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Vacation in Erzurum TURKEY
The districts of Erzurum(Turkey) are Ashkale,Chat,Horasan,Ilija,Ispir,Karachoban,Karayazi,Korukoy,Narman,Oltu,Olur,Pasins,Pazaryolu,Senkaya,Tekman,Tortum and Uzundere. Geography: There are a lot of elevations rates to middle and west regions in Erzurum Turkey. Rize Mountions that are east longest of East Black Sea Mountions surrend province from north and make border of Rize province.These mountions not give a permittion to move and they so high.The highest points are Kackar and Verchenik Hills 3937 metres. Guvercin Mountion is in Tortum Side. Karga Bazaar Mountions are located at Pasins Plain and Gurju Mountion Pass.It acrosses the Erzurum from east side and arrives to Palandoken Mountions. History It thought that Erzurum (Turkey) was established in B.C 4900 years. The dominance of civilizations are ; Urartus, Cimmerians, Scythians, Medes, Persians, Parthians, Romans, Sassanids, Arabs, Seljuks, Byzantines, The Mongols, Ilkhanians and Safavies such a state and civilizations was here. Ottoman was dominance in 1514 and had been contunieng to 1923 untill Turkey Republic. The first known name of Erzurum was Theodosiopolis taken by II.Theodosius Byzantanian Emperior and established at place of Roma was dominance of these lands end of 4th century.For Mateos from Urfa was found at Garin place near to Firat source. Ermanyakos was dominance of area and after his death the area named as Kali wife of him because of it Arabians named it as Kalikala.Belazuri saw this place as cities of Armenie.The Kali carpet was made here and took name from city.
Traveling Places of Erzurum Turkey
Tortum Waterfall: The most beautiful point of Erzurum and the most huge ,beautiful waterfall of Turkey.It formed by Tortum River that took name also from here.You should add this wonder place to your trip programme.
Tortum Lake: You have to visit this natural beauty when you come to Erzurum Turkey.It formed from Tortum River and waiting for you to discover beauties around it.
Palandoken Ski Center: Erzurum,Palandoken Mountions waiting for tusrists to service a nice holiday to local and foreign turists .Palandoken Mountions forms the tectonic mountions. There is snow 6 months in Palandoken Mountions.We suggest you to have a good holiday here!
Narman Fairy Chimneys: Fairy Chimneys come in basic beauty of city. You can easily arrive to Fairy Chimneys in your Erzurum vacation
Balikli Village: This place found in Uzundere district of Erzurum Turkey. Balikli Village seems like a town because appearance of Tortum Lake. You can enjoy with culture of Black Sea. There is scaffolding in village too.You can enjoy Tortum Lake using boat. We suggest you to visit this place when you come to Erzurum Turkey.

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