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Vacation in Diyarbakir TURKEY



Diyarbakir located at southeast of Analoia of Turkey.This place one of the oldest city of world and it is historical place.There 17 districts among center of city. The most crowded metropolitian city in east side of country. Geography It is located at middle of southeast of Anatolia region in north of Mesopatomia. Siirt and Mus from east, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman ,and Malatya from west, Elazig and Bingol from north and Mardin from south. It is surrending with moutions and appearance of it as like pitted and surrending with hands of Southeast Toroses.Anduk Mountion is the highest mountion of Diyarbakir(Turkey) border with Mus Turkey. Museums Arceological Museum The first museum of Diyarbakir and it opened at Zinjirie Marasah that contunie of Ulu Mosque in 1934.It moved to its new structere in Elazig Street above of Dedemen Hotel. There exhibiting things from Neolotic ages, Old period ,Asur ,Urartu,Helenistik ,Roman ,Byzantanian,Artuks,Seljuks ,Akkoyunlu and Ottoman state. Djahit Sitki Taranji Museum Writer Djahit Sitki Taranji was born in this house and one of the example for Diyarbakir Houses. It was museum with was being bought by Ministry of Culture in 1973.There exhibiting the things , letters and books of Djahit Sitki Taranji in museum. Zia Gokalp Museum It was a museum in 1956 where Zia Gokalp was born.There exhibiting things, letters and books of Zia Gokalp.



Traveling Places of Diyarbakir Turkey



Birkleyn Caves: Birkleyn Caves are 900 metres large and was known as underground world that died people go in antique periods.You will affect from atmosphere of cave when you visit here. We suggest to history lovers to visit this place..!


Hevsel Gardens: The Hevsel Gardens have vast view and you have to add this place to your trip programme.


Asur Castle: You have to visit Asur Castle and it is found the most valuable history of Diyarbakir Turkey. You have to add this place to your trip programe. 


Dicle River: Dicle named with Firat and takes fertility to Mesopatomia Region.The largest is 1900km totally and 523 km of Dicle River in border of Turkey.



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