sarayköy district are located at a point where transportation can be provided very easily. It has valuable water resources which are healing to skin, rheumatism, urinary tract and gynecological diseases. Considered in terms of thermal tourism, it is among the prominent places. You should definitely visit the region, which is a beautiful example of the natural beauties of Denizli, Turkey.


Denizli Ufo Museum

It ranks 4th in the world after the ufo museums in the USA, Japan and England. Denizli Ufo Museum, which is the stopover point for those who want to have an extraordinary trip experience with its history and works, opens its doors to its valuable guests with its exciting and charming atmosphere.



Accommodation in Denizli, Turkey



Denizli natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for your stay in Denizli. You can find hotels, pensions and different accommodations in your budget at affordable conditions in Denizli. Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies in Denizli Vacation Rentals and villa holidays sector in Denizli, will serve you with our Villa Rental and Daily Rental Apartments where you can stay with your family outside the hostels.



Transportation to Denizli, Turkey



Visitors who wish to visit Denizli at the junction of the Aegean highways can provide transportation by airway, road and rail. By rail, Izmir, EskisehirAydin Soke, daily trips to Denizli Railway Station. Transportation to Denizli is very easy. IstanbulAnkara TurkeyIzmir, Bursa, Antalya Turkey and Denizli from all the city's bus terminal has daily flights from Turkey. You can use Denizli Cardak Airport, which is 65 km away from the city center. To reach the city center from Cardak Airport, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.