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Vacation in Gumushane TURKEY


It is located over China -Trabzon Historşc Silk Road and between Black Sea and East Anatolia Region. For majority of Silver Mine it takes name from it Gumushane( Silver Han). There were a lot of civilizations B.C 3000s in Gumushane. It is 100km far away from sea. There are majority of natural beauties, caves , nearly 450 number of plataues ,a lot of antique cities , natural park areas, rich flora and fauna in Gumushane turism. The remants that found in area show that these settlemts were in B.C 3000s. The known local people of Gumushane were Assi and Hayashas. For this reason the area of Gumushane was named Assi-Haysha.It is known that the Assur merchants came from Mesopatomia and for silver mine they stayed here.In generally climate of Gumushane is rapid in winter and rainy in spring times. When increases from sea continental climate shows itself. Traveleing places of Gumushane Zigana Kromni Valley Artabel Lakes Natural Park Kurtun Karaja Cave