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Information Of Gumushane, Turkey



Gumushane is located in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Giresun Turkey, Erzincan Turkey, Trabzon Turkey and Turkey Bayburt, neighboring with a population of around 170 thousand is a beautiful city. Because it was called as hane silver, city in ancient times, its name was determined as Gumushane in Turkish. Located on the historic silk route Gumushane, who was a city worth as underground riches and strategic location at all times. Gumushane 's natural beauty, historical texture and tourism is a city that began to show itself. We have compiled for you the following places to see in Gumushane, Turkey:



Traveling Places in Gumushane, Turkey



Karaca Cave: It is one of the important tourism points of Gümüşhane with a length of 256 meters. The cave, which is made up of the columns of Damlataş, is a point visited by photographers. We recommend that you add places to visit in Gumushane, Turkey.


Santa Ruins: In the region used as a mining area in the Middle Ages, there are churches and various buildings of importance in the history of Gumushane. The region welcomes visitors for both cultural tourism and plateau tourism. The Santa Ruins, which have witnessed the history of Gumushane, certainly deserve to enter your list of places to visit in Gumushane, Turkey.


Kazıkbeli Plateau: Kazıkbeli Plateau, which has fascinating natural beauties waiting to be explored, has increased the number of visitors with the provision of infrastructure services. The plateau where thousands of varieties of plants are grown continues to attract attention with its pure oxygen. You should always put the places where you can see Gümüşhane as a very good example of Gumushane natural beauty.


Artabel Lakes Nature Park: The tremendous Artabel nature park, created by the ice craters, is an ideal destination for nature lovers. You should keep the region, which is the best example of the natural beauties of Gumushane, as underlined in your list of places to visit in Gümüşhane.


Imera Monastery: Imera Monastery, which is important in terms of faith tourism, is a historical place which was processed with the diligence of jeweler by the people who have Christian faith in the past centuries. The monastery, which is visited by local and foreign tourists in the city, is worth seeing with its historical texture. İmera Monastery, which has a great importance among the historical places of Gumushane, is one of the must-see places in Gümüşhane.


Cagirgan Tomb: It was built by the Ottoman Sultan, Murat 3., upon his dream of returning to Iran. The mausoleum has a history of 500 years and features classical Ottoman architecture.


Zigana Pass: The altitude is 2032 meters. It is the gate connecting Gumushane and Trabzon. Covered by dense forests between the five months of the year, this crossing has a ski resort and numerous facilities. Zigana Pass, which is the most important place of Gumuse's natural beauties, should definitely be located in Gumushane.


Zigana Ski Center: Located in the Black Sea Region between Gumushane and Trabzon, Zigana Passage is a beautiful accommodation and ski resort, which can be included in the Black Sea Tours for the winter holiday. The Zigana Ski Center, a large part of which is covered with forests, also has quality Zigana Hotels. We highly recommend you to take the region, which is the most important center of nature and natural beauties of Gumushane, in your winter holiday.


Kromni Valley and İmera Village: Until the year of 1923, the Chromium Valley, where the most important trade route, the Silk Road, where the Greek population lives, is located in the Kromni Valley. Zembelek Church, Çayıroğlu Church, Muaharakaya Church, Alikinos Church, Ortayayla Church, Muhara Church, Soruhan Church are among the churches. In Kromni Valley, there is the old Greek settlement of Imera Village. The current name of this village is Olucak. Kromni Valley is named as degree, and İmera village is declared as 3rd degree archaeological site. The İmera Monastery, built in 1350, is located in İmera Village. It is possible to attribute the reason why there are so many churches and monasteries in the region that the minority people living here are making propaganda for the Ottoman Empire in the period of collapse.



Transportation to Gumushane, Turkey



The easiest access to Gümüşhane is by road. Beside the big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara Turkey, Turkey Bursa, there are regular flights from bus companies. The bus station is located in the city center. Trabzon Airport, which is the closest to Gumushane, is used by air transportation. The distance between Trabzon Airport and Gumushane is 100 km. Trabzon Airport to Gumushane Transfer service, you can get support from our other company, Arsis Vip Transfer.



Accommodation in Gumushane, Turkey



Gumushane natural beauty, historical texture is a beautiful city with one of Turkey's geographical location. You will find different alternatives for accommodation in Gumushane. You can find hotels, hostels and different accommodations in Gumushane on the appropriate terms in your budget. Gumushane Holiday House is one of the leading companies in villa holidays and  Vacation Rentals sector in Gumushane. You can stay in Gumushane Hotels, apart from their hostels.