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Kayakoy, Fethiye, Turkey

Kaya village south of Fethiye to the ongoing mountain path, it is possible to reach out to follow-up after 8 km. The other alternative, providing access to the dead sea highway from Fethiye(Turkey), Hisaronu junction West of the Kaya village is reached with stalking. In the area surrounded by small elevations on the plateau, they refer to as a Rock Pit in this way the first one from the North, the other from the East entrance. After the introduction, visitors to Hisaronu BartPE abandoned structures. The northern entrance to the visitor, with panoramic views of the Kaya village and to the East is dominated by the magnificent posture of Mount rising alone Father. We Recommend; which way to go with the Rock Pit where they took with the bride, and the other, in terms of the environment, you may find it useful to know the texture, the visitor will be satisfactory in terms of the landscape has to offer. A careful visitor, you can notice some parts of both the old roads on the route.Strabo ancient geographer, writer; The city of Telmessos In Lycia and the port of betimledikten, "a steep mountain. Here is a narrow and deep Creek settlement has been located, to "Karmylessos detection near the present day location of Telmessos with the exact report the existence of the ancient Karmylessos town can not be identified.Some superficial findings and signboards; Location of the ancient city of the Kaya village, In and around Kayakoy there is also some remains of the ancient period, this is far from a comprehensive city reveal the presence of putting.Rock Pit Is the north side entrance Gokceburun; II. 4. a publication on the Lycian tomb with three sarcophagi belonging to the same number of rock tombs, the oldest surviving from ancient times in the region and the extensive ruins. Apart from that, the rock-cut Tomb in the North High School Girls in kayakoy, in the same period a local artifact.

Region 19. yy. the visiting Fellows; Located in the South of the Island, Kayakoy Karmylessos and evolves. Identification of areas where the specified above and remains of the Fellows; Strabo's silhouette is far from the town of drew Karmylessos compliance.
Apart from these, the late period at the top of the walls to the South of Belen district of Akuro concealed under the remains of a small castle with Hellenistic Thompson dominated the southern ridges of the classical Period, Pınarının of the Byzantine period in time, with plenty of local settlements, ranging from the curious and the visitors, but the locality will ensure guided accessible areas.The current popularity of the Kaya village, ancient ruins, abandoned after the Turkish war of independence as a result of the presence of a Greek city of Exchange due to the derelict. The Greeks and Turks lived together for centuries in the pit of the rock. The Turks continued their agriculture and animal husbandry in the area of the plain, is the craft and trade with Greek Cypriots continued their lives in the Board of the slopes. The Region; The Greeks Levissi, likely from the Turkmen Oghuz Kayı tribe, rock. Placement, "so both names are used.

Due to the very recent addition to the philological point of view, called Levissi, a former name of the settlement was the first time an Italian traveller, as detected in the trip notes Sanuda (14th century). The material used for the planning and applied to the totality of the settlement structures, dating is not much help to us. However, some of the buildings used stone blocks, and some of the Early Byzantine spolia architectural fragments, a nearby settlement and makes the existence of religious structures. Fellows, during his visit to the region in 1838 when transferring your thoughts regarding Levissi. "the dominant position of the settlement and a few small Tomb, the former may be small, maybe the city was established in place of Kissidae..." discovery.
After Jesus. 7. and 8. century, the Arab invasion influenced the coastal settlements, rather, moved to coastal and inland people sitting on the Islands. The Arab raids on the island which is also affected by people's Ships to escape Levissi. Later Byzantine sovereignty again provides 10 and 11. old glory in the 4th century on the island of canlandırılmasa to an appropriate settlement Ships, built some new structures that we know. These are believed to be the new settlers came from Levissi. Surveys in the region in recent years, the Japanese archaeology group; Levisis at the Church of the East, some in the adjacent Chapel şapellerle Gemile Island, some similar applications wherein the fragment was identified, structures. 12 and 13. century.

Starting from the formation of the land down to the Church according to the scores in the structures of the most obvious way to rising curving Levissi; Today, even if not completely follow the Ridge across the Island to transport that Sears travel through the Bay. Similar structures in both location and transportation route between the two, St.Nicholas Island and reveals the late Byzantine period, the organic bond Levissi settlements.Later during the Ottoman period, the presence of some of the Greek people and the map and travelers notes Levissi. in the first half of the 19th century European travellers visiting Levissi, about 300 to 400 at the presence of the House. After the Ottoman State, particularly Western seyyahlardan Islahat with non-Muslims rights granted and H2 from land reform and tax, to drain the commercially vibrant in those years should be özendirmiş Levissi As a result, in 1923, the number of remaining vacant town house exchange with Western reporting has reached three times the number of travelers.

After the first world war; According to the provisions of the Treaty of Sevres, Anatolia and Greece, the Greeks, about a century ago that soldiers in their independence, this time trying to convert the occupation of Anatolia, the Anatolian Greeks living on the lands of heyecanlandırarak, as long as the Turkish national liberation war caused a brief joy. After the war's conclusion in favor of the Turks, the Greeks from Anatolia the war and peace process in these lands for centuries, shoulder to shoulder, but planted the seeds of hatred, the war intervening communities, the Greek people are forced to emigrate to Greece, migrants from Western Thrace instead of sharing the same fate of Turkish immigrants.posted on January 30, 1923 in Greece with the Greek-Turkish Population Exchange according to the provisions of the agreement relating to the functions defined in 2 large church, Levissi freed 14 chapels, 2 schools, 2 fountains, 2 with the Windmill is approximately proportional to the home and the houses around 1000, are the remains of a cistern and toilet.

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Kayakoy highway transportation is made from Fethiye.Available every 30 minutes from Fethiye Bus Station to Kayakoy by Minibus.Buses are every days available from IstanbulAnkara(Turkey)IzmirAntalya(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) and all Citys for Fethiye.You can use  Gocek Port - Fethiye Port route for your Kayakoy sea transport,You can use Dalaman airport for your Kayakoy transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!



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