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Vacation in Giresun TURKEY


Giresun known of its nut and located at Black Sea Region. Cheery famed here and located in East Black Sea Region between Trabzon, Gumushane, Erzinjan, Sivas and Ordu cities. Traffic code is 28. Majority of local people are Chepnies. We know that region was named Province Chepni from Ottoman Tahrir Books in 1500s. Giresun is country of Topal Osman and Weapon Friends of Ataturk after went to Samsun in 19 May 1919. City located between Aksu and Batlama Valleys toward Black Sea has Giresun Island.Giresun province combined to Trabzo untill 1920 and in 1923 it was city. Giresun has Tirebolu and Gorele districts and Bulanjak, Keshap and Espie townships .There are 15 distircts of Giresun that are Bulanjak 1934, Keshap 1945, Espie 1957, Dereli 1958, Eynesli 1960, Pirasis and Yaglidere 1987, Chanakchi 1992, Guje, Dogankent and Chamoluk. Traveling Places of Giresun Museums You can travel in Kuvaie and Osman Aga Museum in Giresun where exhibiting workshops of Liberation War. In these museums exhibiting workshops , stone reliefs , old guns , clothes and money that belong to 18 centuries. Castles These castles we suggest you to visit and these castle located on top of hill. You can see Giresun Castle, Bedrama Castle and Tirebolu Castle. Plataues One of the most developed province of Black Sea is Giresin about plataue turism. You can see Pashakonagi Plataue, Golyani Plataue ,Sis Mountion Plataue,Kulakkaya Plataue,Bektash Plataue and Kumbet Plataue. Giresun Island One of the two islands of Giresun and turistis spot of Black Sea.There are also Remants,castles and manastries in Island. You can travel Giresun Island with boats that move from port. Beaches We suggest you to travel Giresun beaches and enjoy of Black Sea. There are Arif Kumash Beach, Giresun Beach, Beledie Beach, Emniet Beach,Tabya Beach and Jandarma Beach in Giresun and these beach line known with its clearnest.