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Vacation in Elazig TURKEY



General Knowledge about Elazig (Turkey) It is located at crossroad of ways that combine the East Anatolia Region to West. The most important flowing water is Firat and hands of it. Hazar Lake is 30 km far away from center province and area size is 86 km2. Province surrends with Keban,Karakaya, Kralkizi and Ozluce .In the past there was terrestrial climate in Elazig (Turkey) and now there is moderate climate dominants because of barrage that is being built.The area of Elazig has so old history of settlement.It have to talk history of Elazig and Harput togather. Harput and around of it the most old settlemet place of Anatolia. Settlements in this place have been from Paleotic era with its rock natural shelters,plenty of animals from road and water and located in plain that big arc is drew by Firat River.You can learn about writing history of Elazig (Turkey) and around of it from Hitit tablets.There was dominance of Urartues between B.C 12ty and 7th centuries. There are a lot of traces about Urartu civilizations which are ; Harput Castle, Urartu settlement that was found in Altinova Norshuntepe,Palu Castle, Karakochan and cramponed writing inscriptions in Izoli.There were Meds, Persians,Romans, Byzantanians, and Arabians in region.It was established Harput Chubukogullari Beylik in 1085 with conquering bu Chubuk Bey.Harput was the grown city with Turks. Dominance of Cubukogullari was short and in 1110 Artuklu Belek Behram seized Harput and around it and with this, started the dominance of Artukogullari. Belek Gazi fighted against to The Crusades.The dominance of Artukogullari was finished by I.Alaaddin Keykubad. After this period Harput was dominance of Turkey Seljuk Satate. After Kosedag War Harput occupied by Ilhans in 1243, then by Dulkadirogullari in 1363, by Akkoyuns in 1465 and by Ottoman after Chaldiran war in 1516. Harput was an important settlement about its geographycal location all dates of history. Rashid Mehmed Pasa moved Elazig center to Harput in 1834.The last years of Ottoman Malatya and Dersim starboards connected to Elazig Turkey. Then these two starboards seperated from Elazig in 1921.



Traveling places in Elazig Turkey



Elazigh Kapali Bazaar: We suggest you to visit this place if you will come to Elazig Turkey. Wish you have a good holiday..!


Hazar Lake: Beach It is located 22km far away from Elazig Turkey. Stays between Hazarbaba and Mastar mountions and beautiful place of our country.There is 22km highest beach line in Hazar Lake Beach where you can live harmony of green and blue.For great size it named Hazar sea from local people and the water of this lake is so pure, without soda and salt.


Harput Freezer Cave: The important feature of this cave is cool in summer and warm in winter and has important point for turistic terms. You can add this place to this your trip programme.


Circhir Waterfall: It is formed over keban Barrage Lake that the eldest natural waterfall of world. Trout Resorts around of Keban Barrage Lake in Elazig present you tastes inside nature



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