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Vacation in Erzincan TURKEY




It is located at East Anatolian Region in Up Side of Firat River. This place huged Erzurum from east, Sivas from west, Tunceli from south,Bingol from southeast, Elazig-Malatya from southwest, GumushaneBayburt from north and Giresun from northwest.There are a lot of mountions and platforms in Erzincan province.Munzur from southwest, Refie mountions from northwest. The Karasu and Kop mountions separates province two side.The highest point of Erzincan (Turkey) is Keshish mountions (3.537m). Other high places are Kohnem Mountion(3.045m),Sipikor Mountion (2.666m),Maryam Mountion (2.669m),Kop Mountion(2.963), Mulpet Mountion(3.065), Munzur Mountions( 3.449m),Kazankaya Mountion(2.531m),Ergan Mountion(2.531m),Dumanli Mountions(2.618m),Djoshan Mountion(3.976m). There is Erzincan Plain that lieng to east-west sides and located at Up Firat River in East Anatolia.It connects to Sansa Mountion Pass with Tezcan Plain. Pekeric Plain is the largest plain of area. There are large plataus in area. They are Takkuran,Tahsul, Abihayat and Uzunchayir plataus.Province territory outside the welfare sector gathers the waters of the Blackwater. Karasu, after receiving Kadıgöl Miran juice with water in Kemaliye district, the county, near the southeast border Mills enters Elazig Turkey. The waters of the region in the northwestern part Refahiye poured into the Black Sea via the Çukurdere Kelso attended. On Tuzla, one of the Karasu River arm, Tercer the dam kurulmuştur.yüzölçü my total population of 11 903 km2, which is 316 841 Erzincan Turkey. Erzincan, has a continental climate in general. Located in the Eastern Anatolia region, Elazig Turkey and all other provinces outside of Malatya Turkey, has a more temperate climate. The economy of the province is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. Grown main agricultural products, wheat, barley, rye, beans, vetch, sugar beets, onions and potatoes. Vegetable and fruit growing and viticulture, irrigation can be made in Erzincan plain occupy places in the province wide. The small-scale livestock, sheep and goats are raised. Sugar in the center, meat and dairy factories has led to the development of cattle breeding. Erzincan especially from dairy products has earned the reputation of goat cheese. Apart from poultry and beekeeping occupies an important place in the economy of the Erzincan province. Few of the rich mineral resources in various districts of Erzincan operated. Ilic and iron in Kemaliye Terjan manganese and chromium, asbestos Ilic, Çayırlı and Refahiye in magnesite, Kemaliye and lignite Refahiye, there Erzincan-Mollakoy perlite deposits. In addition, a large portion of the resources in the seasonal production of salts, Erzincan city has Bogert Sour Water and spas and mineral springs near. Although no precise knowledge of the institutions of the province of Erzincan 20 km. east of Altıntepe and Kuchuktepe mound in the archaeological excavations in the finds from the first settlement of the Early Bronze Age to the region (B.C 3500-2000) castle in the settlement belongs to the Urartu on the settlement of the Early Bronze Age in anlaşılmıştır.altıntepe, one of the major centers, palaces and have been found in the temple ruins. After B.C x century region then dominated by the Medes and Persians Urartu B.C vı century entered the domination of the Macedonian and Seleucid B.C ıv century and B.C II the Romans in the First century, lands, has been the scene of conflict between Pontus and Araks are. Came under the rule of the Sassanids in ms.ıı.yüzyıl entered the domination of the Menguch in xı century. After Ilkhanians remained in Erata Principality domination. At the end of XIV (1379-1403) Mutahheretten Timur's reign in the remaining region bağlanmıştır.yıld I Beyazit (1401) besieged the Erzinjan and Kemah region, however, the Battle of Ankara (1402) on the area again to ensure the rule of Timur. Timur 'flour into the hands. Karakoyunlus the founder of Kara Yusuf Bey (1410) captured Erzincan, stuck in the management of Karakoyunlus ten-year period, this period witnessed the struggle between Karakoyuns and Akkoyunlus. Otlukbeli from the War (1473), then part of the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. Region entered a period of supervision of the Safavids in the early xvı.yüzyıl has been included in the 1514 re-Ottoman lands. Erzurum Turkey, Erzincan, an ensign in the last XIX center in the province, has been subjected to Russian occupation during the First World War. Since December 13, 1917 in Erzincan Armistice who reside in one of Turkey's most active tectonic earthquake area has undergone many times and destroyed. The most important of these earthquakes in 1047, 1457, 1583, 1666, 1784, 1888, 1930, 1939 are the ones. After the abandonment of the city before the earthquake in the south of the railway in 1939, temporarily settled the railway to the north, then moved to its present. Developed after the 1963 Erzincan Plain was based to the north edge. There are no antiquities in the new city. The historical buildings in the old town of the great damage caused by the earthquake; Dome believed to be in the XIII century, Aqquyunlu and Karakoyunlus without grave monuments, Bey Hamam (1471), Chadırcı Bath (1548), Erzincan Castle, Terzibab Tomb, Speed Abdal Sultan Tomb, Malik Ghazi shrine, in Kemah Gulalibey mosque in Tercan caravanserai, baths, mosques, in Kemah Mama Hatun Vault. In addition, 15 km from the city center. There are the ruins of the city of Urartu in Altıntepe away.



Traveling places of Erzincan Turkey



Karanlik Canyon: This place an important point of beauty of Erzincan Turkey. ıt is located at Kemaliye district and presents one of the biggest canyon of world. There are some natura sports that done inside Canyon.


Erzincan Thermal: It helps cure some ilnesses and has 33 degree of warm. There are 12 closed pools in Erzincan Thermal and there come a lot of turists every year. 


Kadi Gol(Kadi Lake): It is found in Erzinjan-Kemalie with its cold watwer sources and one of the green place of Erzincan Turkey.You have to add to your trip programme.


Aygir Lake: It will present all beauties to you while your trip in Aygir Lake.We suggest you to visit this place..! 


Sakaltutan Ski Center: One of the center of wşnter turism in Erzincan and you can choice this place for your holiday. 


Girlevik Waterfall: Girlevik Waterfall one of the beauty of Erzincan Turkey. It is 30 km far away from center of province.Girlevik Waterfall also presents the discovery points to visitors in Erzincan Turkey.


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