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Information Of Erzurum, Turkey



Erzurum is a city in Eastern Anatolia. It is adjacent to Artvin, Rize Turkey, Bayburt Turkey, Erzincan Turkey, Kars Turkey, Bingol, Mush, Agri and Ardahan, Erzurum. It is the city that has the deepest settlements in Anatolia. Erzurum, which carries dozens of historical and cultural value works, started to come to the forefront with the restoration works in this area. The city, which is also one of the important centers of winter tourism, was the host of the Winter Olympics in 2011. After this organization, Erzurum, which has become more and more known to the world, has become an internationally important winter tourism destination. When we look at the historical adventures of Erzurum, we see that Urartians, Cimmerians, Scythians, Medes, Parfs, Persians, Romans, Sassanids, Arabs, Seljuks, Byzantines, Mongolians, Ilhans, Safavids are civilizations. The city, with its traces of all these civilizations, is an open-air museum. Erzurum stands out with its natural beauty. The city, with its unique natural areas, is one of the points where many explorer-spirited traveler determines the route, which is very interesting. We have listed the places to visit in Erzurum:



Traveling Places in Erzurum, Turkey



Palandoken Ski Center

Turkey's Uludag Ski Center, Erciyes Ski Center and Kartepe Ski Center, which is world-renowned winter tourism Palandoken Ski Center welcomes thousands of tourists every year. With its modern facilities and high-level ski slopes, the area where all the details are considered, has been successful in hosting the 2011 Winter Olympics. Palandoken, with its modern Palandoken hotels, offers a wide range of time zones. You can place Palandoken Ski Center at the top of your list of places to visit in Erzurum for a winter holiday.


Cifte Minareli Madrasa

Madrasa which has 13th century Seljuk architecture features is an important Erzurum excursion stop which should be seen with its hundreds of years of education areas and fine workmanship.


Tortum Lake

If you want to see a place full of natural beauty, Erzurum Tortum Lake will delight you with all its colors. Tortum Lake, which has a width of 100 meters, is an enormous synthesis with endemic plants growing around it. Tortum Lake is one of our suggestions for places to visit.


Narman Fairy Chimneys

Narman fairy chimneys, which were formed 3 million years ago, are an important point of Erzurum's history. Although it is not as popular as the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, this exciting excursion is one of the city's most popular attractions. We also add that transportation is quite easy. Places to visit in Erzurum, Narman Fairy Chimneys must be on your list.


Three Kumbets

It is ranked first among the most meticulously constructed group of Anatolian Seljuks. Three Kumbets, which are among the important cultural places of Erzurum, are visited frequently.


Pasinler Thermals

Pasinler Hot Springs, which is a source of healing with its thermal riches, is a good example of the natural beauty of Erzurum. This place, which welcomes more guests with its facilities, has the quality of treatment for people suffering from rheumatism, orthopedic discomfort, joint, skin, calcification and respiratory problems.


Rustem Pasa Bedesten

The bedesten known as Taşhan among the people was built by Rustem Pasha who was the grand vizier of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman in the 16th century. In the area where there are shops offering unique stone, you can shop on a historical trip.


Balikli Village

An unusual village on the edge of Tortum Lake. We can eat delicious trout, it is also an attractive travel stop where you can watch the beauty of nature.


Yakutiye Madrasa

The Medrese, which was built by Emir Hoca Cemalettin Yakut in the beginning of the 14th century, could be written to the first places among the historical places where Erzurum should be seen.


Erzurum Ulu Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Erzurum is the 12th century Seljuk work. The mosque, which is remarkable with its historical texture, will take you to the past with its interior architecture.


Coruh Valley

 The valley, which has a length of 15 kilometers, is one of the important places for nature travelers. You can witness hundreds of endemic plants and natural wonders.



Accommodation in Erzurum, Turkey



Erzurum natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for accommodation in Erzurum. If you are in Erzurum, you can find Hotels, B & B and different accommodation in suitable conditions. When you visit Erzurum, Dream Of Holiday, which is one of the leading companies of villa holidays and daily rented apartment sector, will serve you with our Home Rental and Daily Rental Apartments where you can stay with your family outside the hostels.



Transportation to Erzurum, Turkey



It has become the center of attention of winter tourism with Palandöken Ski Center located in Erzurum. Erzurum has a wide transportation network. It offers options such as highway, airline and railway. by road, in the city center terminal in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa Turkey, Adana Turkey, Ankara Turkey, as well as major cities on a regular basis to almost all provinces in Turkey's expeditions are organized. There is a direct flight to Erzurum Airport by air. Istanbul Airports, Bodrum Milas Airport, Adana Airport, Antalya Airport, Izmir Airports, Trabzon Airport, Ankara Airports, Bursa Yenisehir Airport from many cities such as direct flights to Erzurum are provided. You can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer, in accordance with your transfer to Erzurum Airport.