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Vacation in Gaziantep TURKEY



One of the historical place of Turkey and visitors interest about its culture, historical structures,rich kitchen and modern view.Gaziantep (Turkey)  is culture and taste heaven of Southeast of Turkey.You only can go in weekend and discover center of Gaziantep and you can travel historical streets and tastes unbelievable meals.There are a lot of historical buildings , museums and structures near to Gaziantep Castle.Only 1 hour you will spend for discovery of historical bazaar.The Famous Bakircis Bazaar, Bayazhan,Emine Gogush kitchen Museum, Naib Hamam,Zincirli Bedesten ,Historic Gumruk Han in same place. Some of them give a service yet.You can enjoy drink of turkish cafe and buy handcraft arts.Do not forget eat baklava and meat of Gaziantep Turkey.Wish you have a good holiday.



Traveling Places of Gaziantep Turkey



Museums: The enjoyebla place will be museums of Gaziantep Turkey. We suggest you to see these museums ; Gaziantep Heroic Panoramic Museum,Bayazhan City Museum, Yesemek Open Air Museum, Emina Gogush Kitchen Museum,Gaziantep Mevlevihane Foundation Museum,Gaziantep Arceologycal Museum,Hasan Suzer Etnographyc Museum,Medusa Glass Works Museum.


Antique Cities: There is Zeugma Antique City will interest the visitor. You should see these places too which are ; Duluk Antique City, Karkamish , Jinjikli , Dolmen graves and Zinjirli.


Castles: The symbol of Gaziantep is Gaziantep Castle and other castles are Araban Castle,Rumcastle and Tilbashar Castle Monument Tombs Hisar Monument Tomb in Hisar Village of Araban district, Elif Monument Tomb in Elif Village of Araban District, Hasanoglu Monument Tomb in Hasanoglu Village of Araban District.


Bedestens and Bazaars: With Gaziantep Bazaars you will learn about this city clearly. Do not leave without traveling Bakircilar Bazaar, Gaziantep Gold Bazaar, historic Zinjirli Bedesten and Kemikli Bedesten places.


Hamams (Turkish Bathroom): Sheyh Fethullah Hamam, Husein Pasha Hamam, Keyvanbey Hamam, Two Door Hamam, Naib Hamam, Nakipoglu Hamam,Tabak Hamam,Old Hamam, and Gaziantep Bazaar Hamam. You can add these place to your trip programme.


Mosques: There are a lot of mosques which belong to Ottoman period in Gaziantep Turkey. They have different architecture feature and they are; Omerie Mosque, Kurtulush Mosque, Ali Najar Mosque, Sheyh Fethullah Mosque, Haji Nasir Mosque, Eyupoglu Mosque, Bostanji Mosque, KAbasakal Mosque, Gaziantep Ahmet Chelebi Mosque, Tahtani Mosque,Tekke Mosque,Nuri Mehmet Pasha Mosque and Husein Pasha Mosque.


Churches: There are also historical churches in Gaziantep and two of them are Kendirli and Nizip Fevkani Churches.


Historical Gaziantep Houses: The other symbol of Gaziantep Turkey, is Historical Gaziantep Houses. You will meet with them often while your vacation.


Plataues and Promenade Houeses: You have to visit not only structeres but also nature of Gaziantep Turkey. If you come spring or summertimes to Gaziantep, we suggest you visit Hizir Platau ,Sofdagi Platau, Dulukbaba Forest, Burch Forestes ,Kavalik and Karpuzatan Promenada Houses.


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