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Information Of Edirne, Turkey



Edirne is located in Thrace Region. It is neighboring with Tekirdag and Kirklareli, with a population of around 400 thousand. It stands out with its strategic importance. Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period and many works were brought to the city during this period. The most important economic area appears to be the first in agriculture. However, the trade branches of the city have also developed in recent years and there are progress in this direction. Edirne, which has a significant place in the tourism area, is flocking to visitors with its historical, cultural and natural beauties in every period of the year. Turkey's direction is the gateway to Europe, in our country the tourists coming by road from Europe is the first region they toured. Edirne, together with the promotional activities, has started to take its place in the memories of the tourism potential. We have listed the places to visit in Edirne for you:


Places to Visit in Edirne, Turkey



Selimiye Mosque

Great Master Architect Sinan's iconic work. Selimiye Mosque, built in 6 years, is one of the most popular examples of Ottoman architecture. This magnificent structure, which Sinan called ne my masterwork am, can be seen from many points of Edirne in all its splendor. The historical monument has many hidden features. The dome is unique; In the expression of God's unity, the 5-stage windows of the mosque point to the 5 conditions of Islam. Edirne's most visited structure, which is the most visited by local and foreign tourists, should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Edirne.


Ancient City of Ainos

Ainos Antique City, mentioned in the notes made by the most important writers of antiquity, opens its doors to visitors with its rich historical ruins. Along with the small restoration works, it has the feature of being an ancient city with a holistic structure. This important region of Edirne history in Edirne places you should definitely put on your list of places to visit.


Meric River

The Meriç River is one of the largest rivers in the Balkans. Born from Bulgaria, passing through Edirne and pouring into the Aegean Sea, the river has an enormous appearance by embracing thousands of flowers around it in spring. You should see the river Meriç which is a beautiful example of the natural beauties of Edirne, Turkey.


Edirne Justice

The Ottoman period, Edirne Justice Palace, is located in the Sarayiçi district. It was built by Suleiman the Magnificent and served as the place where laws were written. Today, the museum serves as a museum and offers a panoramic view.


Ergene Bridge

With 1392 meter length, it is one of the biggest bridges in the world. Ergene Bridge, located in Edirne for 600 years, is located in the district of Vezirkopru in Edirne.


Gokcetepe Natural Park

In Keşan district, it is a magnificent natural wonder waiting for all naturalists and visitors. It is one of the most important areas of Saros Bay which has shining like pearls and has self-cleaning feature with its long bays. In addition to accommodation services, restaurants and service points have been established in various areas. Gokcetepe Nature Park, the perfect example of the natural beauties of Edirne, is worth seeing.


The Circulation of The Palacy Balkan War

This martyrdom, built in memory of thousands of soldiers who were martyred after the Balkan War, which occupies an important place in our history, has a great spiritual importance. You must add to your list of places to visit in Edirne, Turkey.


Three Serefeli Mosque

During the period when Edirne was the Ottoman capital city, It was built by Murat the II. The architecture of the mosque was undertaken by Kemalleddin Efendi and he created a masterpiece which will last for centuries. The city of Edirne has the largest history and is also a place of spiritual importance for the city.


Rustem Pasa Caravanserai

It is another work belonging to the Ottoman period. The caravanserai, which was built on a very large area within a wide plan, is remarkable with its architectural texture. Visitors are frequently hosted in the center of Edirne.


Ali Pasha Bazaar

: With its 500 years of history, the city has been the most important commercial area of ​​the city from past to present. The Ali Pasha Bazaar, in which traditions of tradesmen are maintained, are the places where Edirne products can be found.


Edirne Health Museum

With the transformation of the venues used in the Ottoman period as a health center; It has become an important place for both medical students and visitors. The Health Museum, which was awarded the Council of Europe Museum Award in 2004, continues to welcome its guests at all times.



Accommodation in Edirne, Turkey



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Transportation to Edirne, Turkey



It is possible to reach Edirne by road. Istanbul, Ankara Turkey, Izmir, Bursa Turkey, Antalya Turkey and many other cities of the city with regular bus services can go to Edirne. The airport project to be built in Edirne is still continuing. Therefore, those who want to go by airline should use Istanbul Airports. You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, for your transfer to Istanbul Ataturk Airport Edirne.