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Vacation in Edirne TURKEY



Edirne located in border of Greece and Bulgaria and was capital of Ottoman for a years. It was one of the seven great cities of Europe in 18th century.There are important historical and archetuctural structures in Edirne (Turkey) because of had being the capital of Ottoman nearly 100 years. Edirne( Turkey) one of the open air museum with its mosques, regional complexes,bridges,old bazaar places,carvansarais and palaces.Edirne (Tukey) is located at Trakya of Marmara Region. aegean sea from south, Bulgaria from north, Greece from west and Tekirdag , Kirklareli and Canakkale from east.Edirne that located in Marmara Region at Trakya side highest from sea is 41 metres.Geographycal situation of Edirne is known with its large plains and low hills.It has continental climate.It is rainy and tepid when Meditterian climate affects , hard and rainy when continental climate affects. Warm and rapid in summer and rainy in spring periods. It has 88 km border with Bulgaria and get into majority land of west places.Bordr with Bulgaria starts from Kirklareli (Turkey) and finished Merich River.There combined the Turk,Bulgarian and Greek borders.Merich river provides border with Greece.(TurkeyEdirne is side from east , Greece west side of River. The border Edirne(Turkey) and Greece is 204 km.This border finishes in Enez. The warmest months are June ,Jule , Augost and the coldest months are December and January. The avarage warm is 23,4 degree in summertimes.



Traveling Places of Edirne Turkey




Gokcetepe Nature Park: One of the hidding heavan that could stay natural in Kesan district of Edirne province.This place bridge between Marmara and Aegean regions. It is only pearl of Saros Port that can clean itself and beautiful with its natural purity.It is full ocsigen depo and care of asthym. You can enjoy with nature sports such as offroad,paragliding and scouting.


Rustem Pasha Caravanserai: It can come across with Ottoman trails in Edirne and it is an important city about history view. Especially , Selimie Mosque has a lot of visitors because of its architecture that comes to modern day.


Telli Fountain: Telli Fountain located in Uzunkopru distirct of Edirne province that fores with its architecture.


Ergene Bridge: Ergene Bridge is the center of interest local and foreign turists that located over Ergene River.


Gala Lake: One of the fertile spot of Merich delta and presents the independance of birds. 


Selimie Mosque: It was built by Turkish architecture Mimar Sinan and construction contunued between 1568 and 1574 years.One of the most important structure of Ottoman architecture and get feature of Ottoman architecture.Mimar Sinan said: '' I had done my apprenticeship in Shehzada Mosque .And finished my journeyman in Suleymaniye Mosque. But I spent all my force to Selimiye Mosque and annouced my master in here''. This shows that Selimiye Mosque has an imporatant place for Turkish culture.



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