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Information Of Eskisehir Turkey




Eskisehir is a city that has signed many first thing in Turkey, immaculate streets, properly speaking people, civilized life denince is one that comes to mind of the first cities, but also from the majority of the population of the Balkan countries (Romania, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Russia Crimea and Ukraine is an immigrant city, composed of immigrants from the country. Somewhat similar to Ankara(Turkey) as a social structure, but Ankara's somewhat scaled down version say it would be more appropriate, is a typical republican city, extremely polite and kind people live in this city, you can actually understand the value, but when you went away it is a city. Home to is dominated nostajik a european image when viewed best in the streets, is a student in the same time, not really old, our country is a new city that many of the novelty from every angle here ... industry and is one of the very fast from growing cities commercially viable. the city's history and a if we take out the geographic location in Eskisehir Turkey. Approximately 600, 000 located in the interior northwest of Anatolia, the population in the north Black Sea, northwest of Marmara, west and Aegean regions of Eskisehir neighbors in the southwest, the province's land area is 13,652 square kilometers, mainly city is a very old settlement, the region's first anchor point of the current location, 6 km north of Dorylaion 'stop. Due to the very old history of Eskisehir is named. The information provided by the results of the archaeological studies of the works of Eskisehir and the region, up to 3000 years before Christ is understood that an ancient settlement. Anatolia, which ruled in 2000 BC Hittite period in the Eskisehir's importance and place so meat' like (Principality) seems to be. After 1200 years before Christ entered Phrygia and Eskisehir Anadolu Dorylaion as the city was founded with the name of a Phrygian. After the Phrygian city of Lydia, and in 546 BC entered in the domination of the Persians, BC 334 years in the hands of Alexander the Eskisehir Turkey, which is the date of Alexander's death in BC Lived 323 years until the Hellenistic period. Greeks (the Greeks) Anatolia "or in this period, they settled down en masse, was inferred from the historical documents. BC 190 years in the hands of the Romans to the Eskisehir, Rome 's 395 after Christ from the Roman Empire to split into two, and then remained in the administration of the Byzantines. Great Seljuk Empire in the east from a Turkish Boy, by benefiting from the weakness of the Byzantine Anatolia 'or began to settle. In fact Selcuk ruler Alparslan in 1071 after winning the Battle of Manzikert was opened all the doors of Anatolia to the Turks. Rapidly advancing Turkish army in 1074 took the Eskisehir Turkey. After Eskisehir, was a settlement point for continuous lengths from the east. Eskisehir Anadolu witnessed the Selcuks with the bloody war between the Crusaders, Eskisehir Anatolian Selcuks in until the fall of the establishment of a Selcuk although it remained the city, more because of these wars Seljuk could not be done. Historical monuments of the Anatolian Selcuks, it is seen in the center of the principality Sivrihisar'daki the long end speed. Osman Bey, founder of the Ottoman Empire, in 1284 Selcuk Sultan was Margrave Taking the edict sent by Mesut head of a clan. Osman Bey, after the Margrave, the day has been strengthened in 1289 and continual dominance area of Eskisehir and Inonu's have also been times. In the early Ottoman times, the state of the organization is due to one of the centers of interest shown near Eskisehir, not shown much interest in the pause and recessional speeds. Therefore Eskisehir, was not developed until recently. City, but the 1877-1878 Ottoman - after the Russian war, together with refugees began to be crowded and developed. The actual development of Eskisehir started after putting into operation of the railway. Today Eskisehir (Turkey) is one of the few centers remained until the Conqueror first time, depending on the Ankara Turkey principality. After 1451 years of Kutahya's been a change in Anatolia on the administrative organization to become Beylerbeylik, meanwhile Ankara or the connected Eskisehir, Kutahya(Turkey) is linked to Beylerbeylih. After changing the administrative division in 1841, Eskisehir, Bursa(Turkey), which Hudavendigar center connected to the state and the district governor- has been ruled until 1925. As in recent years, the rapidly growing city of Sanya and commercially care bozkir Ankara is the point where the green with a climate like climate such as Bursa Turkey, this difference in the city out to sink a little. After the proclamation of the Republic, Sanchez, and on the be the province of Sanjak became a province in 1925 in Eskişehir in 1926, Eskisehir, Sivrihisar, Mihallichik and had three districts, Seyitgazi, then Chifteler, Mahmudia, became Saricakaya district and Eskisehir district units was increased to 6, at the end of Takayama, Beylikova, Gunyuzu, Khan and was made into Mihalgazi district and so was the number of districts increased to 12. Eskisehir area, Sakarya River Tea with Badger and Sarısu covers the basin. Seaward slope of the basin is not much. Therefore streams, substances that carry the highest part of the basin, the wide plains formed by stack to the lower part. Plains, is because 26 per cent of the total area of the province. Plains in Eskisehir, surrounding mountains and the plains of the surrounding topography observed consisting of a normal plateau, are the major valleys in the province of Sakarya and Badger valley. Badger Plain starts from Kutahya province, extends towards the northeast along the bed of the Badger Creek. After Eskisehir Province, east orientation and continues until the Ankara province. Plateaus and mountain areas in the province of Eskisehir Turkmen eastern extensions Bozdag is on Sundiken mountains. Also on Sivrihisar Mountains separating from each other badgers and Sakarya(Turkey) basin areas are plateaus. Eskisehir area is covered with more plateaus and mountains. Plateaus, such as 0.6 percent constitutes a very small part of the province. Must see places in Eskisehir ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Eskisehir and point of interests to visit.When you visit Eskisehir, we recommend you to see this magnificent works here.




Traveling Places of Eskisehir Turkey




Porsuk River and Islands

You hace to add this place to your trip programme Islands and Porsuk River.Islands and Porsuk Riveris most important traveling place in Eskisehir(Turkey).You can add to your list of places to visit in Eskisehir Turkey.


Odunpazari Houses

The oldest settlement of Eskisehir.These houses restoreted and waiting for its visitors.


Kursunlu Mosque and Kullie

It was built by Coban Mustafa Pasa between 1517-1525 years.It used as museum in our day.We recommend you to put to Kursunlu Mosque and Kullie of traveling places in Eskisehir Turkey.


Sezova Park 

One of the traveling place in Eskishehir.It has a big interest to Masal Shato and Corsan Ship.


Altihan Bazaar

In old periods it is used as han and now this place gives a service such a Handcraft Art Bazaar. There are a lot of markets that sell the traditional workshopes.



Another big park in (Turkey) Eskisehir. There are artificial beach and swimming pool inside park.There are also cafes and restuarants in park.


Eskisehir Wax Sclupture Museum

Other popular place of Eskishehir. There are a lot of famous people wax in this museum. Eskisehir Eti Underwater World There are a lot of different sea creatures from around of world and formed in Sazova Park.


Doctors Street

The real name is Ismet Inonu Street and there are a lot of cafes and stores in this street.


Haller Young Center

It was Fruit and Vegetable Depo but now it is turistic trip point that you can drink something.


Cars Revolution

The last car that stayed from 4 and this car exhibiting in Tulomsash Museum.


Luletash Museum 

The first of meerschaum museum and located in Kurhunlu Mosque and Kullie.The exit to museum is free. Museum of Contemporary Glass Art The other important museum of Eskisehir .There exhibiting workshops of 58 local and 10 foreign artists.


Ottoman House

It belongs to Halil Ibrahim Efendi and one of the example of wood civil architecture in 19th century. House, hosted Mustafa Kemal Pasa Ataturk. Second September Street Other important mosque in Eskisehir that you should see. There are a lot of stores in center of city.


Eskishehir Hamams(Turkish Bathrooms)

It was attractive with its hot water and now Eskisehir lived the Hamam culture in there.Tasbasi Local people buy there everything and there are two-storied stores in Tasbasi.


Hamamyolu Street

The most important adress of Eskisehir (Turkey) and there are 15 number of hamams that local people shopping here.


Resadiye Mosque 

One of the most improtant mosque of Eskishehir and located near to Tasbasi Bazaar. The mosque was built between 1969-1978 years.


Selale Park( Waterfall Park)

The other important place to travel in Eskisehir.There are artificial waterfall and windmill in park.


Eti Arceology Museum

There are full of workshops in museum and located at Ataturk Boulevard.


Republic History Museum

The open of this museu aimed to exhibiting workshops of Republic period. Japonese Garden Working of Metropolitan Municipality and Japanese Turkish Cultural Exchange Association museum opened in 2010.


Love City Island

The other attractive point of traveling in Eskishehir. It was formed above Porsuk River and opened in 2010.We recommend you to put to Love City Island of favorite places in Eskisehir Turkey.


Aviation Museum 

It is located at Ankara-Eskisehir highway and there exibiting past period's plane and accessories.


Eskisehir Cartoon Museum

One of the cartoon museum of city and located inside university and gives a service within the Research and Application Center of Cartoon Art.


TCDD Museum 

This museum opened in 1998 and there exibiting locomatives , workshopes of historical persons, telegraph machines and various technical tools.


Eskishehir City Theatres

One of the successful theatre group of Anatolia.There are a lot of stages take in this place.


Alaaddin Mosque 

The most important traveling place of Eskisehir and was built in 1267.


Cukur Bazaar

It is located in Koprubasi and there are stores and cafes inside this Bazaar. Espark Mall The biggest and most popular mall in Eskisehir Turkey.


Seyh Edebali Tomb 

The person Ahi Seyh who lived in Ottoman period and Seyh Edebali was teacher of him and tomb found in Turkey Eskishehir.You can add historical points of Eskisehir.


Esnaf Palace

One of the oldest mall of Eskishehir and opened in 1985. There are a lot of stores belong to local brands.


Nasreddin Hoca House 

It is located in Hortu waist Sivrihisar district in Eskishehir Turkey.


Seyyit Battal Gazi Tomb 

The famous tomb of Seyyit Battal Gazi and located in Seyitgazi district of Eskisehir Turkey.


Yunus Emre Tomb

The popular hero Yunus Emre's Tomb and located in Mihalichik district of Eskisehir Turkey.


Regulator Picnic Area 

One of the important picnic place of Eskishehir and located in Odunpazari district.


Masozu Lake

It is located 21 km far away from Eskishehir-Kutahya way and used as a picnic area by local people of city.


Midas Monument 

One of the most important historic buildings in our list of places to visit in Eskisehir. Is one of the most important works of the frig. If you can spare a little more time Eskisehir trip you can visit the major sightseeing spots that are located around Eskisehir(Turkey). There is a very important and historical building in Eskisehir(Turkey), which is home to major civilizations throughout history. Midas Monument at the beginning of this structure, Areyastis Memorial, Gerdekka to Mezaor of Doganli rock, etc. The structure of Yapildak Asar Castle Keep and Phrygian comes last in the hands of the religious metropolis Yazılıkaya.


Seyyid Battal Gazi Mosque

The Selcuk Baths, Shujaed you Veli Complex, Develik Han and so on. The structure is an alternative Seyitgazi County can visit other important trip. One other important towns in the region that Sivrihisar Pessinus / Ballihisar, the Grand Mosque, Alemsah Dome, Clock Tower, you can visit the Phrygian Rock Tombs. Hall's Tomb (Lion Sanctuaries), Himmat Baba Tomb, Asmacık In the Vault you can visit the Rock Tombs and Husrev Pasha Mosque, Turkish bath, you can visit the underground residential district of Han are the other major sightseeing spots.A good alternative to Eskisehir sightseeing points.




Accomodation in Eskisehir Turkey



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Transportation in Eskisehir Turkey 




Eskisehir is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by by airline, except road traffic.Buses are always available from IstanbulAdana(Turkey)IzmirAntalya(Turkey)Konya(Turkey) and all Citys.You can use Ankara Esenboga airport for your Eskisehir airports transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!